Etude House Sugar Tint Balm Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Etude House Sugar Tint Balm in #3 Cranberry Pie and #6 Pink Grapefruit.

Price: P348.00
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Other Locations: Available in all Etude House stores and counters nationwide


Pigmented lip balms are becoming a thing nowadays. Maybe it's where the trend is heading, maybe because it's summer, or maybe brands are creating a starting point for young girls who want to wear a lipstick-but-not-quite-lipstick product. Whatever the maybe is, I'm just glad that there are gentler and more hydrating options for girls who love wearing lipstick (like moi!) during summer! Etude House has just released their version lately called Sugar Tint Balm, a lip balm that acts like a lipstick as well!


This newest from Etude House claims to be a lip balm with the staying power of a lip tint and boasts of a hydrating, soothing, moisturizing combination of extracts namely Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E. It comes in 8 candy and pastry- inspired shades.


Swatches of this bold lip balm after the cut.

Left: #6 Pink Grapefruit
Right: #3 Cranberry Pie

These products come in a lovely click-to-seal tube packaging, which prevents the cap from accidentally ejecting from the tube and the product from messing up your makeup kit.

Both products have a really soft, smooth, and highly moisturizing consistency-it softens my lips and any rough areas immediately upon application. Coverage is medium to heavy. Both have a strong, fruity scent and it might put you off if you're not into this kind of fragrance. 


Cranberry Pie

A semi- deep, Cranberry Red shade.

Lovely shade, I must say. It's nice to know that Etude House is starting to experiment with bolder colors nowadays like Cranberry Pie and that means more options in the brand for grown- up gals like me. Cranberry Pie is truly a sexy Red, although I can't help but think that it's fun at the same time too just because I know it's by Etude House. :D

#6 Pink Grapefruit

A Pink-Melon shade.

This is a pretty nude shade, although it makes my teeth appear garish. :p At least it's one of those Pinky nudes that don't wash out morena skin tone.

Both products stay put for a while, but it fades gradually during wear due to its runny, moist consistency and sorry, it does not stay on like a lip tint to me. Formula also tends to leave a stark line on the corners of my lips when it has faded and has the tendency to go inside my mouth when I apply too much of the product.

I really like how moisturizing and soft the product is, plus I noticed that my lips stayed soft and dryness- free when I wore this product for 4 days straight-it must be Argan Oil. 

Overall, this product is very moisturizing and hydrating, and I love the fact that through this product, Etude House has contributed to the amazing world of pigmented lip balms and has gotten more adventurous with colors this time. I believe that a little improvement in the staying power department will make this product a superstar!


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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow, cranberry pie looks great. I think these balms are really pigmented and the colors look nice.

  2. Wow ganda ng cranberry pie, it looks good on you Ms.Martha.Nakakainggit ang lips nyo po, akin kc dry at nagka crack pa.

  3. You look amazing in that cranberry pie shade. Never thought that balms would give bold hues and flattering effect. (^....^)

  4. It this kind of like a dupe on benefit benetint? Ganda ng cranberry pie!!

  5. Etude is one of my fav make-up korean brand. The packaging of the products is cut soo cute, good quality and affordable. Saka ang bait ng mga sales rep nila sa Market Market. Since mahilig ako sa pink lippies--- i super want to try the Pink grapefruit shade. =)

  6. Ganda ng cranberry pie! But id rather wear something that stains.

    Ps: you make the best kilay makeup miss m. I tried following your tutorial from this blog hindi kading ganda ng sayo hehe

  7. I can't get over how pigment-packed this is! If it were a blind test, I wouldn't say this was a tinted lip balm at all. Not even a sheer lipstick. I got the satin lipstick vibe, when I swatched.

  8. I like the cranberry pie shade on you. It 's so pigmented and to think it's a balm. It might just pass off as a lipstick, if not for the not so lasting effect.

  9. Cranberry pie looks so nice. If it is really moisturizing and you'll get the benefits of argan oil, then you're right ms. martha, staying power na nga lang talaga ang kulang! Sana you'll be able to post swatches of all the available shades.

  10. Ganda ng cranberry pie! How many swipes did you do to get that red shade?
    Inwas confused at first if it's a lip balm or lipstick because of its opacity... But the lip balms are great! Never mind the staying power, i can re-apply naman! Hehe

  11. Wow for the Cranberry Pie! But I think the price isn't worth for a lip tint like that. Especially when you said it doesn't stick around like what a lip tint should do. :)

  12. I like the res one more. From the looks of it, you wouldn't think that it's a lip balm! So pigmented. And the price is really affordable. The packaging is so so but it looks cute. Parang pambata. :) I would love to try one, the cranberry. I wish they have plum or orange variant of this as well

  13. i was amazed with the pigmentation =) i never thought taht they;re just a lip balm!

  14. napakapigmented! sayang, hindi maganda ang staying power

  15. Elsie: I have the same lips too. What I do is I scrub them every week, alternate matte lippies with moisturizing lippies, and use a rich lip balm every night. ;)

    Jaja: Hope they'll work on that in the future. :)

    Rhain: Same! :)

    Merii: I guess you just pay extra for better pigmentation. :)

    Abegaill: They have! :)

    Anne_22: Just two. :)

    Pam: Hi there and welcome to my blog! No because benetint is super sheer. :)

    Jhake: I hope so too! :)

    Flexxy: They have other lovely pinks too that you can check out. ;)

    Camille: Hi and welcome to my blog. Agree on your opinion. It would've been completely lipstick to me if not for the staying power. ;)

    Vin: Thanks! :)

    Matromao: True. Sometimes, I just end up calling it as lipstick 'cuz of the pigmentation haha.

    Miz Eloise: Practice lang! :)

  16. OMYGOOOOSH. I DO LOVE CRANBERRY PIE. (The lip balm ah? Hahaha) The pigmentation pretty much seemed like a lipstick and it's just amazing. I'd totally buy that someday once I had the chance. Thanks for the review. Always as in always reliable!


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