Beauty Bulletin: Bath-tastic Products From Revia, Aqua Vera, Moringa O2, and Tresemme

Is shower time getting a lil' boring for you lately? Spice it up and get yourself singin' in there again by switching to new bath goodies-this is my way of making bath time even more fun and pleasurable, and it always works!

If you happen to like that idea, here are a couple of new bath products that you can check out in your next trip to the grocery or department store. Who knows? You might find your new shower buddy from these! ;)

Frizzy, messy, and broom- like hair is greatly caused by one thing: Split Ends. Aside from making you look unkempt, split ends worsen overall hair damage too by furthering brittleness and dryness.

To remedy split ends, the common resolution has always been snipping them, but Tresemmé offers a new solution: Split Repair Hair Care range. You can finally get rid of Split Ends whilst retaining your desired hair length!

Made by professionals and formulated to be of salon quality, Split Repair promises to bind split ends by up to 88% and reconstruct hair and prevent further damage if used consistently. It's a 3- piece hair care line and these are the products:

Tresemmé Split Repair Shampoo (170ml- P120.00; 340ml- P230.00; 600ml- 399.00)
Tresemmé Split Repair Conditioner (170ml- P120.00; 340ml- P230.00; 600ml- 399.00)
Tresemmé Split Repair Hair Serum (P495.00)

Visit TRESEMMÉ PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

More new shower goodies to discover when you click READ MORE!

Moringa O2 finally expands their line to hair care and their chosen endorsers are no other than Cheska Garcia- Kramer and her cute little ladies, Kendra and Scarlet, which goes to show that this range is gentle enough to be used on kids!

Moringa O2 Herbal Hair Care range is still made with the goodness of Malunggay Oil, but this time, it is fortified with Argan Oil for even softer, shinier, and healthier hair, plus it promises to address hair fall and frizz, and to revitalize and nourish hair to boot.

This collection features the following products:

Moringa O2 Herbal Shampoo- (P180.00)
Moringa O2 Herbal Conditioner- (P180.00)
Moringa O2- Relaxing Serum ++ (P199.75)

I've been using this range ever since I got my hands on it and I particularly love the serum! Will share my thoughts on this range soon. ;)

Just visit MORINGA O2 on Facebook for more details on this hair care range.

Need to touch- up your locks? Check out Revia Hair Color, a European brand of drugstore DIY hair color promises to give you 3D color that's vivid, shiny, and healthy. It retails at P285.00.

Need to replenish your household goods such as the good ol' handwash? You might want to check out Aqua Vera, a Turkish brand of Hand and Body wash that has recently landed in the country. Aqua Vera boasts of their moisturizing, antibacterial cleansers that come in inspiring fragrances.

You can find Revia and Aqua Vera in all Watson's stores. Visit AQUA VERA PHILIPPINES on Facebook and REVIA HAIR COLORS on Facebook for more information about these products

Did you find anything you want to try? :)

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm interested with the moringa o2 hair care range. But i will wait for your review first because i want to know if it softens the hair and if it smells good. I have tried a herbal shampoo before and it smells like grass.

  2. Tresseme looks interesting specially now that the extreme humidity is drying out my hair

  3. Moringa-O2 looks interesting... I wanna try that since i have hair fall lately, might get one when I'm done with my current shampoo. Hhmm..

  4. I trust Tresemme brand cause i have been using some of their products for quite sometime and im happy with the result plus it is affordable.
    Im interested to try Revia. I am curious about its 3D color. I am using Revlon luminista hair color and so far it is the best diy hair color for me but its 425. Since Revia is cheaper and a European brand i want to give it a try.

  5. Hmmm honestly hindi ako naniniwala na the tresemme line will repair aplit ends. Kasi once split na yun ends split na. Im thinking its silicon laden kaya ganun. Ive read the only cure to split ends ay to snip them. i think ill pass up on this one.

    looking forward to the moringa line review. Baka yan na ang solution s falling hair ko. Honestly i always joke na i can never ever commit a crime kasi i always always leave my hair behind. Like i always have dna evidence behind! falls out like crazy. I know malunggay has lots of benefits sana fighting falling hair is one of it.

  6. I am a tres semme user and I will definitely try that range. :) I haven't tried MoringaO2 yet, but I will soon. Those hair colors look great. But I'm refraining from using hair colors recently because I'm experiencing hairfall. And I believe that hand wash is in buy 1 take 1 in Watsons. I will grab some when we ran out of hand wash. :) I love that all of those products are widely available

  7. I've just started using the Moringga-O2 Malunggay Lotion, and I'm liking it so far. I've been seeing that and Revia at Watson's, every time I pass by. Not ready to dye my hair yet, but I wouldn't shy away from the brand when the time comes that I'm in the market for a new look.

  8. I was really excited to try Moringa O2 Herbal Shampoo & Conditioner as they are the cheapest line I found that has argan oil. Too bad their shampoo has SLS and my skin reacts to that :( The serum looks promising, but I'll wait for your review on that :)

  9. Anne_22 and Jhake: Reviewing it next week! :)

    Matromao: Revia's really affordable! I will try that when I need to color my hair. Moringa O2's lotion smells like E.Arden Green Tea, no? :)

    Abegaill: Agree and I love that you can all find them in one place like Watsons! :D

    Miz Eloise: With the kind of technology we have nowadays, it's not impossible to find a new cure to split ends, but anyway, there's only one way to find out. ;) I'm reviewing Moringa O2 next week. ;)

    Flexxy: I'm pretty happy with Etude House Bubble Hair Color. Maybe you wanna try that next time. :)

    Myunixie: Try Moringa O2's hair serum. It's amazing on dry hair! :)

  10. I first tried Moringa 02's Malunggay toner early last year. While I had moisturised skin, I had breakouts with it too. So I stopped. But seeing that they have the hair care line, I think I might want to give it a try. =)


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