Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks + Swatches

Here's a review on Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks in HD Magnolia, HD Gladiolus, HD Iris, and HD Hydrangea.

Price: P575.00
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Other Locations: Available in all Revlon counters


Wax is an important ingredient in lipstick because it holds everything else together (pigments and the rest of the lippie's ingredients) and prolongs its wear time. Unfortunately, it can induce dryness and this is true for me and matte lipsticks. :/ And oh, it is not only matte lipstick that contains wax, fyi-satin and even some glossy lippies contain traces of wax too.

Is there such a thing as Wax Sensitivity? I don't know, but what I know is not everyone can tolerate this ingredient on the lips. This beauty issue has inspired Revlon to create Ultra HD Lipstick, a new generation of lipstick that is absolutely free of wax yet feels nothing short of a lipstick! HA! In your face, wax!


This brand new lipstick range from Revlon features an innovative wax- free gel technology and imparts a smooth, plush, hydrating barrier of true color to the lips. It is available in 20 shades.

L-R: HD Magnolia, HD Iris, HD Gladiolus, HD Hydrangea

Ultra HD Lipstick's hues are named after and inspired by flowers-it's just perfect that they released the line this Spring/Summer season. :)


Swatches and detailed review of this Summer- perfect and dry lips- perfect lippie line when you click READ MORE! ;)


HD Magnolia

- A creamy Beige shade with a pale coral undertone.

Oh, what a pretty nude! I always seem to find a pretty Nude in almost all of Revlon's lipstick lines, therefore I conclude they make some of the best nude lipsticks ever. HD Magnolia is the perfect marriage of coolness and warmth, thus it looks good on almost any skin tone in my opinion. I also like that it's not a flat nude, but rather a blushing nude.

HD Hydrangea

- A tropical Pink shade.

HD Hydrangea is a bold lippie that I'd love to wear in the beach, specifically during sunset cocktails. It's a fun, sunny Pink and I'd gladly swap my HG reds for this just for this season. ;)

HD Gladiolus

- A glowing, true Red shade

I just researched what Gladiolus is and found out that it's an Orchid- like flower-it comes in a lot of colors, but Red is the most striking of them all: it's glowing, fresh, and strong, just like this lipstick shade!

HD Iris

- A Plum-Berry hue.

This shade reminds me of a bowl of fresh Berries. :D HD Iris is your good ol' Berry shade that works for night time, every single time.

These lippies have a buttery texture, pigmentation is medium to heavy, and dress lips in hydrating color. They have this uniform creamy Mango butter scent that's a tad bit strong in the beginning, but dies down gradually during wear and eventually becomes tolerable-for those who prefer unscented lipsticks, sorry to say, but these lippies will stay fragrant the whole time. Finish is satin and despite the wax- free formula, the colors are vivid and true. It has okay staying power and does not fade that quickly, unless you're eating something really, really oily. :p 

The only caveat is the lipstick leaves a slight taste in the mouth--at least the taste is sweet, but I prefer to not taste and eat my lipstick thank you very much.  :) Honestly, Ultra HD is another set of balmy lipsticks, but what makes it stand out are: 1.) It's more pigmented than similar lippies by other brands. 2.) Revlon meant it when they said that it's hydrating. 3.) It feels 'nice' on the lips. 

I deem Ultra HD Lipstick a 'Summer Lipstick Range' because it's super lightweight, has a tropical scent, and provides ample moisture to keep your lips from drying out in the hot weather. I also deem it as the 'Lipstick For Dry Lips' because it's wax- free and won't dry out your lips-ever.


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26 Lovely Thoughts

  1. i have never got the chance to own revlon lippie but i got the Revlon CustomEyes Naturally Glamorous eyeshadow palette but i became heart broken when i lost it last year.. it was my favorite natural e/s *sigh* but i didnt know if someone got it while i was doing a makeup service (wedding) or maybe i misplace it =(

    im looking forward on getting one tube of this line (i will surely pick HD Magnolia for i love nudes too =)

    i think HD Hydrangea suits you the best among the four shades =) it gives you that glow i couldnt explain =)

    happy long weekend ms M!

  2. The reason I prefer tints over lipsticks is because when I use tints and my lips become dry, I only need to re-apply lip balm while for lipsticks, if I only apply lip balm everything "moves". And I have very dry lips >.< I haven't tried any Revlon lipstick yet but I think this is interesting... and the price is not that bad :D

  3. Wax-free? Sounds interesting! I think i'm allergic to lip products which has high beeswax content. I have experienced having itchy lips with tiny rashes when i used a beeswax lipbalm. But this one is definitely a must-try. I like the color of magnolia :-D

  4. Sure suits dry lips for almost all girls :) I think this is really a must try product from Revlon.

  5. Hydrangea is so beautiful! Cosmetics brands are really upping their game these days. Just a few years ago, it was almost impossible to find a lipstick that's both hydrating and pigmented. Now you can have the best of both worlds!

