Philosophy Loveswept EDT Review

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Here's a review on Philosophy Loveswept EDT.

Price: P2,495.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Philosophy SM Mega Fashion Hall, Glorietta 4, and Greenbelt 5


Little Story: Someone asked me how I managed to get to 8 years with my boyfriend (well technically, 7 because our 8th year will be on July 7 of this year). I never thought of any answers until today and it boils down to three, essential things:

1. It is never perfect- relationships end when you finally think it has reached perfection. After perfection, what comes next? Nothing. And when there's nothing in store for you anymore, you leave. I always want to believe that our relationship is imperfect: it needs more room to grow and to improve, therefore there will be more room for fun, discoveries, knowledge, and adventures.

2. Respect And Kindness- channeling my inner Pope Francis here. I read in an online article that lasting relationships have two things in common: Respect and Kindness. Love is great, but love can be selfish and blind-at the end of the day, what will matter to you and your partner is if you both treat each other humanely and respectfully.

3. I love myself more than my partner- It is true that you can never love someone if you can't love yourself first. You can't give what you don't have and most especially, you can't express what you've never felt in the first place. Yes, I love myself more than my boyfriend and so is he, and it did us good: we're strong individually, we support each other's dreams, we encourage each other, and we pray for each other to succeed all because we know how good these things feel, therefore we share it with each other.

I recalled these things because my BF surprised me with Philosophy Loveswept EDT one, fine Sunday Afternoon. His reason? Simple. He saw my musing on it on Facebook and he decided to buy it for me-this random act of kindness and sweetness plus the three main principles we live by, my friends, are the steps to getting to 8 years. :)


Loveswept is the newest fragrance by Philosophy. This lively EDT encourages you to "Follow your heart" and aims to awake inspiration and inspire passion in everyone's lives everyday.

More about this fragrance after the cut!


This cheerful, feminine fragrance opens up to a dynamic, luminous accord of Bergamot and Citrus. Light droplets of various florals, Pink Passionfruit, Pink Jasmine, and Lotus touch the heart. Finally, the base of Amber and Musk embrace the entire fragrance. To be honest, it smells a bit like Dolce And Gabbana Light Blue in the beginning and I was a bit disappointed, but the saving grace was it turned a bit gourmand- like in the end, (yet it still remained fresh) which is my kind of fragrance. It smells good and is inoffensive, but not new.

Technical aspects aside, this fragrance invokes the feeling of a love so free, a love that encourages you to pursue your dreams and find happiness and joy in every situation and person. It reminds you why you love what you love and why you love who you love, thus I spray on this fragrance when I'm in need of a little inspiration.

This summery, daytime fragrance is for you if DG Light Blue is your staple and you're looking for an alternative that doesn't veer away so much from it, or you're into sweet yet zesty fragrances. 


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. and again i was moved by your post ms m.. i would surely agree that there is no perfect relationship (based on experience) you will really put into many tests and hardships, it was the both of you who will do things to make all things work..

    i want to sniff on this one when i get to sit-in for ms nikki's event on saturday =)

  2. Inspiring love story. I like the point your relationship is not perfect

  3. Ang sweet naman! Matagal na pala kayo mag bf. I'm glad that you have a healthy relationship. It was September of 1998 when I had a bf. And we never parted ways since then. We got married on August 2007. I heard from a lot of people that it was very hard to reach 7 years of bf,gf relationship so you must get married before reaching your seventh year. But if you succesfully passed the seventh year, then you will be together for the rest of your lives. I don't know if that's true. Just sharing.
    Anyway, i'm not a fan of flowery smelling perfumes not because i hate them for how they smell but my sensitive nose reacts madly to it. So i usually use baby colognes.But this one seems to smell good.

  4. I love DG light blue! :) Di masyadong masakit sa ilong and super refreshing yung scent. Di rin super girly and sweet. If I loved that, I think I will love this too. Cute ng packaging. Though di ba siya konti? :)

  5. The name is ssssssooooooo sweet!!! Hontoni Kawaiiii!!! hahaha... (^....^)

  6. Yup. No relationship is perfect. Kalokohan ang may ganun.Lol.Been in a long-term relationship. Siguro ang nagpatagal ng relationship nmin: pagkain and travel. When you travel and eat together, you make good memories together haha plus mas makikilala mo ang partner mo. Anyway, Share lng =)

  7. I like your 2nd reason Ms. Martha, Kindness and Respect.👍 I agree, being kind to your partner and respecting him does make a relationship better. I also love D&G Light Blue so maybe I would like this scent.😊

  8. I like your 2nd reason Ms. Martha, Kindness and Respect.👍 I agree, being kind to your partner and respecting him does make a relationship better. I also love D&G Light Blue so maybe I would like this scent.😊

  9. Why, thank you for pointing that out--indeed, we must not aim for perfection in our relationships (and in ourselves!) because perfection is the end.

  10. Awww that's so sweet :) will check this out soon

  11. I agree on those 3 points you've mentioned. My husband and I are learning from our imperfect relationship for 11 years and counting. His father told us that I am the mirror of him and vice versa. It definitely shows/reflects on the outside how happy and loved you are by your partner.

    The Philosophy Loveswept EDT, scent being close to D&G Light Blue, is sure-fire a must-try!

  12. Interesting take on the perfume. Congrats on the 8 years. It's a feat for being someone so long. All you need is a wedding. :)

  13. Glad to know that this post has inspired you all, ladies. :D I enjoyed reading your experiences with your loved ones as well. :)

  14. It's hard to dethrone Amazing Grace for me (with any brand of fragrance, for that matter), but I appreciate Philosophy diversifying their fragrance selection with this. They should keep their fresh/clean-smelling line permanently, then build other scent families around it.

    Good comparison with DG Light Blue. This scent is also in the family of Encanto Shine. For me, those fragrances are a bit too sweet, but I like it heavy on the citrus.

  15. Great tips Martha and happy 8th anniversary in advance :) I agree, relationships need not to be perfect as it should be as there are no such thing as perfect in this world and thats okay. Cause if you strive to make a relationship perfect, you wont accept the imperfections of your partner and once you've seen those imperfections, everything else will crumble. Like what you said, after perfection comes nothing. Very true.


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