Avène: The Legendary Dermoceutical Brand

I assume you already saw Avène in local drugstores and department stores in one of your visits. I know that it's been around even before it came to the Philippines (my mother used to use Avène's Eau Thermal Spring Water), but I just found out that it has quite a history and it goes something like this.

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In 1736, in a small town called Avène located in the south of France, a horse owned by the Marquis of Rocozels was let loose due to a skin rash. Legend has it that the horse had found a nearby spring (which is later on known as Saint Odille Spring), and drank and rolled itself in its waters. After some time, the horse's coat became shiny and healthy once more. It did not take a lot of time for the news of the miraculous healing of the horse to spread across town.

And the news reached the Marquis, too. 

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The Marquis, who once owned the site where the spring was discovered, decided to build the first thermal facility to treat locals who suffered from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and even burns. Eventually, the entire of France learned about this "miraculous water"-everyone wanted to experience it and even renowned dermatologists such as Jean-Louis Albert highly recommended the thermal facility to his patients. Not long after, the rest of the world, too, had heard about and clamored for the miraculous water of Avène-in fact, it was used to treat the victims of the Great Fire of Chicago. The reputation of the spring water of Avène grew and grew that the French government acknowledged its site to be of "public benefit".

In the 70's, Avène Hydrotherapy Center was purchased by Pierre Fabre Laboratories, the second biggest pharmaceutical corporation in France today. They continued treating individuals through various therapies using the spring water and in the 80's, they created a skin care line infused with it and its healing powers. This is Avène, the dermoceutical brand we have today.

Photo Credit: avenecenter.com

This is now the Avène Hydrotherapy Center where 4,000 patients are being accommodated every year and where the product research, manufacturing, and bottling of Avène take place. It still stands in the original site of the first- ever thermal facility of the 1700's and the site remains unadulterated, ethically sustained and maintained, and heavily protected by local laws.

I just had to tell you that because I love history and it's my most favorite subject in highschool. :D

I digress! What is Avène, as a brand? Avène is a French dermoceutical skin care brand-meaning it is a consumer range, but is recommended by skin experts and dermatologists-that is suitable for sensitive skin and is even considered as relief for minor skin irritations. All Avène products contain the "miraculous water" so one does not have to go all the way to France to experience its benefits.

Check out now their notable products, plus I'll tell you all about Eau Thermale, their superstar product. Click READ MORE.

Avène has an extensive line- up of products for dry, oily, normal, combination, sensitive, and hypersensitive skin types, and even skin that's suffering from Rosacea and Atopic Dermatitis. I have gathered their best- sellers in this photo. Cleanance, in particular, is for Oily and Acne- prone skin types-I have a colleague in Theatre who swears by this line.

Avène was formally introduced to us, Bloggers, in a quaint launch at Tower Club in Philam Life Plaza, Makati. After we watched the short video on Avène, Ms. Ann of Avène Philippines talked a little more about the "miraculous water" and one thing she mentioned was Avène Thermal Spring Water, based on clinical studies, is the gentlest spring water with the lowest mineral content, making it safe for any skin type, even inflamed skin.

Since it's summer time already, I thought everyone would appreciate to know that Avène has a Sun Care range. ;)

So here's the star of the show: Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water or the miraculous water/horse savior water from Saint Odille Spring in Avène, France. It's 100% spring water: absolutely no fillers, no boosters, no extracts-just the renowned water that soothes and heals. Eau Thermale is packaged in an aseptic unit at the wellspring of the spring water to guarantee its purity and for quality control. Moreover, the aerosol contains Nitrogen, an environmental- friendly gas and the water itself has no expiry!

Just a little skin consultation that kept us entertained all the more-I participated in this. I informed the guys at Avène that my skin reacts to Nickel accessories via rashes and Ms. Ann told me that Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water could be a potential remedy since it's widely known for relieving minor skin irritations such as rashes. (Duh, Martha. The horse, remember?!) Okay, let's try it then!

So that's the end of my encounter with Avène. Finally, I got to know this brand more-been really curious about it ever since I saw it in Mercury Drug drugstores last year.

Now here are the Avène products that I shall be road- testing and reviewing for everyone soon. In the meantime, visit EAU THERMALE AVÈNE PHILIPPINES on Facebook to know more about this brand.

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  1. I havent tried any Ofra lipsticks yet. But thanks for this review since I am looking for long-lasting yet matte payoff and light on the lips.
    its pricey but I would like to try Laguna Beach shade.----it super chic!

  2. I am excited for the review of these products.Btw, nakakatuwa naman ang history nito. Thanks to the horse hehe.

  3. This is really an interesting brand. I wonder if it is mild enough to use for toddlers? My nephew has skin allergies and this might be the solution.

  4. How much does the thermal spring water
    Cost? Looking forward to reading your review on this products.

  5. I've read several reviews from bloggers raving about this stuff. I never knew it had such rich and interesting history. Thanks for that tidbit Martha :) I thought it was all gimmicky as this was just basically "bottled water" hehehe

  6. Haven't tried Avene but I am very interested because of the history! My dad has skin asthma and I want him to try the thermal water if he has rashes. I hope it works for him! :)

  7. Interesting! A lot of people needs the benefits of the thermal water. Sana lang 'di masyado pricey. Please tell us about its effects on you.

  8. Ang cool naman ng history. :) Thanks to the horse then. haha. Anyway, I'm really curious about the thermal spring water. It seems like a wonder all-in-1 product to me. :) I'll be waiting for your review and I hope the product would turn out well. :)

  9. Salamat sa horse! hehe..
    I've been curious about Avene for quite some time now because of its "miraculous" effect... I have to read more about their products though so I'll know what's best for me. :)

  10. Hello Martha. I never heard about the history of Avène. I thought it will be like evian. I hope you can do a review. I actually have skin asthma goung on right now and k hope this can help. Will wait for your next post.

  11. I need to incorporate more hypoallergenic products into my skincare regimen. I like trendy skincare stuff, but I also understand the importance of letting skin relax with gentler products. In particular, I'm looking at Avene's cleansers. I tried it on the back of my hand, and the makeup swatches came off right away. Super gentle pa. It didn't take a lot of rubbing.

    Glad to see that French drugstore staples like Avene and Bioderma are represented in the Philippine market, btw. We have the best of both worlds: A rich assortment of Japanese/Korean beauty brands and readily available Western offerings. Whatever beauty philosophy, you'll find something. So awesome. :)

  12. I remember using an Avene face wash way back in high school for my acne. It was really gentle. Wonder how French sunblock compare to the Korean and Japanese brands one. Hope you blog about this. Thanks!

  13. First time to hear this brand. Nice write-up of this brand. I may try this sometime. :)


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