VEET Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive And Normal Skin Review + Tutorial

Here's a review on VEET Hair Removal Cream for Sensitive And Normal Skin.

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I don't have very hairy legs, thankfully, so I don't need to do any form of maintenance on that part aside from cleaning and applying lotion to it. The hair strands on my legs are thin and sparse-I thought they were okay so I never thought of depilating them-ever. But curiosity got the best of me. One time, I wondered how my legs would feel and look like without any strand of hair so after taking a shower, I just grabbed a razor and shaved away. Afterwards, I caressed my legs and they felt super, duper, mega smooth-it was the softest my legs have ever been and I got hooked on the feeling, and the ending was leg shaving became part of my weekly routine. 

However, it got too tedious for me somewhere along the way: I realized, it made my long skin care routine even longer because hair grew faster, thus I have to shave more often. I tried DIY waxing, but I'm not really good at that stuff and it is more tedious than shaving due to the tons of things I have to prepare every time. I'm not too keen on pricey, fancy electronic depilating tools and derma/salon hair removal treatments too! 

Despite the challenges of having smooth, hair- free legs, I still want them anyway, but I wondered: could there be an easier way to achieve this?

And then I remembered, I had VEET Hair Removal Cream, this depilating cream that promises to remove hair in a flash. I think you've all heard about this product before-I did, but I just tried it recently. I decided to try it because my legs were looking a little fuzzy already and after just 10 minutes, it gave me super silky legs. It's super fast, safe, affordable, effective, and it gave me the feeling that my leg hair was removed professionally! 


This depilating cream promises to work close to the root to give you smooth, soft skin. Formula contains natural extracts to soothe skin right after depilation. It comes in three variants: Dry Skin (With Shea Butter and Lily Fragrance), Normal Skin (Lotus And Jasmine Fragrance), and Sensitive Skin (Aloe Vera and Vitamin E).


Ladies, this is how you fight fuzz the easy, inexpensive, and convenient way. Sharing with you my results, the steps, and personal tips on this product. Click READ MORE for these! ;)

The ones I have are the For Normal Skin and For Sensitive Skin variants. I chose to go with the one for Sensitive Skin because I assumed it had the gentlest formulation, therefore it was perfect for a first- timer like me. I also tested it on my upper thigh to be extra sure (it's a part that's easy to hide in case an unwanted incident took place) and so far, so good.  If you will use this product in the future, I would advise you to do the same things as well for safety reasons. Please keep the box too because it has everything you need to know to use the product safely. Follow the instructions to the letter and always remember that your safety lies in your own hands.

Both sizes come with their very own spatula, but I think the smaller tube is better off on smaller body parts such as the armpit, feet, chest, and arms just because its spatula is quite small.

This product has a rich, white- colored, cream consistency, but it has a pungent Ammonia- like odor and it reminds me of hair color, actually. Good thing the odor isn't that strong and it is not bothersome unless you smell it closely (which I won't advise you to do!). Whew!

Let's now put this product to the test!


First body part to go were my legs. I used VEET Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive Skin in this trial. The cream felt soft and cool, and I felt no burning, stinging, or itchy sensation upon application. 

The Beauty Junkee says: I distributed the cream on my legs in a swift manner while trying to cover each part evenly. Before using this product, it is better to plan how and where you will distribute it so no area will be left under treated or over treated. If you find that a little intimidating and spending 30- 40 minutes removing hair is fine by you, you can section the areas and treat them separately.

How did I distribute the product onto my legs? I used the back part of the spatula. I did not use my fingers or hands for safety purposes.

Here's a close- up of my hairy legs. :D Instructions said to leave the product on for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your progress with it.

After 5 minutes, I cleaned off one part and figured that the cream still needed more time to dissolve all my hair so I left it on for another 5 minutes-it stayed on for 10 minutes all in all. Instructions said to not leave the product on beyond 10 minutes because it might burn the skin.

The Beauty Junkee says: When using this product, please be mindful of the time or better yet, use a stopwatch/timer as guide because one small mistake can cost you your skin's health and beauty, especially since this has a strong formulation. Watch out for any form of discomfort or irritation while using the product. Wash off the product right away with water at the slightest occurrence of these unfavorable sensations and don't put anything on the affected area and cleanse it with a very mild soap only in the next 3 days. Visit your dermatologist immediately if rashes develop after usage.

After 10 minutes, I swiftly scraped off the gunk from my legs and rinsed the residue off of my skin with cold water. There were a few spots that still had hair, but that was fine by me. Besides, I couldn't reapply the product right away (not even on the same day) because it is not recommended-I might end up burning my skin. I'll just use this product better next time.

The Beauty Junkee: Use cold water when rinsing off this cream-using warm/hot water on newly- depilated skin may irritate or sensitize it. Apply a mild moisturizer on the treated part after the treatment to prevent dryness and exfoliate it after 24 hours to prevent ingrown hair. Give your skin at least 72 hours before using this product again.

