FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Is Laser Hair Removal Really Effective?

Wassup guys? Did you know that February is the only month for 2015 that didn't leave any space in the calendar? As in there was no spill over from the previous month and no overlap from the succeeding month. Just thought you guys would like to know! :D

Our FMF for today is from Teresa. We're going to talk about Laser Hair Removal today. :)

Hi Martha, 
I've been a reader of yours since 2009. I got married in 2010 and had a baby in 2011, and still, I'm an avid reader. I think I need your blog now more than ever because as a mom who's raising a very naughty tot, your blog is the quickest way for me to have my 'me time'. 
This question has long been bothering me now and it's time that I get an answer from no less than you, the Beauty guru. My question is: Is Laser Hair Removal really effective? Does it really get rid of hair? Do I have to maintain it forever or for just a couple of months/years? My husband is asking me what I want for my birthday and I'm thinking of requesting a Laser Hair Removal package. What do you think? If it's effective, I'd probably give it a go. If not, I'll just buy shoes hehe! 
Thanks, Martha. Keep on blogging and being a source of inspiration and information for Filipinas! 
Always a fan,

Hey Teresa!

Awww, what a touching story! Thank you, thank you for making The Beauty Junkee a part of your life in the last 5 years. Thank you for sticking with me and for putting up with my rants, sucky blog posts, and sometimes, lack of posts! I wish I could meet you one day so I could personally thank you for patronizing my blog throughout these years. :)

You sure have one, generous husband right in there! :) Shoes would be really nice too, but let's focus on Laser Hair Removal, which is what you originally want for your birthday.

So, is it really effective?

Click READ MORE. ;)

Laser Hair Removal is a semi-permanent procedure that lessens and slows down hair growth-notice that I highlighted the word semi- permanent because this is what people overlook and what most brands don't highlight when advertising such treatments. According to a dermatologist and doctor that I had a conversation with, Laser does not guarantee permanent hair removal because surprise, surprise, as long as you're living, your body will keep on producing hair. You can't just "shut down" your pores and follicles-if you can, then most probably, you're dead. :p

I think what Laser Hair Removal really guarantees is convenience and kinder days for your skin: After a number of sessions, frequency of hair growth will be reduced and hair density will lessen, thus you won't have to pluck and shave often anymore-in turn, your skin won't suffer and endure damage from friction due to shaving and pressure due to waxing.

How do you guarantee that you will achieve these results? Here are the ways:

1. First and foremost, choose a reputable salon. I do believe that what you give is what you get so if you go for cheap salons, don't complain if you get cheap services. Cheap services could mean getting your skin burned, subjecting yourself under subpar aestheticians, getting infected, and being deprived of the standard Laser frequency for each trial to be productive. For treatments like this, I say go all out-an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

2. Be consistent. For Laser Hair Removal to be effective, it has to target hair growth at specific stages-your aestheticians and doctors are trained to gauge this so if they tell you to come back after 3 weeks, then do so. Otherwise, you'll disrupt your own progress!

3. Purchase the complete package. If the doctor recommends 10 sessions, don't bargain for 8. Otherwise, you'll just be wasting your time and money.

4. Since this is a semi-permanent procedure, you have to maintain it forever, but it won't be as costly and time- consuming in the long run like in your first few months. Some would have to undergo twice a year trials while others, once only.

Here are my recommended salons for Laser Hair Removal. If you have time, schedule a consultation in these salons to compare their services, offers, amenities, and rates so you can find which one suits your needs.

1. Strip Ministry of Waxing
2. Facial Care Center
3. Wink Laser and Wax Studio
4. Flawless Face and Body Clinic

Enjoy and let me know how your trial goes! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. feb is busy month for you ms m! tapos 28 days lang bitin! =)

    before i want to try hair removal using laser hair removal for my pits (really) because i want my pits hair free and smooth but after knowing that hair will still regrow i back out.. (and told my self that i will go back to shaving / epilating na lang)

    thanks for this article ms m!

  2. Thanks Ms. M, very informative. Thanks for highlighting that this is just a semi-permanent thing. I learned a lot. God bless you always Ms. M.

  3. Oh I just glanced on the calendar adter reading this, oo nga no hehe..

    I think laser hair removal is definitely a good treat for women especially for moms like me who has basically lesser ''me time". It'll also boost our self confidence and feel sexier with that ! *wink*

  4. I am beyond happy for you Miss M! I am an instant fan the moment I read your blog. I check your blog everyday so I will be updated. You made me feel that It's ok to still look beautiful even I had a baby and I lost my confident and You brought it back. I hope I can meet you too ONE DAY :)

    Never done hair removals because i've heard horrible experience from my friends and this one is worth sharing for especially for those women who wants to try, I will advice my mom all the things that you put! Noted on my list.
    Thank you for the recommendations, Will tell my mom this good news.
    I don't know if I am allowed to have Laser Hair removal because i just gave birth.
    Maybe after 6 months I will give a try. Thank you and I was so tired from work and aside from my daughter this is my stress reliever!
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Number 1 is very important. We were just studying optics earlier and a teacher shared that she once had a student who had underarm laser hair removal, then, because it was a beautician and not a doctor who performed the procedure, she ended up with lots of weird bumps all over her sides and even inner arms! She needed to spend more for that treatment. Light spreads really fast kasi in our skin, naghihiwalay hiwalay sila in a way, so you really need to be careful!

  6. I had my armpits done when I was 17 and I have not regretted it since! This was back in the day of diode laser hair removal wherein they zap the hair follicles one-by-one. Ouch! The package I got was spread over 3 years and it was more than five years before I went back for a touch-up session (cause it was free, mainly :D) and I could literally count the number of hair that regrew (two!)

    As you said, choose a reputable place to get it done. This is skin we're talking about! It takes minutes to ruin the skin and months and even years to fix the damage.

    Wait for anniversary promos when they typically offer their services to up to half off.

  7. Super informative post! And I appreciate that you made it clear that it doesn't really remove the hairs forever. Clinics sometimes don't mention it, until you availed it. Anyway, I was planning to do laser hair removal. But due to my schedule, I don't think I can follow the sessions. Since my hair doesn't grow fast, I stick to waxing it. I become habituated with the slight pain. :) Oh, and I agree with the salons recommended by Ms. Martha. Tried them all. And they're good. :)

  8. Wow didnt realize the semi permanent aspect. Been wanting to get laser all these years just have not bitten the bullet yet. Its hard to get to a reputable place especially if you are living in the province.


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