Came, Swapped, Conquered: Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash Swap + Product Review

Last March 28, 2015, Robinson’s Ermita witnessed what could probably be the most epic bath swap for this season: Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash Swap.

Dozens and dozens of people flocked to Midtown Atrium and swapped their bath soaps to experience Olay’s new body wash. I was invited to partake in the experience and being the body wash monster that I am, I did not say no! :D

 Just a recap, here are the variants in Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash Collection:

Refreshing Moisture with Green Tea
Cooling Moisture with White Strawberry And Mint
Clean Moisture with Coconut Milk
Sensitive Moisture with Chamomile
Whitening Moisture with Pearl Extracts
Deep Moisture with Honey

This product promises to moisturize skin and keep it hydrated by enhancing its NMF or Natural Moisturizing Factor (the thing that attracts moisture to your skin) so you can sport healthy skin everywhere from the humid outdoors to skin- drying air-conditioned rooms (Click HERE to know how Air Conditioning dries out your skin big time). Olay said that this range is composed of powerful active moisturizers, 100% Soy Bean Oil and Pro-Glycerin, and won’t dry out your skin unlike regular beauty bars.

Click READ MORE for my swap experience and guess who dropped by in the event to say hello.

Look! Olay Brand Ambassador, Bea Alonzo, dropped by in the swap event. She mused about her favorite variant and it’s Deep Moisture with Honey.

After her short and sweet interview, Bea went to the swapping machine to experience it with the guests. I was standing near Bea and was one of the chosen gals who tried the machine with her-I got a 200ml bottle of Sensitive Moisture with Chamomile in exchange for my soap. I saw Bea up-close and she’s got really nice, soft- looking skin (on top of her ethereal beauty). Must be Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash!

My fellow body wash lovers, Nikki, Shen, and Aisa-I hope they’ll do this again soon, but I wish it will be somewhere near BGC or Makati. :D

So there goes my lovely Saturday morning with Olay. Since we’re already on the subject, I might as well give a quick review on these products:

I’ve been using these products consistently for two weeks now and here are some of my observations:

1.) It’s super concentrated and very fragrant. In my experience, the 200ml bottle can last for around 3 weeks and the 400ml, around 1 to 1 ½ months. This will depend on your usage, of course.

2.) Depending on the variant I use, the scent uplifts, energizes, or calms me in the shower.

3.) Immediately, skin feels soft and smells fragrant.

4.) I have put its moisturizing effect to the test by skipping lotion after bathing with the body wash and I have observed that my skin did not itch, feel tight, and look dull-this is my experience both in the outdoors and air- conditioned rooms.

My favorite variants are Deep Moisture with Honey and Clean Moisture Coconut.

Since these products are highly fragrant, conduct a patch test first before usage especially if you have any known sensitivity towards fragrance. It will also support your hydration regimen, but if you have really dry skin, I would still advise you to use lotion afterwards.

This product is suitable to almost all skin types. Those who are craving for more moisture from their everyday body cleanser will love this line, too.

Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash Collection retails at P110.00 (for 200ml) and P199.00 (for 400ml). You can find it in all supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores.

Now here’s some good news: If you weren’t able to catch the swap, don’t worry because you can still experience the new Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash Collection. This time around, you will not only get the chance to take home one bottle, but a one- year supply of this body wash! Just CLICK HERE for more information about this giveaway. Good luck!

Visit OLAY PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

Have you tried these products already? Let me know your thoughts.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hooray to Olay! My favorite body wash ever!

  2. Would love to swap my usual kojic soap for this. I have tried other body wash and I also posted it on instagram then my friend says that try the deep moisturizing with honey..the one i posted on IG is a dove (oops). She said that the one she's been using is super fragrant and it is to die fro scent. I've been meaning to buy the one she's refferring to but i cant find that dove variant! Now with your post, totally missing out on this olay with honey.

  3. I've always loved olay fot their moisturizers. My mom used this when I was a kid ( it was still called oil of olay I think) and her skin still looka great. When I reached my 20s I started using olay up to this day and I am still happy with it. Will definitely try this body wash soon.

  4. Haven't tried moisture outlast bodywash line but i used to use olay soap. It doesn't make my skin dry after scrubbing and bathing unlike other soaps. I'm sure this new line works even better. Gotta try this.

  5. I love Olay! I've been a soap bar user ever since and was just using body wash during my rest days since bars saves more time, but ever since trying Olay Body Wash from Sample Room, I've been hooked! As in I haven't used a soap bar for showers for a month now. And yes, they're really moisturizing and smells good. Will definitely repurchase the strawberry variant again!

  6. i love sensitive moisture with chamomile :)

    If I saw you and Bea A. that would makes me the happiest girl ever!

  7. Iemgeee i love coconuy and mint!ill take a whiff of these sa supermarket. Pero bet ko un mint talaga. Ps miss m you look so effirtlessly fresh diyan

  8. I've tried the fruity-scented imported Olay and the anti-aging body wash they came up with that goes along with the Total Effects line. Though I have yet to grab this, I have faith in the quality and hydration factor of their body washes. They've never dried my skin out.

  9. honestly i love olay bar soap! and i cannot wait to try their body wash!

  10. I love Olay for their creams. I have yet to try their body wash products. How's the Refreshing Moisture with Green Tea? (i have a knack for green tea stuff haha)

  11. I would love to swap for the Olay body wash. Though ang layo ng venue. :/ Sana magkaron din sa Megamall. Anyway, it's affordable naman so if ever I'll buy instead. I wanted to try all variants! I'm leaning towards using body washes as they are more hygienic than using bars. :) I love fragrant body washes too! So Olay's product is just perfect. Though sana may mga maliliit na variant para sa travel. :)

  12. I've been a loyal user before back when they were whipped pa but i moved on to other brands. Thanks for sharing the giveaway :)

  13. Cincincin: Hope you can try it soon! Olay Moisture Outlast with Honey and Coconut are amazing variants! :)

    Jaja: I got hooked on Olay when I started using the Intense Moisture Face And Body Wash. You're welcome. Hope you win! :)

    Abegaill: True! Parang you'll spend more if you went to Robinson's for the swap. :p They have an ongoing contest so maybe you might want to join-you might win! :)

    Rhain: Try it dear! You'll love it. :D

    Eloise: Thank you! The White Strawberry and Mint is very energizing. I love the Coconut and Honey variant, and also the Green Tea one. :)

    Matromao: I've proven that they've the best, moisturizing body wash around when I tried their intense moisture face and body wash so I had no doubts that this range will deliver as advertised. ;)

    Hanna: Heehee. Thanks! :D

    Myunixie: Thanks for sharing your insight! Mom knows best indeed. :)

    Jhake: Let me know how you like it. ;)

    Anne_22: Thanks for sharing! That variant smells nice. Try Green Tea-it's super refreshing and never fails to uplift the senses. ;)


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