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So Mr. Jones is finally no more in Greenbelt 5 and that made me really sad. I love their Mr. Jones Angus Tapa and Truffle and Beef Fries so much! :(((

One time, I passed the area where Mr. Jones used to stand and found out that this restaurant called Torch is now occupying that area. I experienced Torch years back in their first- ever branch in Greenhills and I recall that their food is good. Whew, at least Mr. Jones was replaced with something promising!

How do I say this? Forgive my limited vocabulary-I believe Torch is a fusion restaurant that focuses primarily on Asian, American, and Italian cuisines. 

PRICE RANGE: Appetizer starts at P180.00; Salad starts at P250.00; Main Course starts P250.00; Desserts start P180.00

Torch, to me, is the ultimate pig- out and comfort food zone because it has everything that I need to live a happy life :D : pizza, pasta, ramen, salad, soup, sushi, burger, steak, and pancakes.

Click READ MORE and check out my personal faves from Torch!

Torch Signature Roll

- As the name implies, this sushi contains only the premium ingredients: soft shell crab, ebi tempura, unagi, tamago, Japanese cucumber, and drizzled with fresh Wakame seaweed, Kani, and ripe mangoes. This is delicious but VERY filling so be sure to share it with friends, unless you're in Torch for Sushi and Sushi alone. ;)

Peanut Butter And Jelly Wings

- Oh, this is delightful! It's prolly the best wings I've had in a while. Think of this: It's sweet, salty chicken wings with a nutty, buttery flavor. Sounds weird, but it's GOOOODDD. :D

Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

- One of the two pizzas we've ordered just because the BF was craving for sandwich and pizza, and this dish satisfied that craving of his. It's thin crust pizza with a creamy, savory taste. I think I prefer this better now than the sandwich version!

Gambas Pizza

- This one, we ordered because someone was craving for Shrimp-it was also the first time we've heard of Gambas on Pizza so we thought, why not? This cheesy, seafood treat is best for those who are looking for a low- calorie pizza dish. However, I just found it too spicy and it wasn't too special.

The pizzas in general are HUGE and normally have 8 slices. You can even have the slices sliced to even smaller portions.

Bacon And Egg Carbonara

- And just like that darn, tasty Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings, this, too, is prolly the best Carbonara I've had in a while. It's super rich, super generous with everything, and I like that the dish's size is just right-anything more than this portion would induce umay. :p

Bread Pudding

- Time for dessert! The BF opted for a simple dessert in the form of Bread Pudding. Torch's version is good for one, chilled, and a tad bit sweet, but bearable. Never knew that Bread Pudding can taste good chilled!

Torch should be your go- to place when you're just in the mood to pig- out or have some good conversations over good food with friends. I'm coming back! ;)


1. Bacon And Egg Carbonara
2. Peanut Butter And Jelly Wings
3. Philly Cheesesteak Pizza

Torch is located in the following areas: Greenbelt 5; Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan (477-3771); UP Town Center (287-8675); 2nd Level Garden Restaurants, Trinoma, Quezon City.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The peanut butter jelly wings look interesting. I wan to try this for sure :)

  2. That Philly Cheesesteak Pizza's wicked! It's one of the ultimate "ultimate" food to eat whenever you feel you haven't eaten anything good for like a week.. hahaha... Happy Sunday po! (^...^)

  3. Different varieties! Picture pa lang nakakagutom na! Good thing i can afford the food. Yey!!!!!

  4. The philly cheesesteak pizza is calling me! The other dishes looks yummy too but since i'm allergic to a lot of foods, i'll just imagine what they taste like. huhuhu!

  5. I can't imagine the taste of peanut butter with chicken. :/ Sorry not a fan of peanut butter. But the sushi looked so good, I can imagine the taste of it. Haha. The pizzas look wiggly but yummy. I'm not a fan of Carbonara too but that one with bacon surely made me want to try it. :) Hope I can visit their UP Town Center branch

  6. Torch food's really good! Their sushi is good and filling, now i wanna go back and try their carbonara and philly cheesesteak pizza!

  7. Food looks great! Looking forward to try your recommedations =)

  8. PB and J Wings? Wha..?? But that doesn't turn me off at all. If I sat down and saw the Torch menu, that's the first thing that I would be instantly interested in. I think it would totally work. Considering a lot of dishes have candied fruits and such, I don't see how peanut butter (the kare-kare or satay star ingredient) and jelly is such an unthinkable concept.

  9. you should have tried their Volcano Roll is was sooo yummy! As in! And their fried pasta I got so addicted I finished two glasses and I wanted to ask kung pwede bang mag take out pero nahiya ako hahaha >.<

  10. you should have tried their Volcano Roll is was sooo yummy! As in! And their fried pasta I got so addicted I finished two glasses and I wanted to ask kung pwede bang mag take out pero nahiya ako hahaha >.<

  11. Oh my. It's 1:00 am and I'm craving because of this Torch post! I now imagine that I'm there, ordering Philly Cheesesteak Pizza for my husband and Bacon and Egg Carbonara for me. (I normally opt for pasta.) Then, leaving the table with empty plates and full stomach. The next visit would be real. If I feel a bit of adventure, I'll add Peanut Butter and Jelly Wings on our list. Yummy!!!

  12. Hmmmmm. Craving for Philly Cheesesteak pizza now.

  13. Another food post! Yay! I like that you find time to let us peek into your personal life a bit more. Other than the usual make up and skin care posts---don't get me wrong, i thoroughly enjoy them! Haha.
    It's just entertaining and informative at the same time. Specially sharing with us things that you do enjoy with your loved one. (Kilig!)
    My bf and I love going on food trips as well. Never mind the hassle of searching every street and corner of the metro. We've been eyeing this resto for the longest time now. Hopefully, this will give me that push to just walk through their door and finally taste their food.
    Will definitely try out some of those dishes. Those wings looks really interesting.

  14. The peanut butter jelly wings looks weird and its not something you'll think of doing/combining. That's interesting. I'll like to try that out someday. Good thing Torch is near the office I might swing by one of these days to try it out. I like that their menu is diverse that they have everything you might be craving for


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