Happy Skin X Preview Hot Stuff Shut Up And Kiss Me Lippies Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Happy Skin X Preview Hot Stuff Shut Up And Kiss Me Lippies.

Price: P599.00/each; P1,099.00/set of 2
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Preview is one of the magazines I grew up with-in fact, it is one of the things that sparked my interest in beauty and my heart thumped in delight when I learned that they collaborated with one of my favorite makeup brands, Happy Skin, for a memorable makeup collection to celebrate their 20th year called Happy Skin X Preview Hot Stuff Shut Up And Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies.


Over a year ago, Pauline Juan, editor of Preview, approached Rissa and Jacq of Happy Skin for this partnership-the girls were sold at Pauline's idea and not long after, they were finally choosing colors, designing the packaging, and cooking up names for the Preview mag- inspired lippies.

The shades chosen capture the essence of the Preview Girl: timeless nude and classic red. Juan said that they wanted "a classic red that's 'classic' in a fashion sense" and a nude that's nude, but still fashionably obvious and wearable-the results are Hot Stuff, a wine red shade and Too Cool, a trendy, wearable nude. The lipsticks come in a matte formula, but Juan said that they wanted for them to be spreadable and very moisturizing despite that, therefore Happy Skin used CupuaƧu Butter, a highly emollient ingredient that has the capacity to draw 240% more water for intense moisture and hydration.

Straight up, i'll tell you, that you should grab this limited edition collection before it disappears because that nude lipstick is so haute couture and that red lipstick is FRIGGIN' AMAZING. Let my swatches speak for themselves. See them after the jump.

They're as moisturizing as the rest of the Shut Up And Kiss Me lippies, but I feel that these have a more matte finish and I love it!

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Too Cool

- a muted beige with a light peach undertone.

Too Cool is a Filipina skin tone- friendly nude. I love that it looks nude, but doesn't make me look anemic.

Hot Stuff

- a bordeaux Red shade with a wine undertone.

Now this is what hotties are made of! Hot Stuff is such a fashionable Red-it instantly makes me wanna strike a pose whenever I put it on haha! It's such a gorgeous Red and you won't have a problem looking fashionable if you're wearing it. Also, it's a dupe of one of my favorite lipsticks, MAC Diva, a lovely matte dark, wine red shade.

Tip: Use the box to house your trinkets, favorite lippies, or as a clutch, according to Pauline!

Both shades are lovely and I think you should get everything because 1.) They're essential colors: Red and Nude. You can't go wrong. 2.) The red one is very unique and the nude one complements Filipina skin tone very well. 3.) They're downright gorgeous. 'Nuff said!

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Both shades looks flattering on you! Ganda! Too cool shade perfect for my work and hot stuff can boost my look during special occassions or on weekend family dates as well:) Bili ako ng set na to pagsahod ko:)

  2. Honestly, I never tried happy skin lippies before but I think these two are pretty good. I like the Too Cool one. I like the way how it compliments the skin tone of the Filipinas, it's perfect. Maybe I should try this one. I really really like it.

  3. *complement (sorry, I committed a typographical error haha)

  4. I thought happy skin lippies only cater dhades that are warm and girly girly.. but this set is a head turner! It looks perfectly on you which means it could look good on me too kasi im also a morena! And i love that hot stuff is a deep red not the kind of orange-y kind of red!! Nice review ms. M :)

  5. Dayum, girl! This set was made for you. First, BOTH colors go well with your skin tone. The reviews I've read so far usually lean towards either Hot Stuff or Too Cool, but not both equally. You are representing well! Second, the eye makeup is on point.

  6. You look lovely! I'm not so into nude lippies coz I'm a morena and nude makes me look so pale. I love the Hot Stuff lippie on you. So hot yet so classy.

  7. I really love the Hot stuff one! I'm trying my best not to be afraid to wear bold lippies nowadays. For change :) This one's soooo gorgeous xx love it!!

  8. Ordered my own set last week and I can't wait for them to be delivered!
    I honestly want the red lang, i'm not into nudes since I always look like a ghost whenever I wear nudes, but i want the case and it's cheaper if you get the set so okay na rin yung Nude... (I sound irrational, typical makeup junkie!)
    Anyway, but since you look goood in that Nude lippie, and I believe same tayo ng skin tone, medyo excited na rin ako sa Nude! Hehe...

  9. Packaging pa lang, I'm already convinced to buy it! Both colors are really wearable and it's a limited edition shade! :) I'll check this out once it's released in stores, since may issue nga sa Zalora with broken lipsticks. :/ Mas mura sana but it's broken. :/ I really like it when Happy Skin releases limited edition makeups.

  10. " I love that it looks nude, but doesn't make me look anemic." - benta, hahaha!

  11. Finally! I get to order the package at Zalora! Cant wait to try both of them. Like what Iv've said in my FB comment, Hot Stuff made you look fierce! Both shades are gorgeous!

  12. I received my package yesterday and I tried it right away! Too Cool was for me, a bit too nude, my face looked washed out. Hot stuff is too diva-ish to use in the office, so I applied both shades and it came out pretty well. :)

  13. Miss Martha you look so vampy with the Hot Stuff. Wanna try that one too!

  14. Matromao: Haha thanks. Maybe the fact that I feel all lipsticks look good on me is a huge factor? :D

    Mommy: It's a lovely color! Go get it! :)

    Dessa: Awesome! Would try that too. :)

    Beauty By Tellie: Hahaha. Wala na akong maisip na description. :p

    Anne_22: Lol, I feel you. The nude one, if you feel that it's too nude, dab a bit of pink lip color first then top it with the nude Happy Skin lippie to counter the nudeness of the shade. :)

    Cha Lee: Thanks! This is one of Happy Skin's best shades to date. :)

    Kkumkugo: Girl, just follow your heart. haha! :D

    Itsmefati: Go dear! Try it! :D

    Janine: Thanks! :)


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