My Watsons Switch And Save Favorites + Guess Who's My Celebrity Assistant For The Day

To help with the household expenses, I offered to shoulder the expenses for pet food and bath toiletries such as toilet and tissue paper, hand wash, cotton balls/pads, Q-tips, wet wipes, mouthwash, toothpaste, and bath toiletries for the rest of the family and house guests (for the record, I don't receive these for free!)--funny how these accord with my status as a Beauty Blogger and my interest, which is beauty! :D

So they said that when you're finally shouldering the expenses either of yourself or your family, you will finally understand why your momma used to tell you "Next time, dear" when you were forcing her to buy you a new toy on a whim: all of a sudden, every single centavo begins to matter and every financial move should be carefully thought of, but at least at the end of the day, we get wiser.

So where do the wise people shop for bath toiletries? Watsons! Whenever I need to replenish the household's bath essentials, I go here because of their Buy 1 Take 1 deals and 1 liter body wash, shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions that can wash my whole family! :D

I went to my nearby Watsons store at SM Aura two weeks ago for the Switch And Save event and at the same time, to shop for my favorite Watsons products. Little did I know that I was in for a surprise as one of Watsons' celebrity endorsers dropped by in the event to assist me and the rest of the customers for that day! Click READ MORE to find out who this celebrity is and I'll reveal to you my favorite products from the Watsons Switch And Save roster.

The Watsons endorser who dropped by that day was the quirky, sunny Tessa Prieto-Valdes. She gladly assisted everyone and even recommended her favorite products to the customers namely Watsons Body Serum Whitening, Watsons Body Lotion Whitening Mulberry, Watsons Cream Hand Soap Strawberry and Yoghurt, Watsons Scented Cream Body Wash With Goat's Milk, and Watsons Milk And Salt Scrub Whitening.

Presenting my favorite bath products from the Watsons line! I always purchase Watsons' Round Puffs because they have good quality and are on a Buy 1 Take 1 promo most of the time, Buy 1 Take 1 Mouthwash, Buy 1 Take 1 Hand Soap, which is my all- time most favorite Switch And Save deal, set of three travel wet wipes, and set of three boxes of facial tissue.

I also prefer shopping at Watsons because I only shop for toiletries most of the time and this store makes everything easier for me: all the toiletries that I have to buy are within reach and I'm also entertained while shopping because they have makeup! :)

So here's my haul for that day. I think I only spent P1,000.00+ for everything and these will last me a good 4- 5 months so that's like P300.00+/month only! With other brands, I could've have spent 20- 30% more than what I paid for for these!

When you need to shop for basic toiletries, Watsons Switch And Save products should be at the top of your head because by far, they have the best deals, not to mention they have competitive quality, too!

Visit WATSONS PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the Switch And Save products and campaign.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow.. a lot of savings ms m! i should switch to watsons too! i love their round cotton there!

  2. Wooow. Ms. Tessa used to be known with her quirky and bizarre outfits. :) National book store used to be my haven whenever I go to a mall, but now it was replaced by Watsons and HBC. Lol. Like you, I find it easier to shop my hygiene essentials at WAtson s cause helloooo, they almost have basically everything! HAHAHA. Not only that, sometimes they do have some buy 1, take 1 sale on shampoos and hair spas so it's just wow. :)

  3. Thats a quite a lot for 1000 pesos and good for a long time!! Sayang lang i dont usually "natatymingan" yung mga sale ng watsons :(

  4. True buy 1 take 1 most of the time!! Wise shop at watsons always:) i switch to watsons products also on my household/bathroom essentiawhen SM opened here in our province:) love the aqua vera handwash on watson:)

  5. Haha ang subdued naman ni tessa prieto diyan! I love watsons!kahit wala ko bibilhin i love dropping by the makeup secrion. I jist wish they carry more hair products catered to naturally curly people or relaxed tresses. Puro pang straight hair kasi ang target

  6. I buy tissues from Watsons most often. Mapa-facial tissue, wet, or travel. :)) I have the body wash that I received as a gift last Christmas, though I still haven't started using it yet. The lotions are good in both scent and function.

  7. oh their round puffs are on buy 1 take 1, I hope the square are also on promo because they are the best!

  8. I went to Watson's last week and got a 1 L of Brightening Creamy Body Wash. It's on a Buy 1 Take 1 promo for only P229! What a steal! My boyfriend asked for the other bottle, which I gladly gave him. Hehe. Love it! Oh, and their products all smell great! :)

  9. I buy my daughter's baby wash and baby wipes at Watsons. They usually have buy one take one promo so that means bigger savings for me! By the way, i agree with you. You'll never know the true value of money unless you are the one who works hard to earn it.

  10. I super love round puffs too! Lagi akong naghohoard. And I really love shopping in Watsons because there are lots of buy 1 take 1 stuff. :) And dun na rin ako bumibili ng cosmetics. Pati sweets. :D Sana yung next celebrity switch sa SM Megamall. :)

  11. i loooove going to watsons. i agree that it's very entertaining. so much stuff!

    when i started working way back to when i was in college, i started to understand how hard it is to earn money and how important it is to prioritize. now that i'm living on my own, i enjoy grocery shopping the most. lol.

  12. Also a Watson's "suki" here! Just last week I took advantage of the Buy1Take1 on hair spa products (PHP229) like I always do since high school. Those were my faves. And oh, some soaps and hand sanitizer too =) Sana ako din ma-experience ko'ng ma-assist ni Miss Tessa. LOL

  13. I also take advantage of the buy 1 take 1 and other discounts in watson's kasi makakatipid ka talaga and matagal mo magagamit ang products nila. :)

  14. Janine: They have a sale almost every month. Just drop by and look around to spot cool deals. :)

    Dessa: Yes! :D

    Mommy: I hope Watsons will hold a consumer event with Tessa soon!

    BrownOso: I enjoy that too! :D

    Abegaill, Rhain, and Arya: Watsons round puffs have really good quality, IMO. In fact, it's even better than most cotton brands. :p

    Jhake: Oh, I wish I can chance upon J&J stuff like you! I love Johnson and Johnson!

    Ma Patricia: Hehe. My BF does the same too. Whenever I'll shop at Watsons, he'll ask me to buy the b1t1 body wash because he'll get the other one haha!

    Matromao: Yup! We have the lotions in the first floor bathroom for moisturizing after washing hands. :D

    Miz Eloise: Yes! Pero love that she still had that fancy headband. She's not Tessa without that!

    Mickey: Awesome! Their hair spas are good, I agree. :)


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