Today's bulletin features products that will keep your hair strong, let you strut the streets in class, and give you sexy, moisturized skin. Read on and find out more about Zenutrients' new hair potion, fashion newcomer, Jeanswest, and Silka's sexy new revamp!

From the makers of fine, Proudly Pinoy organic products, Zenutrients, comes another potential superstar called Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum. Gugo, an age- old cure to thinning hair, hair loss, hair fall, and weak strands stars in this fortifying hair serum; it is backed up by a quartet of equally potent ingredients from nature namely Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Tea Tree, and Eucalyptus; This serum is can be used as a treatment or leave- in and can be applied on the strands or scalp, whichever way you like it!

Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum retails at P499.00 is now available in all Zenutrients outlets. Visit ZENUTRIENTS on Facebook for more information on this product.

There is a new jeans brand in town and it's Jeanswest; this hip, youthfully spirited brand hails from Perth, Australia was founded in 1972 and rapidly grew as the second largest casual brand expanding to New Zealand, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Indonesia, and makes its way to the Philippines via Robinsons Department Store.

Jeanswest clothing range is trendy yet comfortable and adheres to global standards, perfect for anyone who lives an on-the-go, active lifestyle.

You can now find Jeanswest in all Robinsons Department Stores. Visit ROBINSONS DEPARTMENT STORES on Facebook for more information about this brand.

Hey! Look! Silka just had a revamp and they've expanded their whitening lotion range by adding more variants powered by potent natural ingredients: Skin Whitening Long Lasting Moisture with Shea Butter, Skin Whitening Skin Energizer with Citrus, Premium Whitening Lotion with Green Papaya and Olive Oil, and Skin Whitening Age Defying with Jojoba. 

What do you think of Silka's new look? For more information on these new products, just visit SILKA SKINCARE on Facebook.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My sister has been thoroughly enjoying products from Zenutrients! I, myself sneakily pump from her shampoo. She has the Tea Tree and Rosemary shampoo variant and it works great for itchy, flakey scalps! I might check the gugo serum out. I've been using gugo shampoos and they've helped me with my hair problems. Though I think it's a bit price for 499 but I guess a little goes a long way. Thanks for this post!

  2. Okay, I am eyeing on that Hair Serum for thinning hair! I have to find out if there is a Zenutrients outlet here in Cebu.

    Anyway, I love the whole look of Silka today! It's one of the cheapest yet effective whitening lotion. I am more of a user of their soaps, especially the one infused with milk. It doesn't leave my skin dry and keeps me clean and fresh.

    Thanks for this bulletin, Martha!

  3. Never heard of Jeanwest before but I think it looks trendy :D I have thick hair but it's all falling off so I've been using hair serums regularly :D This one from Zenutruients sounds interesting

  4. Zenutirents is a new brand for me (I've never heard it before). But I love gugo and am currently using it as my everyday shampoo. That Gugo Strengthening Hair Serum can replace my everyday hair serum (Vitress). :) I love lotions, too, and it's nice to know that Silka has Shea Butter and Olive Oil variants! Thanks for this news! ;) ~ Starr

  5. dati ms m akala ko ang zenutrients at zen zest ay same lang.. i was wrong, i fall in love with Zen Zest VCO, it was my HG product! then i saw them at alabang area.

    i think i need that serum, i have long brown curly (no -- wavy) hair ms m, and i want to try hair rebonding pero natakot ako magparebond kasi napakanipis ng hairstrands ko.. at baka magsisi ako sa huli (takot na makalbo ako ms m) then i learn to love the hair god has given me, but im still not confident enough so i always let my hair down, madalang ako magpony tail kasi nga po nakikita na anit ko sa nipis =(

    i would try this one ms m..

  6. I really want to try zenutrients products too.I've been searching a hair products for my hair fall. Oh, jeanswest is here:) me and my hubby have clothes from that brand. I do have the tummy trimmer too. Received gifts from my in-laws residing from new zealand. This brand is good:) Silka's packaging now is just like a little bit of the old one but I like it. I've tried the green variant before when I was younger:)

  7. I saw Zenutrients Gugo serum in Sampleroom and I am itching to try it asap! Silka's been a fave of my siblings- soap and lotion! Their new packaging looks better compared to before. I'm sure my siblings would have that new bottle soon.

  8. I definitely need that Gugo serum. :) My hairfall gets back when I become stressed. :/ That Jeanswest brand looks quirky and more like pang teens. But still my style. :) And lastly, the new packaging of Silka looks so pretty to me. Enticing yung pictures ng ingredients

  9. Thanks for sharing your picks, ladies! Let me know how they work for you! :D

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