BEAUTY BULLETIN: Natural Discoveries from Aloe Derma and Nature Essentials

Today, I’ll share with you two all- natural skin care brands I’ve found out about lately: Nature Essentials and Aloe Derma.

Nature Essentials is a local online all- natural skin care brand and they proudly say that they are the distributors of the first pure Maracuja Oil in the Philippines. Maracuja Oil is extracted from the Passionflower plant and is used to primarily treat dry skin, reduce inflammation, and remedy itching, and is said to have potential antioxidant, anti-asthma, and anti-insomnia properties, although this oil is still not well- researched.

Nature Essentials, although humble, has its own sizeable following. Loyal users love their Maracuja Oil, of course, as well as the following products: Skin Health Food Pure Rosewater Mist (Rosewater Hydrosol! Yay!), Maracuja Body Butter for those who need extra moisturization on top of the oil, HD Firming Foundation with Anti-Aging ingredients and SPF, and natural perfumes (P250.00) inspired by some of the best designer fragrances like Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey, which I have here.

If you're interested to know what Maracuja Oil can do for you, you can order it from NATURE ESSENTIALS on Facebook.

Click READ MORE and discover Aloe Derma!

Owned by AGHG (American Global Health Group, L.L.C,), Aloe Derma is a 99.7% certified organic skin care line made with-yup, you’ve guessed it: Aloe Vera. They farm their Aloe Vera plants in ECOCERT- approved plantations and process them using exclusive techniques and under rigorous standards in their very own Skin And Research Center to guarantee that their extracts retain the 230 organic nutrients found in the plant. To date, Aloe Derma offers skin care, body care, and health supplements that provide beautifying and healing benefits to all skin types, all races, and all ages.

Aloe Derma is being distributed in the Philippines by Organic Basket. They sent me their best- sellers namely Aloe Vera Gel (P280.00 for 45g and P480.00 for 100g) and Super Hydration Booster (P215.00 for 110ml). The antibacterial gel is a multi-purpose hydrating salve that can act as a soothing gel after sun exposure, moisturizer, shine treatment for the hair, for insect bites, and even as a balm for minor wounds and burns or to remedy skin ulcers, psoriasis, scalds, and rashes.

Super Hydration Booster is a splash- on skin hydrator that, interestingly, claims to act as a moisturizer that is perfect for warm climates. Aloe Derma said that every time you use this hydrator, your skin gets a mega dose of 200 kinds of vitamins, minerals and Amino Acids. Sounds pretty amazing and promising!

Visit ALOE DERMA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

That's all! Thailand awaits me. Toodles! :D

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is great news! I just switched to natural and organic makeup. I would love to try Aloe Vera on my skin especially my hair.

  2. Hahahah thank you for posting even though thailand awaits! Ill be looking forward to your review of the aloe vera gel. as usual ill just use it on my hair. Aloe vera and honey are good humectants. Kaya lang pag super moisturized ang hair my curls tend to loosen up. thats why im still on a quest to find the perfect hold cream/gel for my hair.

    Oh btw i remember when i was a kid pumuputol lang ang mom ko ng aloe vera leaf tapos inaaply sa hair!

  3. Btw i read reviews of the aloe vera gel. It looks promising. I like na konti lang ingredients. Do let us know your thoughts miss m especially how it fares on the hair.

  4. i got Aloe Derma (aloe gel) unepected when i fill up a survey i think last year month of november or december! i like that it has many uses (yes i got another multitaking product ms m)

  5. The products seem interesting, especially the ingredients incorporated in their products. I'm proud that this is a local brand. And I hope it would blossom. Will wait for your reviews about the products. :) I hope they work really well.

  6. Keemji and Rhain: The Aloe Vera Gel is the bomb! I used it on my cracking lips with matching cold sore and it healed after just one week. :)

    Abegaill: Aloe Cure is not local though, but Nature Essentials is. :)

    Eloise: Ah, my lola used to call is Sabilla also haha. But pure Aloe Vera gel smells really bad! :p Anyway, I don't think the gel can give you hold on the hair because it's technically Aloe Vera with water and some mild preservatives. :) I'll try it on the hair. :)


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