Bloggers Do Polish: Girl Stuff Bloggers Elite Summer Nail Polish Collection

Last week, I attended Girl Stuff's first- ever Bloggers Event. They've been around, but it is only now that they have conducted an event-it could be for personal reasons, perhaps, but maybe they thought it's high time that they meet some of the most ardent Girl Stuff users. That, plus they announced their latest collaboration with some of the country's finest influencers in the world of Beauty and Lifestyle Blogging.

Sugar, Spice, Polish, and everything nice! Yup, that's how Beauty Bloggers roll! The launch was held in Stacy's in BGC. Here's a photo of the gorgeous, feel- good candy table in the event to brighten your day. You're welcome. :)

Click READ MORE and I'll reveal to you the Bloggers behind Girl Stuff Blogger Elite Summer Collection!

Just a brief history on Girl Stuff: Girl Stuff is the brainchild of Janina Tan, a Chemist and instructor by profession. After a successful stint in teaching, she decided to embark on another journey and that is to build a polish empire that's proudly Pinoy, and Girl Stuff was born. Girl Stuff started as a nail polish brand for kids and they are known for their Washable Nail Polish that's free from the harmful 5 (Toluene, Formaldehyde, Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), and Formaldehyde Resin). Janina soon found out that her patrons are actually mothers who are all for nail polishes that are gentle not only for their kids, but for them as well. Upon realizing that Girl Stuff can be so much more, Janina decided to turn her humble nail polish brand into a nail care hub with products that cater to everyone, from moms, kids, to nail art enthusiasts and PROs.

Girl Stuff is now your one- stop nail care brand for anything and everything related to polish, nail art, and nail care. Have a look at some of their finest products: Nail stickers, nail sequins, cartoon cut- outs for your nail art needs, and of course, nail polish. Their polish has undergone a makeover, but still remains free from the harmful 5, thus it is safe for everyone including children and even pregnant women.

This super cute cartoon cut-out set just caught my eye.

Oh wow, they've got nail art tools too! Nails, please grow now-I'm dying to use these products! :D

The guests in the launch were treated to nail art services courtesy of Girl Stuff's in- house nail artists. Here's Char of Yellow Yum who opted for a fab shade of sky blue.

Onto our main event!
Presenting the ladies behind Bloggers Summer Elite Collection! Frances, Jackie, Nikki, and Cristina bring you four pastel hues that bring to mind a vintage-y summer! Girl Stuff decided to collaborate with these four gorgeous ladies because not only do they represent the spirit of the brand, they're fans of it as well!

Topaz Horizon is a Chartreuse shade that symbolizes Market Head for a baby magazine, Blogger, and mom of 3, Frances Amper- Sales' sunny, bubbly personality. Frances says: "This Yellow shade is so bright and happy, you just won't be able to ignore it! It's bold and fun!"

Go! Jackie Go is a lime green shade that instantly gives you a picture of Jackie Go's wacky, happy-go-lucky personality. This model, Blogger, and mom of two describes her shade as "...a perfect shade to frolic in this summer."

Askmewhats is a Pink-Lilac shade that is as romantic, sweet, and youthful as Nikki Tiu, HR Professional, Blogger, nail art addict, and mom of 1. Nikki muses: "This perfect blend of Pink and Lilac reflects a very young, cheerful vibe, just like my personality."

Struttingonsunshine is a sky blue shade that reflects the wanderlust dreams of Christina Decena, Fashion entrepreneur, event organizer, and Blogger at Strutting On Sunshine. "This shade speaks to me. It's like a dreamy cruise in a bottle! It's the perfect shade for me because it encapsulates my wanderlust for the world!", Christina gushes.

Beauties and The Brain: The Bloggers of Girl Stuff Bloggers Elite Summer Nail Polish Collection with Janina Tan, founder of Girl Stuff Forever.

Bloggers Elite Summer Collection retails at P120.00 per bottle. It is now available in all Girl Stuff stalls. Just visit GIRLSTUFF FOREVER on Facebook for more information about this collection.

