Commenter Of The Month For July + Gifts for August COM

Hello, August! You're filled with wonder, promises, and exciting adventures. I can't wait how our journey together will unfold. :)

August will be a great month as well for my Commenter Of The Month because they're in for a very special treat from The Body Shop.

But first, let me announce the COM for the past month. The winner of this cute beauty bag from Mandom Corporation is:


**Congratulations, dear. Please email your full name, complete address, and mobile number to Claiming of prize is good for 5 days only.

This month, get beautiful, the natural way, with these tried and tested products from The Body Shop. Commenter of The Month for August will take home the following:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky- Clean Scrub
The Body Shop Tea Tree Cool And Creamy Wash
The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Overnight Triple Boost Serum
The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask
The Body Shop Forbidden Flower EDT
The Body Shop Lip And Cheek Stain in Rose Pink

Mechanics are as follow:

1. The commenter of the month will start on the first day of the month until the last day of the month.
2. The COM will be picked and announced via a blog entry at the end of the month, or the first day of the succeeding month.
3. The chosen COM should send his/her contact details, full name, and complete address to
4. Unclaimed gift/s within 10 days will invalidate the win of the chosen commenter, and another commenter will be chosen.
5. All bloggers are welcome to join. It is not necessary that you are a follower of my blog or from Blogger. If you are not a blogger but would still like to comment on my posts, you're still a qualified candidate.

I hope August has started out great for everyone. :)

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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. congrats CJ! you deserve it! awww ms martha TBS goodies for the month of August! it was really awesome! just by seeing the loot it makes me droll double time =) who doesnt love TBS? hihi..

    yes ms m more exciting adventures for this month =)


  2. Congratulations to CJ! She deserves it. She consistently comments on almost all of your posts! Congrats again!

    This month's gift looks amazing! Whoever will be chosen is in for a great surprise! :)

  3. omg! thank you thank you Ms. M! :) i'm really happy to be you july com ^_^ it's twice already that i became your com. i'm glad you appreciate/noticed my comments. hehe. emailed you already. take care!

  4. Wow, Body Shop products! August has come indeed. :)

  5. Congratulations, CJ! You got cool prizes! Have an awesome day! You too Ms. Martha!

  6. Congratulations to the winner! Im so happy for you: :)

  7. Congratulations CJ!

    Woah, Tea Tree! Etude House's Tea Tree Foam Cleanser is really good! It started my love for the ingredient :D

  8. looking forward to this month's giveaway! whatta haul… ooohhh Body Shop…..

  9. I am so excited to join. :) I stumbled upon your blog - reading reviews about Ellana. I've been searching for beauty blogs that have real substance on their posts. So glad to be here :)

  10. You can never go wrong with products from The Body Shop!💚

  11. Congratulations CJ! August's been great so far and hopefully, it is the same for you Miss M and to all the gorgeous followers of your blog.

  12. omg she's so lucky!!! hopefully i'll be as lucky as her, i really need the tea tree oil kit soo bad. i've been having breakouts lately :( i so loooveeee your blog, i usually read it before i buy any makeup product.. keep it up and godbless :)

  13. Congrats CJ!

    August is my birthday month, so I surround myself with positivity... Ayokong mag-birthday na mainit ang ulo ko! Haha

  14. Wow! Congratulations CJ! ❤️ Hope I could score these lovely goodies from TBS!

    More power to the beauty junkee! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Winning the COM prize for August is awesome! The body shop products are expensive! Congrats to CJ!

  16. Congrats to your COM! Super awesome prizes. This month's prize is a blast too! :)


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