Scünci No Slip Grip Hair Accessories Review

Here's a review on Scünci No Slip Grip Hair Accessories.

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I've never been so picky with hair accessories because I only use a hair tie 99% of the time anyway. In fact, I can count with my two hands the times I wore a head band and other hair accessories because I'm low maintenance with my hair, just like that-I can actually live on "Sanrio" or those colored rubber bands as hair ties!

When I encountered these fancy hair accessories called Scünci, I realized everything that was wrong with my current hair accessories: 1.) They smell bad. 2.) They aren't the sturdiest 3.) They don't do what they're supposed to do properly. 4.) They ain't chic! 

Scünci made me realize as well that better hair accessories means better experience!


Scünci, according to my little research, is a hair accessories brand under Conair Company, one of the pioneer hair accessories and tools brands globally. The goal of Scünci is to provide fashionable yet functional hair accessories that let you style your hair quickly, easily, effortlessly, and comfortably. The brand has a wide range of products including hair pins, clamps, ties, elastics, scrunchies, head bands, head wraps, and even hair extensions.

I have here Scünci's No Slip Grip Collection that includes the following products: Hair Elastics, Clamps, and Head Bands. Click READ MORE and I'll muse about this hair accessories collection that's heaven sent to girls with pin straight, slippery hair!


No Slip Grip Hair Elastics, 28-Pc. Set

These hair elastics are made from high quality silicone rubber and come in bright and essential colors. It has a jelly- like look and feel, and is absolutely flexible and sturdy-it won't snap on you even if you use it all the time. I also love, love, love that it doesn't have a rubbery smell and it needs no drying time, thus it's the perfect hair elastic to use when swimming! 

However, it's not suitable for curly hair because of its gripping action, and this hair may get caught up in the product.

No Slip Grip Head Band, 8-Pc. Set

These thin head bands have a comfortable, universal fit and feature a rubbery lining to prevent them from slipping off of the head. I use it when working out or when I'm about to cleanse my face before bed time because it's so light and makes me feel that I'm not wearing anything around my head. It fits oh-so-snuggly and doesn't give me a headache, plus it doesn't move around. Its stylish look makes it not only functional, but fashionable as well.

No Slip Grip Hair Clamps, 3-Pc. Set

This essential hair accessory for long hair is made even better. I keep a couple of hair clamps for times when I have to put my hair up quickly and when I want to lessen the damage caused by hair elastics and ties. The wonderful thing about the No Slip Grip Hair Clamp is it comes with a silicone stopper attached inside the clamp to give it a firm yet gentle grip. 

I think almost everyone can enjoy this collection perfectly, except for curly- haired girls who can only enjoy some from this collection. Overall, the No Slip Grip Collection is innovative and well-thought-of, and it is absolutely perfect for girls with thin, shiny, slippery hair like mine. If you have this hair type and you're having trouble looking for hair accessories that stay, you should try this! 


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Like you Miss Martha, I only use sanrios to tie my hair up. Sometimes, I'll purchase scrunchies but they aren't more than Php 20! lol. Now I am really curious how much these would cost. =)

  2. This is perfect for my little girl with slippery hair.. thanks for this ms. Martha ;)

  3. Interesting hair grips. I just hope it won't cost more than 500. If it will, I'll just use my current headband. Haha. That clip looks cute too. It's my first time to see the brand ah. I'm more familiar with goody

  4. Ahhh ok nako. Haha my hair so brittle definitely magbebreak pag ginamit ko yan. Im pretty sure thats pricey mas mura lang ng konti compared to goody. Question:doesnt it hurt pag hinila mo

  5. Miz Eloise: Sakin, no naman. :)

    Janine: Welcome. :)

    Abegaill and Mommy Charm: I think it's the same price as Goody. :)

  6. Hello, available kaya yung jelly elastics kahit sa Beauty Bar sa Trinoma? Thanks!


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