The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection Review

Here's a review on The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Collection.

Price: Body Scrub- P1,050.00; Body Wash- P425.00; Body Butter- P995.00
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Green Tea is one of those classic scents that put you in a calm state of mind. Whoever invented the fresh, cool, and soothing fragrance of Green Tea is, for sure, a person who seriously knows how to relax!

Green Tea has always been in fragrance form-if it were part of a skin care line-up, it is most likely an extract 99% of the time. Finally, somebody thought that this scent is also PERFECT for skin care products-particularly shower products-and that somebody is The Body Shop!


This new body care collection by The Body Shop boasts of fresh, handpicked Green Tea leaves from Mt. Fuji in Japan to provide antioxidant effects to the skin. And these aren't just any type of Green Tea leaves-With the aid of experts, The Body Shop made sure that only the select shoots go into each and every product in this collection, making it a potent, detoxifying treat for the skin and senses.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Wash

This light, clarifying body wash lathers up nicely and its clear consistency won't clog pores. It also doesn't leave any creamy residue on the skin (not even a bit) so if you have dry skin, please moisturize afterwards to get rid of tautness and itchiness.

Reviewing the rest of the products from this calming range after the break!

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub

A gel- based body scrub with micro exfoliating and Green Tea beads.


This is a really light body scrub that's quite easy to use and rinse off. However, I find its texture too gentle to be a body scrub. I like my body scrubs gritty so I don't think this one is for me-it smells good though and I think its gentleness will be perfect for those with easily irritated skin and those who prefer a mild body scrub.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Butter

The brand's cult favorite, now in a new, refreshing fragrance.

Here's the perfect marriage of lightness and weight: This intensively moisturizing body butter makes skin supple and keeps it hydrated for hours, but its light, citrus-floral fragrance makes you forget that this thing's actually rich! It's the perfect body butter for summer. ;)

Fuji Green Tea Collection is something that you'll appreciate after a hectic day, an epic fail day, a tough day, or just about any day that didn't go so well-its scent just calms you down, clears your senses, and lets you get your act together and makes you say: "Know what? I'll try again tomorrow." I think this collection is a must- have for any busy, working person!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm so curious about the smell! I think I may have to visit TBS and take a whiff

  2. the body shop is very popular in thailand too :) their stuffs are great, and so is your blog !

  3. hi ms martha. I hope you can also review the eau de cologne version. I want to knowyour thoughts about it. I am currently using cherry blossom and its a staple.

  4. i get so relaxed just by reading your post...and i could have ask for more to relax since i am a mom. i want to have at least a very relaxing day and i think these are perfect for me to use. :)

  5. it was TBS sale month! sana ibalik nila yung mga limited editions nila ulit =)

  6. Body butter hoarder here. The suppleness of my knees make even beauty gurus (well, the one beauty guru I know) gasp in envy. Can't wait to try this scent!

  7. Naiisip ko pa lang yung scent, relaxing and refreshing na. :) Super interested ako sa body scrub and body butter. Bagay na bagay sa me-time sa banyo. Haha. Sana nakasale din tong line na to. :)

  8. I also love green tea inspired/ infused products. Fave ko Elizabeth Arden green tea set kaso medyo mahal na sya ngayon that I'm a mom. Do you think TBS Fuji green tea body wash can substitute for the EA green tea shower gel? TIA =)

  9. Keemji: Enjoy! :D

    Mommy Charm: Yes! In fact, the EDT of this line somehow smells like EA Green Tea. :D

    Valerie: Let me know how you like it. ;)

    Abegaill: It's new so it probably won't be on a sale anytime soon. ;)

    Faye: Hi, dear! Sorry, I don't have the EDT, but from what I remember, it smells like EA Green Tea, but a bit cooler. :)

    Chacha: Thanks and welcome to my blog. :)


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