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If you ambush-ask me right now "Hey, Martha, what's the one classy perfume you will recommend?", first fragrance that will pop in my head is Repetto EDT. I may not be the biggest fan of their shoes because they do not fit my wide feet very well, but I adore their perfume. There's something so aristocratic about this fragrance that's why it's one of my go-to fragrances whenever I want to pull a class act. ;)


Repetto EDT was launched in 2013 and was the fashion house's first fragrance, but an EDP version was launched already in the recent years.

Repetto EDT official commercial

An ode to Ballet and the Ballerina, Repetto EDT encapsulates their sheer beauty, grace, and passion in a lavish bouquet of warm, exotic florals.

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Repetto EDT goes back to basics by housing the fragrance in a simple, round, slightly frosted flacon that efficiently fits the palm for an easy grip. A satin Pink ribbon twirls around its neck, like a Ballerina lost in a Pirouette, and an 'r' pendant dangles at the end to accessorize the bottle. The entire bottle has this Rose Gold glow and gives the bottle an ambient, nostalgic, vintage feel.

Top notes have Plum and Cherry Blossom, and the heart of Rose Absolute and Cherry Blossom immediately sets in. It's all lightness and prettiness in the beginning, but as the fragrance approaches the finale or the base notes comprised of Patchouli, Amber Elixir, and Vanilla, it evolves into something deeper and more passionate-the development of the fragrance immediately reminded me of my Ballerina friends who are wacky, chill, and laid-back in real life, but when they're on stage and doing their thing (which is Ballet), they suddenly become serious and different, but in a good and artistic kind of way, or a Ballet performance that climaxes to a heart- stopping ending. Repetto's spot on with their fragrance interpretation of Ballet and Ballerinas!

Onto the technical aspects of the fragrance. It's classified as a warm, oriental-woody fragrance with a hint of sweetness to it due to Vanilla and can be used both for day and night, especially night. It's opulent but not dated so I believe girls in their mid to late 20s can appreciate this fragrance. Staying power is very good: it can last for 3-4 hours even on a hot day on me, but I wouldn't want to wear something rich and warm most especially in a scorching hot weather. :D

I love that Repetto didn't go for the usual sweet, teeny-bopper floral for their first fragrance-somebody has to break the rules once in a while. Also, I love it for its elite scent and I spray it on whenever I want to wear an invisible crown on my head, thus I use it to very special events, meet and greets, big meetings, or in any moment when I need to look and feel my best.


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Looks so classy. :)

  2. I like the packaging.I prefer more into feminine fragrance. I want to try the D&G smell alike na nareview mo before, I think it's Love philosophy yata yun:) im not sure, I forgot the name. Btw, this one hindi ba sya mainit o medyo mahapdi pag naspray sa skin? I hope you get my point:) thanks:)

  3. I've now converted from a fragrance hater to fragrance fanatic. I kind of like mature-ish (but not super mature!) scents. Hope I see this around and have a chance to sniff.

  4. I just noticed how you create and illustrate the packaging of this product in a very articulate manner.. galing :) anyway, this perfume certainly lools so classy and elegant! Parang it will fill up the missing piece of your ootd para kabog na talaga!! Hehehe...

  5. Kkumkugo: Indeed! :)

    Janine: True! It instantly glamorizes any dresser, too! :)

    Tellie: Yay! Welcome to the world of fragrances. :D

    Jeremy: Oh, Loveswept by Philosophy. That's a good one. :)

  6. I'm not really into perfumes and I cannot distinguish top notes from everything else. But, the way you described this edt makes me imagine how it smells like. :) The packaging is so pretty too! Since I commute, what I do is to spray a cool smelling perfume para di sobrang strong. :)


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