Now where did all the hair go? :) This product does work closely to the roots and if you have fine hair, the smooth effect will be much more noticeable. It made my legs hair- free and felt as if I've just had a full leg wax because they were super smooth! I only had a minor problem with this product and that is I developed a few red spots on the shin areas right after usage, but they went away after an hour, thankfully. This is why patch testing is important-it can actually save your life!

It's been two weeks since I used this product and even if I already have a few regrowths, my legs still feel and look smooth overall. That said, the 100ml tube can last for at least 2-3 uses for half leg depilation and 1-2 uses for full leg depilation, at least on me. It's initially more affordable than waxing (usually starts at P700.00 for one leg) and laser treatments (usually starts at P3,500.00 for one leg).

Off topic: But how about in the long run? Which of these treatments will allow you to save more? That would be laser treatment, darlings. However, not everyone can splurge on laser so for frugal girls like me, VEET will do!

In sum, I've had a pleasurable experience with VEET and I'm making it a beauty staple. It's easy to use, pretty much safe to use, and I appreciate that the instructions are very easy to understand that even an 8 year old can follow it. If you wanna fight fuzz anytime and anywhere without spending too much time and money, VEET will be your best friend! ;)


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I tried veet before it did not sit well with me. It stung! And now i cant use it cause my urticaria decided to flare up again. I just stick to conditioner nad razor in shaving my legs.

  2. I don't really use a lot of this because I also don't have hairy legs. I've tried the one for sensitive skin. It did well but there were spots that's been left..I don't think it can get through the small areas. I find it hard to remove the "micro hair." hahaha.. but it did great in smoothing the skin after removal. Thumbs up (^....^)

  3. I used to use Veet years before for underarms. I think I stopped because of the smell, sometimes it was itchy and I still needed to shave since it didnt remove all the hair. Now they have improved variants, I hope they would work better, I might try them again soon. Thanks for the review!

  4. My legs are virgin. They're not hair-free but they're not bothering the people around me. My husband is good with it so, it didn't occur to me to try and remove them. Well. Still, I'm glad VEET is working for you!

  5. Since I am too lazy to always go to the spa to get my pits waxed, I shave most of the times. But seeing this Veet review, maybe I'll give this a shot. I just hope that it would work and won't give me allergies. (^-^)

  6. Veet works great for me. I've been using this for years because I'm a man that looks like a woman. I don't show my legs or wear dresses often because I am insecure with them, and I am lazy shaving the hairs often. Glad that there are depillatory creams like this if I need to wear shorts or dresses. Most of the time, I wear pants, so my legs can grow hair as long as I want to. Hehe

  7. Tried Veet before, when I was in college. It was okay but I didn't like the waiting time... I'm that impatient, yes!
    BUT, now that I'm older and i find shaving too tasking, i'm actually contemplating if I should give Veet another try, i don't shave my legs very often naman so i think this will work. Plus, i love giving myself "spa day/s" so this will add to the experience!

  8. I already tried veet before after I just tried my first routine of shaving as a teenager. But too bad! It contributed to the darkening of my armpits so I gave this a try. But then the result didn't become that satisfactory for me. There are still tiny hairs left and they are still quite visible even after topping off with veet once again. I just switched back to shaving and just used a skin lightener for my armpits.

  9. I'm actually scared of shaving my legs because I think I will have wounds. I don't have lots of hairs din naman so I decided to really not shave it. For my armpits, I pluck it since hair is thin and sparse too. I don't like the appearance of shaved armpits hair starts to grow eh. :/ And I've heard it makes hair grow faster and thicker. SO I stick with plucking. I'm quite decided though to give Veet a try. :)

  10. I used Veet before on my underarms. It really removed hairs but I think it's still better to wax. But compared to shaving and plucking, this one's a better alternative. :)

  11. Miz Eloise and Mickey: Aww, sorry to hear that!

    ChixyLove: Agree! VEET is like shaving up until the roots haha. :D

    Anne_22: I'm impatient too, but I like how fast VEET works-it works faster than any salon that promises to give you a quick wax in my opinion haha.

    Juvy: Thank God for VEET,indeed!

    Mommy Charm: Please remember: Patch Test. :)

    Anne: You're welcome. :)

    Grace: Well I guess if you don't mind and you don't care what other people think, then good for you. No need to shave and that would actually be much easier because you don't have to maintain anything, beauty wise. :)

    Vin: Awww. Thanks for the tip! ;)

  12. I prefer Veet waxing strips than cream.... It doesnt make my skin dark....

  13. Well I've put a lot of hope In this review. My leg hair is very sparse and fine so I hope this works out cause I am DONE with my leg hair. This is a relationship that I must end. I want it off sooo I can't wait to try this out and see if it works on me. Fingers crossed. Hope I don't burn or react badly to it♥