Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour in Spiced Cider Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Laura Mercier Second Skin Powder Blush in Spiced Cider.

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I had a friend who told me once that she is amazed at my natural glow because it's a unique shade of Warm Coral and I laughed and said "It is because I am wearing a Coral- hued powder blush by Laura Mercier called Second Skin Cheek Colour!" and she went like: "No way! All this time, I thought that that's your natural cheek color!" Haha!

Laura Mercier gives us the 'MCBB (My Cheeks But Better) Blush' with Second Skin Cheek Colour, a powder blush that feels and looks just like skin! It's as natural- looking and silky as Chanel's Joues Contraste, but not as pricey!


This featherweight, smooth-as-silk powder blush is formulated to look even, soft, and skin- like the whole day. It contains light- diffusing particles that allow a flawless application and skin- loving botanicals that make skin feel beautiful all- day long. This blush collection comes in 18 shades.

Packaging is luxe, solid, compact, and seals tightly-it's all I've ever wanted in a blush compact. :)

Swatches of this blush after the break!

I like the size of Laura Mercier's Powder Blush: It's small enough for me to finish it right away and I don't have to wait for years in order to move on to another brand/color or worse, throw it away without hitting pan on it yet just because it has expired already. (Don't you sometimes hate it when that happens? :p)

Spiced Cider is described in Laura Mercier's official website as a "Golden Tawny" color. I initially thought LM called it a "Dirty Orange/Coral" or "Warm Orange", but turned out that Tawny's a real shade and the apt one to call this blush hue! I learned something new today. :)

Second Skin Cheek Colour has a pretty sheer texture, but is surprisingly pigmented. Check out the swatch and notice that the pigments kinda' mimic the look of the skin and the entire blush doesn't look as if it's sitting on top of my skin. Formula is unscented and consistency isn't chalky: it clings very well onto the blush brush and blends seamlessly into the skin.


Three layers of the blush

I wore three layers in this photo to show everyone that this blush will persist to look natural and skin- like even if you apply an exaggerated amount (three is exaggerated already in my books) on your cheeks-you can already do with two layers of this blush though!

Spiced Cider may have golden micro shimmers in it, but finish is matte and a soft one at that-it suits warm skin tones best and it's also a versatile color as you can use it as a cheek color or a contouring powder.

Staying power is great on oily skin and it doesn't make my cheeks feel and look dry in moments when they're turning a bit taut and dry due to the cold weather.

This blush ranks right up there with beauty- enhancing products such as 'second skin foundations' and 'MLBB Lipsticks'. MCBB is a term I just coined while writing this review because really, if I can sum up everything I said about this blush in this blog post, it's just: Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour is a My-Cheeks-But-Better Powder Blush! It's perfect for any skin type (except severely dry skin types), girls who have a flair for 'Au Naturel' and Fresh makeup looks, and those who are looking for a great alternative to Chanel Joues Contraste in terms of feel and finish. I'd love to buy more!


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. if this one is semi matte and have golden micro shimmers then my current blush is just like this one ms m (mary kay in Shy Blush) and im good with one up to two layers of it! (plus half the price of LM)

    and finally you got dupe of Chanel Joues Contraste!

    what brush you used here on this kind of blush ms m?

  2. I'm not really into blush on no wonder I look dull :( I guess I haven't found the right blush for me.

    As always, you look good Ms. M :)

  3. I super Agree on your friend. It looks so natural on your face yet you look blooming.

    I never tried any of their products yet because my I still have plenty of powder blush but this one is different because it looks very natural unlike the ones that i'm using.

    The packaging is small though. I love the Great pigmentation and finish look.Very subtle and it gives a glow.

    Looking forward to try this one after my finishing my powder blushes because I don't find them beautiful and pigmented.

  4. It looks so natural on you nga. Honestly, the most natural-looking blush I've ever seen in your post. :) It complements the skin. I hope it would have the same effect on me. And it's affordable considering how pretty it looks. :)

  5. I love the Laura Mercier concealer. Never have given much thought to their blushes. I think there are much cheaper brands that are comparable. This orangey color looks good on you. I can never pull this color off.


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