Vaseline, my favorite Petroleum Jelly

Is it really necessary to have a preferred brand of Petroleum Jelly? For me, yes because not all Petroleum Jelly products are created equal! Some really cheap and unknown Petroleum Jelly brands are not purified down to the core, and may contain traces of carcinogenic substances such as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAHs-better safe than poisoned! :p

I did an extensive research on and wrote about Petroleum Jelly in detail HERE-you may read this blog post first to know why even for a product so trivial such as this, I still go for a particular brand!

It is no secret that Vaseline is the most notable brand of Petroleum Jelly. In fact, other brands even consider it as a category on its own, meaning instead of calling it Petroleum Jelly, they say Vaseline! Did you know that Vaseline is considered as the safest Petroleum Jelly? It is why Vaseline is me and my family's preferred brand of Petroleum Jelly for YEARS now-isn't it obvious? Look at my collection! :D 

I'll talk about these fave PJs of mine after the jump, plus I'll tell you where to find these cool PJs :)

Aside from being a safe Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline offers PJs in different sizes and variants-it's another reason to love the brand. 

So let's talk about my cool PJ collection! I have Vaseline Lip Therapy that I use not only to soothe my chapped lips, but to condition my brows, cuticles, elbows, and knees as well when these parts of my body are feeling dry. Next is a bigger yet handy version of Lip Therapy, Vaseline Original 71g-this one, I bring with me during long hauls, especially when I'm with the family so there'll be enough Petroleum Jelly for everyone, in case everyone needed it!

At home, we have the PJ tubs. We have two at home, but I forgot where I put the original Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that comes in a much bigger tub.

The other, smaller tub is a mainstay in my room and it's Vaseline Rich and Conditioning Petroleum Jelly Cocoa Butter. I love using this product on my feet and as a "night cream" for my elbows and knees. It smells so good and it's so handy in very cold days because it's extra moisturizing, thanks to Cocoa Butter.

I got Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly, Vaseline Rich And Conditioning Petroleum Jelly, and Vaseline Original 71g from Robinson's Department Store, while Vaseline Lip Therapy, from Mercury Drug. You can also check out either Watsons, SM, or Rustan's supermarkets to find these products. ;)

How about you? Do you have a preferred brand of Petroleum Jelly?

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ooh, I wasn't aware they had a cocoa butter variant. Petroleum jelly works wonders for the skin on our feet!

  2. i tried different brand for the petroleum jelly it was staple in our vanity drawer me, hubs and the little one benefits from this one..

    we used it for our lips (we always have chapped and dry lips)

    we also used it for our cracked heels (not a pretty view for us girls when we have rough and cracking heels)

    and i apply it on my elbow too

    i saw that lip theraphy from watsons and i would consider buying one after finishing the current one

  3. My always problem is my chapped lips. Thats why I really want to try that vaseline lip therapy but cant find at watsons and mercury near me. Ive heard so many good thing about that as well.

  4. I've smelled the cocoa butter variant. Sooo yummy, but I get off with imagining what it tastes like because PJ looks so greasy :))

  5. I'm a proud vaseline baby since I was in grade school!
    My sisters introduced me to this product- indeed, it's very affordable and quite effective.

  6. We use a different petroleum jelly. :/ For my 3 month old niece, we use babyflo. And for us adults, we use the one in the blue sticker, I forgot the brand. But it's widely available too. We never used it on our lips though. Mahilig kasi kaming kagatin yung labi, so baka lang hindi safe. Will use Vaseline soon. Now that I know it's the safest.

  7. I have great trust in Vaseline, since I've been using their products for years. Shampoo, lotion, lip balm... You name it. My favorite is still their cherry-scented Lip Therapy that I used in high school. It smells so addictive!

  8. mam,where did you bought these products,,my father was such a fan of petroleum jelly,he always put it o. his face,i know its kinda weird..hehe..anyways i want the lip therapy one..san nyu po bnli? thanks

  9. Petroleum jelly is best used during flights or travel. I advised my BF to use petroleum jelly on his lips during his first flight to Korea to prevent having dry and chapped lips. Sometimes, I also use it as a moisturizer specially in elbows and knees.

  10. Abegaill: Babyflo is fine, but I find it too fragrant. :p

    Hazel: True. I also use it on my hands at night to seal the hand cream :)

    Cris: Hi Cris! You can find them in mercury drug. The bigger PJs, I got from Robinson's Department Store. :)

    Matromao: Oh I remember that! :D Now your comment just brought back so many highschool memories. :D

    Tellie: LOL. Prolly tastes like peanut butter? I wouldn't dare try! haha!

    Aviva: now you know. ;)

    Rhain: Thanks for sharing dear and for sharing where you spotted Vaseline Lip Therapy. :)

  11. Is it available here in Manila and where can I buy it?


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