Tony Moly Ferment Snail Sun Cream Review

Here's a review on Tony Moly Ferment Snail Sun Cream.

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I used to dislike Snails because I thought they're icky, slimy, and gruesome despite their calm demeanor and weak appearance. Just the mere sight of a Snail on a book is enough to make me go "Ewww." It is only in this path called Beauty Blogging where I had a change of heart towards Snails because after convincing myself to use products infused with Snail Ferment (extracts from cultured Snails), my skin just got healthier and I think it's one of the reasons why I don't have a wrinkle yet. Snails are friends, after all.

The first Snail Ferment- infused product I have tried is by Tony Moly and it's a BB Cream, and all I remember is that it's superbly moisturizing and hydrating, and same with Tony Moly Ferment Snail Sun Cream, an anti- aging and whitening sunscreen-cum-moisturizer. This sunscreen not only protects, but also moisturizes and treats the skin at the same time.


This light, sunscreen is made with 45% golden snail mucus fermented filtrate and plant extracts. It has SPF 47 PA+++.


The product comes in an upside- down tube with a controllable pump dispenser. The packaging is cute, but the golden hue gave it a bit of class as well. I think this is one of Tony Moly's premium products just because the price is steep.


It may be called Cream, but this is actually a light product; It has a semi- creamy, zero grease, quick- absorbing consistency that will work on almost all skin types, and has an uplifting Orange scent. I did not break out from usage and I like how it yields light, lasting moisture and hydration to my skin. This is also one of the sunscreens that I like using together with makeup.

As for the treatment promise of this sunscreen, I only noticed that my skin tone looked more even. Effect is not enough to make me say "Wow!", but it is promising.

This is one of the nicest sunscreens I have ever tried in terms of product feel and quality; It's also versatile and that's what makes it a pretty good buy. If you're into sunscreens, you should check out this good offering by Tony Moly.


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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I was also skeptical with the use of snails for skin care but it seems they are effective to some people. Some have bad reactions from skincare products that contain snail ferment so one should be careful when tryig out products such as these! It's a bit pricey for me. There are a lot alternatives to this that are more affordable. I'm currently using Sunprise Mild Airy Finish from Etude House and it has SPF 50 PA+++. Quite happy with it, actually. Perfect for my oily skin. Regardless, thanks for this post! :)

  2. I have never tried products with ingredients extracted from Snail/snail ferment but I'm not sure I'll ever try one. I have my reserves and I think this is one of them. I'm just not comfortable with it. My friend had a bad experience with one and she actually has that "tibay" skin when it comes to products yet she had worst case of breakouts. It was also a Korean brand. But anyway, this product looks interesting, I'm sure there are women who'll be happy to try it out. Great review as usual Ms. M! :)

  3. Before I was also doubtful about the use of snail mucin as key ingredient in skincare items.But I'VE tried MIZON snail cream and it was a really good product to repair skin damage.Now Im sure maganda din siya sa sunblock. i just wonder about the flash effect because of the high spf?anyway basta it does not encourage my sebaceous glands to produce oil,I think I will also Like this.thanks for the review Ms. M.

  4. Like almost everyone else, I was first skeptical to use a snail cream. It doesn't sound so appealing to me. But that belief was gone when a friend of mine gave me a snail cream and asked me to try it. And voila, it's moisturizing and light and gives me that natural glow. Using snail cream as a sun screen, that sounds a great idea to me. :)

  5. i thought of it too ms m, but yes they're friends (like spongebob and gary -- his snail pet) hehe

    it may be pricey but it was worth it. it was already on my to buy list on TM and i will get this with their best seller aloe vera gel =) (retail therapy at its best)


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