Now which Blogger shade is your favorite? :)

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My nails might look better with Askmewhats shade. Are they planning to release thebeautyjunkee shade to their next collection? :D

  2. Pink-Lilac shade is my favorite..I think it describes my personality. LOL!!
    The next one is sky blue shade calm, peaceful lng ang dating eh.
    Nakakatuwa naman na safe ito even for pregnant women kasi ang hilig ko magmanicure/pedicure kasi gusto ko pa din maganda nails ko khit preggy na ako & I feel different kapag wala nail polish mga daliri ko.

  3. Such a cute event! My favorite shade is AskMeWhats! perfect for the summer <3 I hope next year their would be a "Beauty Junkee" shade :3 I would definitely line up for that!

  4. Katrina Aiza VillanuevaApril 7, 2015 at 1:05 AM

    Oh my G! Been seeing them at Megamall but havent really tried any of their polish. Will buy summery shades this weekend!

  5. Wow I did not know that their polishes were affordable. I thought that their product was more expensive that's why I have not given it a try. But now, I think their product would be a cheaper alternative to Orly (my ulitimate fave nail polish).

  6. I'm a girl stuff user too! I've bought lots of shades from them including stardust and cosmic. They're polishes are free from some chemicals pa. And they're affordable too compared to some brands. The colors are pigmented and opaque. one or 2 coats would suffice. It was in girl stuff that I found the striping tape, which I find very rare. I'll get my hands on these new colors soon. I have lots of nail art tools and accessories as well. :D I'm really fond of decorating my own nails

    The sweets station is so yummy and colorful! Nakakatakam.

  7. My favorite shade is the AskMeWhats shade. It is so pretty. I love that kind of pink with lilac undertone.

  8. I love Frances' shade.. Well simply because yellow is my fave color. :)
    Until recently, i only thought Girl Stuff is for little kids. I even remember my little sister asking me to buy her a polish from Girl Stuff and I told her it's a bit expensive for a kiddie nail polish. I didn't realize they're for grown ups too! Now i know why they also have dark colors up for sale too. Hehe..

    PS: i've been dying to try Stacy's for quite some time now!

  9. This looks like a fun event and such gorgeous nail polish shades. I want to try this brand now as it looks like they have some great nail art stuff.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  10. I've always wanted to try Girl stuff polish ever since I've read Nikki's review some years ago. I breastfeeding my baby then and I was searching for nail polish that's bad 3 free. GS is 5 harmful chemicals free and is priced reasonably. However their stalls are just too far away from where I live. I wish they sell online :(

  11. I've always wanted to try Girl stuff polish ever since I've read Nikki's review some years ago. I breastfeeding my baby then and I was searching for nail polish that's bad 3 free. GS is 5 harmful chemicals free and is priced reasonably. However their stalls are just too far away from where I live. I wish they sell online :(

  12. It is nice to see you bloggers on one event! My sister and I love Nikki Tiu! I haven't tried Girl Stuff polish because I'm not a nail polish girl! The colors are too cute for the nails! :)

  13. I'm not adventurous with nail color, so I'd pick Nikki's. If I want to take it a step further, I'd try Jackie's. The yellow is pretty and those who pull it off are enviable. Unfortunately, I have zero guts for it because of my skin's yellow undertone. (Call me paranoid.)

    Perhaps Girl Stuff should branch out into a full-on nail spa salon? They have such a great, affordable gel polish formula.

  14. Oh very nice. :) I might try it some time. Still sticking to my OPI shades though. hehe.

  15. nakaka-sad lang di available yan dito samin :(

    sana magsell din sila online para makatry din kami mga nasa province. or better sana nasa mga SM/Watsons sila..

    nakakaproud naman mga sisters natin sa blogging, bet na bet mga colors na napili nila.. im craving for the sky blue shade.. and nikki's pink lilac..


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