Tony Moly Red Apple And Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream Review

Here's a review on Tony Moly Red Apple And Peach Hand Cream.

Price: P378.00/each
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Tony Moly stores and counters in leading malls


Every single day, our hands take a good amount of beating: We wash, lift, push, pull, carry, rub, squeeze, grip, slap, touch, feel, caress with them every day. Your hands serve you really well everyday, therefore they deserve all the love you can give them. Why don't you treat them every night to a rich serving of hand cream to help them recover and prepare for another day of work and play?

To all the hardworking hands out there, here are two hardworking creams to pamper, hydrate, and rejuvenate hands every night called Tony Moly Red Apple Hand Cream and Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream. Not only do they smell and feel good, they look mighty cute as well!


Red Apple promises to take care of your hands by moisturizing your skin and cuticles, and removing dead skin cells with its choux cream (choux is a light, fluffy filling used in eclairs and cream puffs. Korean brands love using this word to describe most of their body care products) texture while Peach Anti-Aging Hand Cream does the same things, but has anti- aging and even whitening properties as add- ons.

The thing is, the ingredients labels on these products are in Korean and I could not understand a thing. I searched for their ingredients online and found out that Red Apple contains Honey and Butter and Peach Anti-Aging contains Peach and Apricot extracts, which I find too vague. :p Initially, I thought that these are facial masks and good thing I decided to research about 'em first before using-I could have suffered a breakout otherwise! I think Tony Moly Philippines should translate the labels of their products for us for safety purposes.

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Right: Red Apple; Left: Peach

The packaging of these products are prolly the cutest hand cream packaging I've seen, but they're just that-they're not functional and handy. They look great on dressers and bathroom sinks though!

Red Apple smells like Apple and Peach smells like Peach, literally. Between the two, Red Apple has the mildest scent, therefore it is my favorite. And since both products have fragrance, please do not use them on broken skin or seek dermatologist advice prior usage if you have skin allergies/conditions. 

Both hand creams are uniformly rich, smooth, and concentrated-you only need a small amount to moisturize and soften your hands thoroughly, therefore I believe these are great for cold climates and on really dry or callused hands. I've been using them for about a week now, particularly as a hand treatment during night time and after a weightlifting workout to prevent weights- induced calluses that might develop on my palms-they've been keeping my hands really soft and callus- free so far. As for the anti-aging and whitening effects of Peach hand cream, I can't vouch for anything because I did not notice anything different with my hands yet, but with the kind of moisture that I get from this product as well as Red Apple hand cream, I think it would be enough to delay aging on my hands for a few more years (that is if I use them consistently!).

Tony Moly's Peach and Red Apple hand creams are great and affordable products to pamper your hands and keep them looking and feeling beautiful day after day. Best for those with really rough hands, dry skin, and methinks hand- savvy peeps will love these luxurious hand creams!


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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I really love the packaging. Yes, it's so nice to put on dressers and bathroom sinks but i think if your office table can accomodate an apple or a peach on top of it, it will give a de-stressing sight to your table. And your hands can be pampered even you are work.

  2. Korean beauty products have always the most kawaii packaging but worse in translations (instructions, ingredients and so on)

  3. Well moisturizing nga ito kung may honey as it is a very effective and good humectant. It attracts moisture para mas maganda ang texture ng skin. I would not be buying this pero if may magbibogay well why not haha. I love the packaging though. Pwede irecycle at gawin jewelry holder. pero sometimes i feel na s packaging din nabubuhos ang price ng product. Pag magamda packaging it tends to be even more expensive.

  4. Very cute packaging indeed. Especially the Red Apple one, it's so shiny. haha. I don't think I'll use this often. I hate the icky feeling when it's very hot outside.

  5. The packaging is so cute. The peach variant smells good but I refrain from using hand creams because I often have sweaty palms :(

  6. Bet na bet ko ito. Aside sa kailangan n sya ng mga kamay ko, napaka cute ng packaging at affordable. Saka I love Tony Moly's products kaya ill definitely purchase.

  7. Packaging is so cute. The peach variant smells good but I refrain from hand creams since I often have sweaty palms:(

  8. I don't usually pay much attention to my hands. Haha! But the packaging is irresistibly adorable! I would love to have the peach one on our bathroom sink. Maybe it's time to pay Tony Moly a visit.

  9. Normally, I'd be reluctant to shell out 300+ pesos on hand cream. Don't ask me why, parang it feels extravagant. But in this case, the whole package looks top quality, so the price makes a bit more sense.

    Now the important question... Which one should I get first? I like peach and apple both equally! :p

  10. They are so cute! Sakto i'm looking for a new hand cream. affordable din sila. Maganda idisplay sa office hehe :)

  11. I have both! I also have the green apple as well. They're just too cute for my eyes. And I love cute things. But among the three, I like the peach one the most because of the scent. I love fragrant hand creams. :) I always use hand creams talaga, like at least 5 times a day, so I really hoarded these when they were on sale. :) When I finished the cream na, I display the apple and peach on the top of my drawer. So cute. :)

  12. I love apples, especially in body care products! So I'll definitely get the apple variant.
    The packaging, as much as i love cute packaging, i don't need another bulky container in my already full dresser.
    As for the price, bit hesitant too since i find it quite pricey just for a hand cream. i think we need to see it for ourselves, sana they havr another sale para gow to! Hehe

  13. Hand creams are usually on my bottom lists! But not anymore. I'm using mark's and spencer hand and nail creams, lovin the results. That's why I'm really fascinated with different hand creams lately plus cute packaging like this one. I will also choose the milder scent.

  14. Huh! So these are hand creams! I've always thought of them as facial creams, too. Haha


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