Skill-Enriching Activities To Do This Summer

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” - Anonymous

When I was young, instead of going to beaches, Disneyland, or letting me simply rest during summer vacations, my mother would enroll me in summer workshops instead-it was mandatory, but at least she made me choose the workshops that I wanted to participate in. Let’s see: I enrolled in a swimming class, piano class, voice class, theatre workshop, badminton class, plus a bunch of small workshops that I could not remember any longer. I was young that time to think any better and so I thought that my mother was just torturing me by giving me additional workload. Later on, I realized why my mother did that and it is because she wanted to stimulate my creative faculties-the school was for stock knowledge and the workshops were for my passions and other equally useful skills. Thanks, Mom!

I won’t take away your wanderlust, sea-sand-sun dreams for summer-after all, this summer is yours to spend and what the heck, school has just finished, but maybe you can consider trying out something new, something that will cultivate your other passions and life skills? Cool. Therefore, I propose the following skill- enriching activities that you can try this summer. Click READ MORE for my suggestions!

Challenge Your Body By Joining Workout Programs
Reasons To Do: Improve overall health and discipline; learn how to push yourself to the limit

The gym is the place where I learn everyday that my body can be so much more. If you want to improve your body, get healthier, and discover that yes, you can do push- ups, enroll in a gym or a workout program. If you’re into tough stuff, try Hypertrophy/Strength Training. If you are into big groups and socialization, go for dance programs or HIIT classes. If you’re looking at developing a skill, look into specialized programs such as Kettlebell Training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or Boxing.

Improve Your Communication Skills By Enrolling In A Theatre Workshop
Reasons To Do: Improve confidence, communication skills, and social skills; Improve on public speaking, diction, pronunciation, voice projection, and intonation

In the summer of 1997, I enrolled in a theatre workshop and that started my long, love affair with theatre. (I finished BA-Theatre Arts in UP Diliman, btw).

Theatre actors are some of the most passionate, charismatic, and confident people I know and you can learn a thing or two from them by enrolling in Theatre workshops. They will also teach you how to project your voice, vary emotions when speaking, and anything related to communicating. It’s going to be pretty useful to you if you’re in a field that requires you to teach, speak, or sell!

Become A Kitchen Goddess by Enrolling In A Cooking Class
Reasons To Do: Practice thoroughness; be able to save up on food in the long run

Oh, this is one of the things that I’m planning to do very soon! Aside from being a makeup lover, I’m a lover of food as well!

Learning how to cook food (and may I add, real, good food) is not only a valuable skill, but an economical skill as well. Because if you know how to cook good food more so restaurant- style food, imagine the money you’ll be able to save from spending on fancy restaurants, gas, parking space, unnecessary shopping, to tips! Eating healthy won’t be a burden for you, too because you can make healthy and nutritious meals easily.

Prepare For Real Life By Applying For An Internship At INKOMPASS
Reasons To Do: Discover Your Passions; Mold yourself to be a competent professional

This goes out to all my collegiate readers out there. College is meant to prepare you for “real life”, but have you ever asked yourself: How can I prepare better for “real life?”

There is INKOMPASS for that.

INKOMPASS is a summer internship program by Philip Morris International. It was launched initially in Indonesia and is now on its successful second year. This one-of-a-kind internship program aims to mold students to become competent professionals for the future.

At INKOMPASS, you will get a glimpse of the corporate world, discover your passions, your fit, meet fellow INKOMPASS interns, widen your social circle, have the opportunity to travel, and work with and be mentored by some of the best professionals of Philip Morris International. Whether you’re a freshman who’s bold, daring and ready to take on bigger challenges, a sophomore who’s not sure which career to choose yet, but is interested in a corporate immersion, or a Junior/Senior who’s currently preparing for an internship, INKOMPASS will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare you for life after school! Moreover, INKOMPASS is a paid internship---P26,000.00 and a personalized program that will help interns acquire new skills.

INKOMPASS will launch in the Philippines this year. Oh, how I wish this opportunity was available to me when I was still a student-I would have applied for it!

Go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity-be ahead in your game and apply for the internship. If you want to know more about the internship program and to find out the final details of the launch, just visit INKOMPASS’ OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Let’s all never stop learning! ;)

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Philip Morris International and The Beauty Junkee

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow it's geat that there are now paid internship opportunities. Wish we had that at my time

  2. You are so lucky if your parents enrolled you in a summer class or workshops. It does not mean they want to deprive you of all the cool stuff associated with summer but they want you to have a more fruitful summer. They want you to continue learning, discover your hidden skills and hone your talents. Oh, i envy you for that. When my child grows up, i'm gonna make sure she will have a summer packed with fun and learning.

  3. You are so lucky that your Mom enrolled you to different workshop.

  4. I agree, summer workshops boost your confidence and social skill because you get to meet new people outside your social circle. I always encourage my little sister to attend workshops to help her boost her social skills since she's a bit shy.. :)

    Plus you still get to be productive during your vacation days! :)

  5. These are nice workshops! I'm really interested with the INKompass. Sayang lang di na rin ako pwede dun. :/ I would love to do the fitness workshop too, magiging sexy and fit ka pa. Hmm, medyo shy ako to do theater arts. Haha. But cooking workshops are on my list talaga. If I just have the equipment and tools, sa bahay pa lang nagaral na ko. I've heard medyo mahal ang cooking workshops.

  6. I wish I had this as an option back when I was in college! The school I went to had some good ones, but it never hurts to have more choices, right? (Lol. At least this one is a paid internship. Sa amin, yung internships abroad lang ang paid.) If it ups the competitiveness of internship programs and presents students with more viable options, then very good. We need that here.

    But in retrospect, I'm happy with the internships I got naman. I can say that they helpfully contributed to what I do now, so swerte na rin. :)

  7. I joined theater when I was in High School. Sad to say, I wasn't able to pursue my passion by the time I was in college and afterwards. Good thing came out of it tho. It became my constant reminder when it comes to my daughter's aspirations - I am 101% supportive to her interests. She is currently inclined in music; plays guitar and sings perfectly. Gifts that she should enhance and continuously share to inspire other people.

    It's great to know there are options for my daughter's education like INKOMPASS but again, it'll all be up to her. I'm just here to cheer and support.

  8. I remember the swimming lessons, art summer workshops and the piano lessons that my mom enrolled us to. Those were the days~

  9. As soon as I'm done enrolling my kids, I'll be enrolling in a boxing gym near my office. I've never really lose the weight i gained after my pregnancy and then I was in an accident last year and was not able to walk properly for 3 months so and its affecting me still but that's no reason to let myself go. Boxing is a great sport and with it, i can learn to defend myself while losing those unwanted fat so win hehe :)

  10. siguro if my parents could afford i-eenroll din nila ako sa piano lessons! haha hirap talaga akong bumasa ng nota eh =(

    im planning some things for my daughter (in future) gusto ko magawa nya yung mga bagay na di ko nagawa nun like: 1. taekwando 2. playing drums 3. swimming lessons
    at nabasa ko sa "life hack" dapat kahit pano kahit umeedad tayo meron pa rin tayong mga bagay na matututunan, im planning to enroll in a "lettering class" minsan naiisip ko wala ata akong ka-talent talent, mali pala ako, kahit pano i excell in makeup application (thanks to my cosmetology teacher and to your blog too ms m, marami akong natutunan from skincare to makeups) that is why i love your blog (haha im a fan since 2009!)


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