Sumptuous Sundays: La Lola Churreria

My mom mentioned to me one time that there's this tiny restaurant in Powerplant Mall that's been getting massive attention lately. I asked around and found out that it's Churreria La Lola.

Churreria La Lola (or La Lola Churreria) is by the same guys behind Spanish restaurants Las Flores and Rambla. La Lola is a snack bar that offers sandwiches, coffee, juices, and authentic, freshly- cooked classic Churros and other Churros dishes-it's been making chocolatey waves on this side of Makati lately. 

PRICE RANGE: P120.00- P500.00

I've been here for three times and the queue is still the same: long, long, and long. Service is slow and lining up plus getting your order will take around 15- 30 minutes, depending on the size and quantity of your order/s and if it's a weekday or weekend (weekends are the worst!). The turtle- like service is just a symptom of the problem-I believe that the problem really is that their kitchen cannot accommodate the overwhelming demand-it's too small, man! 

I appreciate that the guys there are always trying to work as fast (and cheerfully at that) as they could though!

My thoughts on their Churros after the break!

Churros Classicos, Medium

- Medium is the smallest size in the Traditional Churros selection and contains 6 generously- sized Churros and a half cup of Belgian Chocolate. The two other sizes are Large (12 pieces) and X-Large (18 pieces).

I love Churros primarily because it's one unique bread with a sweet- salty taste-La Lola's version showcases that, plus it's super crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside--it's so fun to eat, that's the best way to describe it. The Belgian Chocolate Dip is super rich and creamy, and it is not overwhelmingly sweet and does not taste artificial-it really tastes like a block of pure Belgian Chocolate that has been melted to perfection and crafted with luuurve.

However, I found the entire thing to be exceptionally heavy and oily. I like that the Churros are big and pretty thick, but it's so oily that it stuffs my stomach pretty quickly. If you're unlucky enough to get an overcooked Churro, you're in for an oil spill once you sink your teeth in it. :p


- My boyfriend went for Xuxos or stuffed Churros. The fillings available are Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, and Nutella-he went for Nutella. It's the first time I tried Xuxos and I could say that it's unique, lovely, and more filling than Churros Classicos, that's why you only get one Churro in every order.

La Lola's Churros are yummy, but I wouldn't say that it's mind- blowing. The various Churros recipes I had in the past were just as good, but the edge of La Lola is they've got a brilliant take- away packaging for it and they're offering savory Churros (the first I've encountered). 

What will make me go back to this restaurant is not La Lola Churreria's take on Churros, but my unconditional love for it-I love Churros to death and it's something that I can eat everyday and forever.

Must- Try in Churreria La Lola:

1. Churros Classicos

Churreria La Lola is located in P1, Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. How I wish they expand their resto and have a branch in sm megamall so I can try that Xuxos! I love nutella! :)

  2. Oh snap!! That's one of my favorite spanish delicioso food. I've visited once because i am a fan of their cuisine. I suggest they pair that with hot choco or tea. :)

  3. Churros, in general, are really greasy. I have mixed feelings about it, too. But thanks for the info, Ms. Martha! :)

  4. I wish they'll open a branch in Megamall! I super love Churros too! Sa Dulcinea lang ako nakakabili eh. The Xuros looks yummy as well

  5. who could say no to Nutella! will be back in PPM before my birth month and this will be included in the itinerary

    hope they could extend their branch in south!

  6. Ahhh! I am craving for churros now and it's all your fault! :P If only someone could go to Makati and endure the long line for me. But since you said it isn't mind-blowing, maybe I could just settle for a similar snack nearby. :)

  7. Couldn't help but salivate after reading this. Haha. I do hate it when churros are too oily, it makes me sad :(

    I'm excited for savory churros! I wonder what the flavors would be! and the stuffed churro looks amazing

  8. Churros really looks yummy except that I also do not like oily food. I would like to try the salted caramel :)

  9. Sincere and abegaill: I hope they will soon! :)

    Simplyme: Same!

    Deedee: I'd love to try the savory churros too. I wonder if it tastes great or better than the dessert counterpart? :)

    Anna A: If you have time, visit Mercato and look for Don Churros-they're pretty much selling the same stuff as La Lola plus the owner is a true- blue Español. ;)

    NewbeeMarie: You're welcome. ;)

    Kleah: Tea sounds better 'cuz the Churros come with a choco dip already. :p


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