My Favorite Brown/Neutral Lipsticks

Since Neutrals will take center stage this summer of 2015 as per leading lifestyle resources, I figured it would be useful to share my favorite Brown lipsticks with everyone.

For so long, most women have steered clear of Neutrals thinking it will make them look old, boring, or serious. Again, it's a matter of choosing the right neutral hue and it will also help if you try to stay positive and happy on the inside! ;)

My secret to choosing that fab shade of neutral? I always go for a nutty shade because it is warm, comforting, and relaxed or anything with a touch of Pink to it to minimize the seriousness of this shade.

Shall we check out my fave neutral lippies? Unveiling them after the break! :)

- A shade that reminds me of Autumn. It has a hint of Red and gives my lips that "just bitten" look.

- One of Happy Skin's best- selling shades! Honeymoon Glow is a mauve-pink shade-it's perfect for dress down days!

- This warm and fuzzy neutral looks stunning on medium dark and morena skin tones.

- Bare It All is an easy, relaxed, all- around nude that you can rock either in the city or at the beach!

- For corporate settings, a darker neutral with a hint of Pink or Rose will impart the right balance of seriousness and lightheartedness to your look, and Inglot Matte Lipstick in 405 is a great example of this shade.

- It's probably the most beautiful neutral L'Oreal has ever created. Barely Moka is inspired by Hollywood actress, Gong Li, and it's a lovely shade of Mocha/Pumpkin that compliments skin with Yellow undertones perfectly.

So those are my fave neutrals at the moment. Share yours below!

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. all of the shades looks perfect , good to wear for everyday look.

  2. i love neutral shades ms m.. (going safe on shades - yeah) i love your picks ms m! and that Inglot Matte in 405 is very classy and elegant (i love mattes too)

    my daily wear is one i got from Colour Collection (Aqua Edition) in "Bali" next is from Nyx (round lipstick) in Sierra (my all time favorite nude!)

    i'm excited for you on your Thailand trip too! cant wait on your travel posts

  3. Hi, for that neutral lippie look, I use revlon colorburst 240 very light lang then patungan ng Burt's bees honeysuckle tinted lip balm. It looks so natural but glowing natural not boring:)

  4. I'm not into neutrals since I love reds and orangey shades but the Inglot Matte Lipstick in 405, I want to explore the range of matte lipsticks this year :)

  5. The thing I love about nudes is how the subtleties come out depending on one's skin tone. The rosy pink factor of Honeymoon Glow is emphasized on your swatch and on the lips. For me, it's The Morning After naman.

  6. Super lovely shades indeed! :) I have the shades from Happy Skin that you mentioned. I also love the L'oreal color riche collection but in another shade, in a pinkish one. Hmm, other neutral favorites are the VMV lipstick in somewhat pale brown, wet n wild lipstick, nyx lipstick, and jordana twist and shine lip balm.

  7. Abegaill: Thanks for sharing! I forgot to add, MAC Twig, Spirit, and Brave are my faves too! :)

    Matromao: True! Morning After looks more rosy-mauve on me naman. :)

    Hazel: Great! Let me know if you have questions re. which brand has the nicest matte lippies. :)

    Josie: Thanks for sharing your picks! Looks like you're into the dewy look. :)

    Rhain: You're welcome and thanks for sharing. Yup, I am super excited for Thailand! I'll share my trip with you guys, of course! :)

    Hanna: You're welcome! :)


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