Covergirl Bombshell Collection Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Covergirl Bombshell Collection.

Price: Shineshadow- P425.00; Volume Mascara- P500.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all drugstores and department stores


I like how Covergirl is upping their game lately: From being the girl-next-door type of brand, they've gotten quirkier and more playful yet they still promote naturalness. It's like they've put a fun twist to the girl-next-door look by throwing in pops of color and a bit of drama through their products, like Bombshell Collection.


Covergirl Bombshell is a 6- piece makeup collection that features the Shineshadow, Volume Mascara, Bombshell Lipstick, Bombshell Nail Lacquer, Intensity Liner Pen, and Lip Crayon. This collection, more than anything, wants you to look your sexiest self easily and with just a few products.

I only have two products from this collection: Volume Mascara and Shineshadow.

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Shineshadow, ingredients

Shineshadow comes in a teeny tube that somewhat resembles a skin care sample. It's a cream shadow that promises long- wearing color coverage that dazzles when light hits it. Shineshadow comes in 5 shades.

Copper Fling 325 is a light copper shade with a frosted finish. Pigmentation is light to heavy, it has a nice whipped, creamy consistency, and a tiny dot would be enough to give your lids a wash of color.

Bombshell Volume Mascara


This is one of those interesting, dual- ended mascaras. Bombshell Mascara is a two- step mascara that offers over-the-top volume and finish in a long- wearing formula.
Step 1 is for volume. This side comes with a chunky plastic brush with teeth in varying lengths, which is intended so you can coat your inner, outer, and main lashes. Step 2 is for definition. This side comes with a regular brush wand with packed bristles and it's meant to make lashes appear darker, ergo fuller. The wands look pretty innovative, but they're just way too huge for Asian eyes, plus packaging is stout for girls with small hands.

It don't know if it's just me or I got an old stock, but the mascara of step 1 felt a little dry the first time I opened it: it would always take me a lot of swipes just to achieve decent volume and it's pretty time consuming, and sometimes, the mascara doesn't cling at all to my lashes. :p The step 2 mascara delivered, at least, and it performed better than the former: it gave me good definition and jet- black lashes.


One layer of Shineshadow in Copper Fling

The cream shadow feels light and it can stay put without any eye primer or powder on top, except if the weather is pretty humid-I find that the shadow causes my eyeliner to smudge for a wee bit in this kind of weather so I think I should seal it with a translucent powder the next time I wear it. Please use primer and powder with this product if you've got really oily skin.

Top, left: Bare lashes; Top, right: One layer of step 1
Bottom, left: Two layers of step 1; Bottom, right: One layer of step 2

Aside from being dry, step 1 mascara tends to weigh sparse lashes down as well so most of the time, I prefer skipping that product and going straight to step 2 mascara because aside from definition, it delivers pretty good volume too. This mascara, by the way, is not long- wearing-it's waterproof! You can take it to a workout, to swimming, or to a deep underwater adventure and you won't get Raccoon eyes. It's just a little hard to take off though so buy a pretty awesome eye makeup remover. ;)

The nice thing about Bombshell is it focuses on two strategic areas of the face (lips and eyes) to enliven the complexion or look so it is a nice collection to look into if you're looking for a focused set of easy-to-use, defining beauty products. I like Bombshell Shineshadow better than the mascara and I'd love to check out the Bombshell Lipstick and Intensity Liner Pen though!


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. curious ako sa shineshadow =) hmmm.. i will get the maybelline mascara instead =) (justifying the price oopps)

  2. mas nafocus ako sa kilay mo Martha haha! nakakainggit ang kilay mo!! Lol.
    Im not sure if I will buy these products, before kasi may season yung America's Next Top Model and sponsor nila yung Covergirl naengganyo ako bumili (fan eh hehe)...but hindi ko masyado nagustuhan ang products nila, hindi worth sa price.

  3. LOVE THE EYE MAKEUP!!!! You look like a DIVA!!! So lovely! The design and concept is a glamorous fun party for girls who loves events. Perfect for night gigs or "nighties" with the barkada. (^....^)

  4. Curious about the shadow, perfect for those lazy days when you don't want to bother putting on makeup but don't want to look tired.

    I've read other reviews of the mascara and most of them didn't like the part 1 of the product too..

  5. I like the color that you featured in your blog :) im a fan of neutral shades. And its affordable pala! I thought covergirl is a bit more expensive brand. Thanks Martha!

  6. I like the copper shade of shineshadow. I think this would be suitable for any skintone. I like the ease of applying and blending cream shadows but I have oily lids so it's not that suitable for me :(

  7. Myunixie:Oh! Sad to hear. :( Try Maybelline Color Tattoo and Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows-they're the only cream shadows that persisted on my oily lids. :)

    Dessa: Welcome. Covergirl is affordable lang! It's a bit more expensive than Maybelline, but cheaper than Revlon. ;)

    Anne: Really? I didn't know. So my observation on mascara 1 was right after all. :) I hope Covergirl changes that. ;)

    Vin: Agree!

    Flexxy: Covergirl has pretty good makeup, actually. I particularly like their Clean Makeup range for the complexion. :)

  8. The eyelashes made a big difference. And i must say, the two step mascara really dig it! Anyway, I think adding a few drops of saline would help to revive a dry mascara. I dont know if the original is liquidy but usually for mascara I like it more when it dries up a bit. Hahah thats weird!

  9. if nasa us pako i might have picked these up. Sadly ang mamahal ng drugstore makeup dto satin! I used to be a lashblast fanatic until ibsampled fairy drops from the loot bag na binigay mo sakin dati miss m years ago. from then on i mever looked back.

    For the eyeshadow, ill pass up on that one. Im sooo happy with my maybelline color tattoos which unsurprisingly i read about here first! I made sure to hoard sa states at mas mura don.

    Though i like the color of the shadow, i dont like that it budges at sa oa na weather natin it wouldnt last

  10. I remember my first cream eyeshadow as coming from Maybelline. It was called Cool Effect Eyeshadow, and I loved it to bits. The packaging and the shades of CG actually remind me of that Maybelline line, but the price is a bit different. If memory serves correctly, the Maybelline one was at PHP 270 at the time. Dunno if it's the inflation, but I find this cream shadow pricey already for what is supposed to be a drugstore brand--especially as it's just in one color instead of a palette you could get for the same price.

  11. The prices are pricier than other brands. I actually like the eyeshadow color payoff but the [rice is not that worth it, considering it's only one color. :/ same as with the mascara. If the other part of the mascara is not that effective, the price is not reasonable. :/ I still like Maybelline and l'oreal cream eyeshadows, as well as the maybelline mascaras

  12. i like Shineshadow. it such a pick me upper lid wash. walang ka effort-effort, bombshell na :)


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