Shiseido Beauty Penthouse: Pampering At Its Finest + Virtual Tour

Shiseido's mother boutique in Tokyo, Japan is not simply a place that sells beauty products-it's a beauty institution that sells the Shiseido lifestyle, a lifestyle of grace, luxury, art, and dedication. I've been there once and it was an experience to remember. I wasn't allowed to take photos of the boutique though, but to give you an idea of what it looks like, it's 6 floors of pure makeup, skin care, skin services, and personal grooming and styling-you will be primped from head to foot using Shiseido's signature techniques and products. In short, Shiseido's Tokyo boutique offers a holistic beauty experience! More about my experience HERE.

That same luxurious experience was brought to the Philippines through Shiseido Beauty Penthouse.

Located at the Penthouse Suite, 59th floor of The St. Francis at Shangrila Place, Shiseido Beauty Penthouse brings to Manila the premium Tokyo boutique experience to the brand's VIP customers. In here, Shiseido's loyal fans can indulge in various opulent, pampering services and shop for their favorite makeups and skin care products from the brand, too.

Customers can also have a taste of what makes Shiseido Parlour (a Shiseido- owned restaurant) world class through exquisite treats inspired by the parlour's signature dessert creations.
Chocolate Sushi. Now this is just the beginning. :D

Click READ MORE and I'll take you around the Penthouse. ;)

The three- floor Penthouse is filled with Shiseido products! Shiseido will also be selling their products in here, too.

For the services, VIPs will be treated to a complete beauty package that includes a hand massage, facial, makeover, hair styling, and even a photo shoot to boot-this is how it is in the Shiseido boutique in Japan and you can get to experience it right here in Manila for a limited time only. :)

Let's check out the pampering stations one by one:

The hand massage is a 3- minute massage that will be held in a holding area. Afterwards, customers will be led to the facial room for Shiseido's signature facial.

For your facial trial, you can choose the Shiseido skin care products that you want to try. Skin care lines available are Benefiance, White Lucent, Future Solutions, and Ibuki.

 After the facial, it's now time for the makeover. This is the makeover room.

Of course you will be using Shiseido's famed makeup products in the makeover. Customers will also be one of the first to try Maquillage, another makeup brand under Shiseido that has recently arrived in the Philippines.

After the makeover, head to the hair styling room and have your locks primped. I chanced upon pretty Nikki of Askmewhats who's halfway done with her Shiseido pampering experience. :)

Now here's the final station: Photo shoot. Have your mugshot taken with a team of PROs. If ever you get to visit the Beauty Penthouse, please do not skip this station because the result is AMAZING and the photo, truly frame- worthy. I saw the mugshot of Nikki and the others, and now I'm regretting my decision of not having my photo taken during my visit! *le sob

Anyway, thanks Shiseido Philippines for giving me the opportunity to experience Shiseido Beauty Penthouse. :)

Shiseido Beauty Penthouse is located at Penthouse Suite, 59th fl., The St. Francis Shangrila Place, Mandaluyong City (right beside Shangrila Mall) and open to all Shiseido VIP Customers. The Penthouse will be open to the public until Saturday, May 23, 2015 only. Please visit SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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  1. Yeah.. Definitely like that of Japan's. (^....^)

  2. Ang ganda ng place! And ang cute ng dessert. :) I wish I could try the pampering services too. Mukhang relaxing talaga.

  3. Ang sosyal ng place pang-Reyna haha,ang sasarap ng dessert!at higit sa lahat ang daming make-up! Nakaka excite naman pumunta dyan =)

  4. They also have an infinity pool right? =) Anyway, I'll have the White LUcent please, Haha! Only if they're not that expensive. Oh well.. you are lucky for having the chance to experience stuff like these and of course, thanks for letting us "experience" it too! (^-^)

  5. lufet! I saw one of my fave youtube gurus say tioco blogged that same place.. it looked like a haven of beauty, wellness and treats!!

  6. Janine: Yes, indeed it was! :)

    Mommy: This penthouse suite, no, but it does have its own pool. :) You're welcome.

    Abegaill: Hope they'll open it to regular customers next time! :)


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