  6. Spring colors, nice names and cool packaging. The lippies look very pigmented and with that new technology it seemed the bomb!

  7. Gladiolus is such a nice shade of red which I think would suit any type of skin tone. Would like to try this one out soon.

  8. Im a big fan of revlon. I love their lippies! HD Magnolia and Iris are my fav shades.

  9. This looks lovely!! I might have to get at least one shade from this collection cos lately my lips have been drier than usual, like no matter how often I use lip balms I still wind up with dry lips. I guess I might have to stay away from anything matte for a while.

    I'm particulary loving Iris on you by the way!! Its such an interesting color, I don't think I own quite anything like it yet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one! :-)

  10. I agree that Revlon makes the most flattering nude lippies. I found my MLBB shade with Revlon and stuck to it ever since. HD Magnolia looks so flattering. I might get that next after I finish my Revlon Color Stay stick

  11. That...looks like less amount of product than usual. Is it?
    The colors are lovely and wax-free seems like an interesting concept, but a smell-ey lipstick that even tastes sweet? Nope, no way. (lol choosy). Thank you so much Ms. Martha, you helped me save $$$!

  12. Ang ganda naman ng mga inooffer ng Revlon with their lipsticks 💄
    the colors surely complement the look that you have :-)Appreciated Iris of all the colors. NEVER had a berry colored lipstick before MS.My.

  13. I really like the shades that they formulated, it seems like every shade is suitable to both morenas and fair skinned ladies as well! ^_^

  14. I swatched this prior to finding out that it's a wax-free formula and, you're right, I couldn't tell the difference. Color-wise,okay naman, but I actually kind of prefer the Lip Butters and Ultimate Suedes overall, presentation and finish included.

    I gotta say, however, that the idea of HD extending from foundie, powder, and blush to lipstick is an exciting concept to me. May HD gloss or nail polish na ba? Kung wala pa, methinks that's coming up next! :)

  15. Hiiii your lipstick in the last photo is pretty (and so is your big smile--hope to see more photos of you like this!) :)

  16. Such a glorious garden of lippies! Hihihi super love the Gladiolus Red Lippies are growing on me I just might give it a try. ^_^

  17. They're soooo pigmented. It's probably one of the best go-to lipsticks for parties! ;)

  18. HD Magnolia looks great on you! I'm not a fan of nudes, but that one is really pretty.

  19. I love Iris on you! and on me too, if I ever get one these lippies. :)

  20. Magnolia really suits you. I love how you don't ever force yourself to fit the "Maria Clara" ideal - I mean, fair skin is pretty, but people tend to forget that morena is pretty, too! Big fan of your blog :) PS: I don't know if you've tried MAC Twig, I think it will look phenomenal on you.

  21. I am in love with the shade Magnolia <3 You really have the best lip swatches!

  22. I have this one in Hydrangea since red is my default choice of lippie. And I'm so not disappointed! It's so moisturizing and pigmented. It's affordable pa. What I don't like lang is the appearance. Para siyang crayola? :) And I really need to use a lip brush para malagyan yung sides ng lips ko. Other than that, I super love it! Super pretty din nung Iris, will buy that next. :D

  23. Karla: Thank you and welcome to my blog! :)

    Abegaill: What do you mean? The look of the product or the overall packaging? Another con is the lipsticks have jagged sides because there's no wax to smooth out the pigments. It's good, nonetheless. :)

    SM: Agree! :)

    Samantha: Thanks, dear. :) Oh yes, Morena is really pretty! I used to own Twig and it is really a pretty shade. :)

    Bea08 and Jaja: Let me know how you like it! :)

    Matromao: I wonder what HD polish will look like. :D

    Anne_22, Pbhie, and Stephie: Thank you, girls. :)

    Vin: Agree! :)

    Valerie: Yes, it does look a bit shorter than regular lipsticks, but maybe for good reasons like the wax- free formula can only hold up up to a certain height/diameter? It's possible!

    Aviva: True. And this makes the future of cosmetics even more exciting! :)

    Stacie: Maybe you'll like this product because it's very hydrating. Let me know how it works on you once you try it. :)

    Rhain: Thank you for sharing. Happy weekend. :D

  24. Googled revlon lipstick for morenas and found a few of your photos. I dont wear make up, even lipstick, even if i'd like to put a little to glam up a bit... but today, i wore lipstick for the first time at work. Mustered the courage to try at the Revlon counter and found one that i like and i am pretty happy about me putting eddort to glam up. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to tell me this; I really appreciate. Readers like you inspire me as well! Have a great time and enjoy your lippie and newfound glam. :)


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