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Here's a review on Nekkid Skin Care.

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Lately, I've been taking bath time much more seriously with these bath luxuries from Nekkid. They're so rich, so fine, so fragrant, and so divine that I just couldn't help but spend more 'me time' in the shower! Through Nekkid, I can pamper myself like a boss instantly and anytime at the comfort of my own home-it's perfect for those crazy and hectic days, and on days when I feel that I totally deserve a treat. :)


Nekkid is a homegrown, all- natural skin care brand and their philosophy is to give you skin that looks good naked through tried and tested ingredients that nourish and pamper the skin.

Ginger and Peach Bath Gel (P220.00)

This particular variant is Nekkid's best- selling Bath Gel and I totally agree because this is one, awesome energizing body cleanser!

Nekkid's Bath Gel is a low- foam and highly fragrant (but not the irritating kind) body cleanser that gets you clean yet it leaves the skin supple, mighty thanks to Glycerin. However, this is not to guarantee that you'll get dryness- free skin by using this product alone so I'd still suggest to wear lotion to moisturize the skin.

The rest of my review on Nekkid's body care products after the break.

Exfoliating Body Scrub in Olive Oil (P350.00)

A rich body scrub that moisturizes skin with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Olive Oil, and sloughs dead skin cells with crushed Apricot Kernel to reveal new skin. It comes in 7 variants with Pineapple as the best- seller.


If you're craving for a seriously rich and lavish body scrub that won't cost you a lot, this is it. Nekkid's Body Scrub is so thick that you will only need a very small amount every time and this particular variant is the perfect dupe for The Body Shop's Olive Body Scrub in terms of scent. Its super creamy consistency prevents my skin from getting irritated while scrubbing as the oil extracts moisturize it right away. One small con is it takes me a while to rinse out this product from my skin. Nevertheless, it's a lovely body scrub!

Whipped Peach Body Butter (P300.00)

A buttery treat for the skin. Nekkid's Body Butter has a delightful, whipped consistency that leaves skin feeling velvety and soft. It comes in five scents and Peach is the best- seller.


Unlike other Body Butters, Nekkid's version does not leave a greasy, heavy film on the skin, but rather a soft, semi- matte barrier-this is what I like about this product. It also settles into the skin quickly and doesn't leave any residue on my sheets. Peach is such an uplifting scent, but I think it's too 'upbeat' a fragrance for a product that you normally use during night time or the time when you just want to relax and go to sleep. Well, that's just me-maybe other people love putting on something that smells sweet before hitting the sack, which explains why it's the brand's best- seller. :)

Overall, these products are truly value for money because it feels like Nekkid did not scrimp on the ingredients and they will truly become your shower best friends especially if you're looking for very moisturizing body care products. ;)

Which Nekkid product would you like to try? :)


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4 Lovely Thoughts

  1. bathing this summer will be such pleasure with this new discovered products(who doesn't love to feel fresh and smells great?)

    i love bath soaps because i think i save more because you have to dispense small amount on your bath sponge or net then just lather it up from head to toe! and im curious on the first featured item which is the Ginger and Peach Bath Gel (yes because it was in gel type? and maybe because of the name -- Ginger and Peach -- im imagining the yellow ginger here maybe because of the color hehe and im also thinking if it has a little minty feeling while bathing with this one)

    Next on your featured item is the body scrub! woot! me and hubs favorite = scrubs haha (and it has very natural ingredients too)

    whew.. whenever i think of body butter im imagining of thick and greasy cream.. (kidding) i love body buttes with great scent! (that will be very relaxing)

    can't wait on your next review on other Nekkids products ms m!

  2. I like the scent selection. I find that a lot of local companies are going for strong herbals, so it's a nice change to see something like Olive Oil or Ginger Peach. The gourmand factor is still there, but the scents are also fun and girly.

  3. I initially thought Nekkid is an expensive brand because of the packaging. The body scrub looks interesting. Do they have a physical store or online lang? Thanks! :)

    btw, love the photos. <3

  4. These are the products I said were interesting! The bath gel looks delicious though I know it is not edible. Haha. I wonder how it smells like. And how does bath gel differ to body wash? :)

    The body scrub seems superb! Ingredients pa lang, you'll know that it'll be good to the skin. I'll definitely try this one out because I like using body scrubs. Nakakaglow ng skin. Stress reliever for stressful weeks.

    As for the body butter, I've tried a few, including TBS. And I'm really picky because I don't want my body to be more sweaty because of body butters. Yep, my body has that some kind of reaction. I hope this would work out for me. More affordable than what I'm using right now. And it has shea butter, one thing I look for lotions, creams, etc.

    So there, I would buy these soon. And I saw they have bundles? :) And I'm interested with their makeup remover too!


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