Getting Real At 27

A lot of you think that I live a charmed life. Events here and there, travels every year, fans, a great blog, monthly influx of great projects, and loot bags here and there. Modesty aside, I live a good life, a life that a lot would wish to have.

However, that doesn't mean that I don't get bad days too-it's just that I don't choose to present them online because they're negative things-I don't want to give power to negativity. What you see on my blog, IG, FB, or wherever are just 10% of my entire life.


Whenever I look at my feeds, my little corners in this big world of Bloggers and Influencers, I always think that it's so happy and problem- free that I sometimes wish the remaining 90% of my life could be just like that.

But life hit me right in the face: life's not always rainbows and butterflies. Most of all, Life is not IG.

I was pretty much rollin' until 2015 came and life had been a bit difficult for me at the first few months of the year. I hated it. I wondered what went wrong and why my life can't be like before. It got to me and I was constantly stressed. I struggled to get back my life, the life that I deemed worthy of living (and Instagramming!), but the more I struggled, the more I got frustrated.

But days are much better now. Things are starting to get back to order. Turning 27 meant getting real for me and realizing that life's great, happy, wonderful and at the same time, sad, miserable, and confused, and that's just how it is and that's what makes it great. That's what balances it and that's what makes it exciting-this is a lesson that I think I've learned genuinely this time around. Also, who cares if life is not Instagram- worthy? It's worthy in itself already!

So instead of fighting life, just live it. In the words of The Beatles, "Let it be". Life can be lovely today and fucked up tomorrow and you know what? It's fine. You'll be just fine. :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Positivity! Hurray to that and nay-nay to negativity! I feel you ms. M.. i may not entirely know who you are, and your struggles but lemme give you a verse from the Bible, 1 Peter 5:7, Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.. give all your fears, your needs, your struggles to the Lord and He will deliver it for you.. remember there is nothing Impossible with the Lord :) more power to you ms. M! may God strengthen and give you more happiness and success :) belated happy 27th birthday :)

  2. Oh, I was touched by this post of yours Ms. Martha. It shows your vulnerable side. Nevertheless this vulnerability is what makes you real, and beautiful, just like the bunny from the Velveteen Rabbit.You are right to say that no matter what happens, especially when negative things happens ,is to strive to remain positive as always. We may not be able to control circumstances around us, but we can control our emotions. Que sera sera. I know and believe you will be able to be magnanimous in whatever you are experiencing right now. In Japanese, I say akiramenaide (don't give up) Take care Ms. Martha.

  3. Hakuna Matata! Enjoy life and for those bad days- well, there's always a red lipstick for that! Keri mo lahat yan girl! Wishing you all the good things that you deserve :-D

  4. I want to become an adult but I don't want to be one at the same time. I think life down here on the teen is hard but life up there on the adult side is harder. I want to realize a lot of things but at the same time I don't want to face reality. I'm currently in that teenage phase. XD Ohh well, I'll just go with the flow and let life be life.

  5. Life is indeed unpredictable but we all should live it to the fullest. Glad to know that you are doing better now, Miss Martha! And you quoting The Beatles with that song, Let it Be, allow me to say ' here comes the sun.. it's gonna be alright' =)

  6. I'm more of a personal blogger. I admire those who don't put their negative thoughts in their blog. That's hard for me since I created my blog for personal purposes.

  7. You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them - Maya Angelou

    2015 has been not that pretty good to me at all ms m, i cannot put everything here in a comment box, if you could still remember ms m i opened up to you via emailing you some of the sad part of my life, other part gets better and the other one gets worst.. we are gemini's we fight for what we believe for and i am happy that i hear from you (via email and your advices)

    every body has their strongest and weakest point, we choose what we want to be in the long run, and i do hope i choose the path that will direct me to my better self.

    hugs ms m =) you dont look 27 either thats reality haha

  8. belated happy birthday :) more blessings to you and your followers!

  9. Thanks for sharing positive vibes always on us although I admit that when I see you, I thought you live in a happiest life na nga:) you never failed to inspire us! life is hard but life became harder once we don't do anything to make it easy:) Be Happy people because we are blessed of this life we have! More Birthday to come and More happiness miss Martha:D

  10. I love this post. It testified that you are also a human being Miss Martha. Yep, life isn't a straight line, honey, There's a lot of ups and downs and maybe you are in the downward part but that only means that you are on your way in to an exciting, fun and glorious part of your life. Be happy and throw the negatives away. You're pretty and there's no stress that I think you can't handle. Be strong.

  11. I saw this quote in Pinterest thats very inspiring and can very much relate to this post of yours : "An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. so when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that its going to launch you into something great. so just focus, and keep aiming."

    And like what Dory said: "Just keep swimming..."

  12. Glad I've read this post just now. I feel you. I suddenly resigned from work and got a new job. I thought getting on with the new job is easy, but it wasn't. The future roles seem exhausting, the people look not so accommodating. I felt like I made a huge mistake of taking that new job. But, I realized that if I find it hard, I should be able to conquer it, or else I won't grow. I need to deal with new people to enhance my social skills. I take everything once step at a time and I hope I would pass the challenge. :)


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