10 Awesome Accounts On Instagram I Follow

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Instagram is my source of daily art inspiration. I love how some people and brands can get really creative with their accounts, wittingly or unwittingly. I also admire their passion to create and maintain a lovely- looking page that I was actually inspired to clean up mine and put a little effort on my photos! So whenever I need a shot of creative espresso, I turn to these fabulous IG accounts for a pump and for bit of entertainment, too.

Click READ MORE and I'll share with you my top 10 favorite accounts on Instagram. Their pages are so pretty that I think you'll end up following them on IG as well after reading this post. You're welcome. :)


Happy Baggage is run by a mysterious and obviously, rich woman who collects luxury bags, clothes, shoes, leather goods, accessories, and more pretty things-she shares her travel experiences in her page as well. What I love about HB is how she presents her luxury goods without being over-the-top and most of all, pretentious. She's just a lover of all things luxurious and it shows in her passionate, cute, playful, and colorful photos. Alright, I'll admit, too that I envy her closet and I wish it's mine haha!


BH Cosmetics is an international makeup brand. If I need a little inspiration for eye makeup, this is the page I go to because it curates some of the best eye makeups I've seen made by BH Cosmetics users from all over the world. I've included my favorite eye makeups in this collage! :)


This is one, beautifully- managed brand account. Everything-as in everything in this page from the photos, to the captions, and to the nature of the contests-is uniform with the quirky-feminine spirit of the brand. 


Facts Of Food satisfies the foodie and science geek in me. 'Nuff said!


It may be a very controversial brand, but I admire their page anyway. If BH Cosmetics is my go- to page for eye makeup, I go to Lime Crime to ogle at their featured lip art creations!


Abigail is one of my long- time readers. I've been following the account @thewanderingdakini on IG for quite a while now for some soothing, perfectly- captioned photos of nature and little did I know it's owned by her! Btw, she's got around 23k followers and counting. What's not to love about her account? Her captions are as soulful as her photos and they just touch anyone who comes across her little corner in Social Media. thewanderingdakini is a page that will inspire you to get in touch with your heart and soul.


Covergirl's IG page is super fun, colorful, and useful. Gotta love their quick makeup and nail art video tutorials, plus I appreciate that through their IG page, they give their patrons a chance to witness their exclusive shoots, launches, and interviews. Also, Covergirl shows other brands-through their page-how to take care of a community: You don't only thank them. You gotta involve them.


I like Net-A-Porter's approach to showcasing their products: it's clear, fuss- free, and chic. I also love that this page communicates that simplicity in fashion always wins.


The administrator/s of this page truly have an eye for scenery and the heart of a true- blue traveler. Whenever I'm in my wanderlust mode, I browse this IG page!


I will always be a casual girl. When I need a little inspiration for my everyday, casual outfits, I visit Gap's IG page. This page just makes casual the new cool.

So those are my top 10! How about you? Do you have your own favorite accounts on IG? Share them with me! :)

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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I follow Benefit's IG as well, because I adore how they style their photos. It's hard to put a finger on exactly what it is, but I find their images/styling very feminine but elegant. The products are cheekily named and the Benefit site and catalog tends to look cutesy, but the photo styling is a step up in looking more refined and more mature.

    Lime Crime is for looks that I gape over, but will never have the guts to pull off in real life. :)) Then again, the looks are for art more than they are for wearability.

  2. Awww it is nice of you to share things that you love Through ig accountS. I like that not only are you into beauty but alsobtravelling. Me i follow natural curly haired girls!

  3. I have seen a couple of @limecrime posts on IG and i paused for a while to stare at those glittered, multicolored and ombre lips. I never thought that art can also be expressed on lips until i saw @limecrime.
    I am always amazed with the posts of @wondersofnature. They showcase spectacular sceneries which always leave me in awe. I also enjoy @fabmanila for their cutie, girly pics and @aboutalook where they feature OOTD's of fashion and style bloggers.

  4. How controversial is @limecrime? haha. Just amazing photos from the @thewanderingdakini btw. I like following Kimukatsu, Yabu, Burberry, Findus the adorable Maine Coon, Toby and Carter (baby and dog tandem, they're sooooo cute together), NASA for their visually stunning photos of space, and Melissa shoes. There's a lot more but those accounts are what I follow the most. :)

  5. Im a one proud sister here! Thanks for covering @thewanderingdakini. Always proud of her.

  6. Thanks Martha! I will definitely follow happybaggage, benefitcosmetics,thewanderingdakini, covergirl, natgeotravel and gap. Btw, I follow online shops hehe and my super favorite dj/model ornusa cadness. I follow sampleroom for their latest products and updates.

  7. Thank you for sharing the accounts that you follow. It's nice to discover new things for inspiration. Natgeo and factsoffood look interesting.

  8. Followed Happybaggage too when I saw her photos, i wonder who's the owner of that account. Haha
    I follow BenefitCosmetics too, their photos and captions are a good pick-me-upper!
    Other IGs I follow that also has good photos is vegas_nay, the eye and contour makeup she posts are good. Also, g3cafe - her sunday dinner photos are super yummy! Plus her captions are witty. Hehe

  9. I already follow make up brands some from your lists. I also follow make up sellers because of their lower pricing. Mostly, beauty bloggers like you. I love seeing posts about the events you've been to. What make up are you wearing and your OOTD's.

  10. I agree and follow bhcosmetics, benefit, and covergirl. Love how they present their photos kasi. Looks like i'll follow factsoffood and limecrime too :)

  11. Great list! My personal and all time fave would be from another Martha, Martha Stewart! I am forever in love with DIYs. I follow her also on Pinterest and drop by her blog during free time.

    Anyway, I might end up following BH Cosmetics. Thanks! :-)

  12. Ooh, super nice IG accounts. :) I also follow Benefit's page beacuse it's just so girly and I love how they photograph their products. I also follow makeup revolution's post for the makeup trends. Hmm, the others naman I just search na lang sa trending photos. :) I follow lots of makeup nd clothes sellers on my IG eh. Oh, I follow Fujifilm instax din pala, since I'm an instax owner too! I search for personalized instax cameras as well.

  13. Limecrime all time fav!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing your favorite accounts, the beauty junkee! :) I followed some of them after reading this post. I love the account of thewanderingbikini! Her photos, soulful caption that just seeps through the soul. I can't get enough of it! Thanks for sharing! I just found my new insta inspiration because of you. :)

  15. Hi ladies! Glad you liked my list. Looking forward to following what you have suggested. :D

  16. i love @rondarousey page ms m =) somehow she reminds me of you "girl power" beauty+fitness = goddess!


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