Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil in PK 200 Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil in PK 200.

Price: P2,200.00; P1,700.00 for the refill
From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Shiseido boutiques


Hey guys! Did you know that Japanese makeup brand Maquillage is now in the Philippines. Fo' real! I first encountered this brand in Japan and it reminded me of chandeliers, glass curtains, and snow globes. In short, it's a brand that exudes delicateness and opulence. It's Shiseido's beauty line for the younger audience, specifically young girls who have a flair for the exquisite (that's me! Don't know about the young part though. LOL :D).

We have a full range of Maquillage cosmetics locally with choices from BB Creams, foundations, lipsticks, primers, cheek products, to eye products. The first- ever Maquillage product that I got my hands on is Dramatic Mood Veil, a versatile color compact for the complexion. If you're into collectible makeup and that dreamy, celebrity skin glow, you should not miss this.


This coveted cheek/complexion compact by international makeup gurus (if you're familiar with Lisa Eldridge, she's one of this product's biggest fans!) features five shades in five varying textures to highlight, color, and create subtle color gradation on the skin. Compacts are also sold as refills and there are two shades to choose from: PK 200 (Pink and Peach) and RD 100 (Coral Red).

Compact features a crystal impression; it's so pretty that I want to use it as a display on my dresser. It's just very chunky though. :p

The applicator that comes with this product features a soft synthetic blush brush and a dome- shaped sponge that you can use to create color gradation on your cheeks. Glad that the sponge doesn't have a rubbery smell. I don't really dig the gradation look because it's just extra work so I use the sponge as a highlighter applicator instead.

This product was developed to enhance the "Mood Zone" area of the face. The Mood Zone covers the apples to the under eyes and if enhanced with the right shades, beauty impression improves. That's what Dramatic Mood Veil is for.

Here are the actual uses of the products:

1- Highlighter (for the protruded parts of the face that catch light)
2- Blending Color (for mixing with 3 and 5)
3- Main Color (the most pigmented shade in the pan. For mixing with 2 and 5)
4- Clear Color For The Under eyes (to brighten under eyes)
5- Blending Color (for mixing with 2 and 3)

1- Snow White with subtle shimmer
2- Light Pink with subtle shimmer
3- Rose Pink with subtle shimmer
4- Icy Pink with subtle shimmer
5- Peachy Pink with a demi- matte finish

When everything is mixed together, the shades create a coral Pink hue with a demi- matte finish.

The powders have a uniform creamy texture that melts into the skin and gives a super natural shimmer without leaving a powdery trace. It does not highlight dry patches and its soft, cream-velvet texture feels so luxurious and doesn't require too much blending. They ain't chalky too, not at all!


In this photo, I swept #4 on my left under eye. It did create a difference, although subtle. It gives concealer a bit more lift, but without the obvious powder streak and chalkiness. How nice! I'd also like to ask you to take a closer look at my cheeks; I'm wearing the powder as blush in here and check that it just melted into my skin tone and nope, the shimmer did not highlight my pores! Btw, you can use this product as an eyeshadow too.

In this photo, I applied #4 on the bridge of my nose and mixed all the shades and applied them on my cheeks. It took me three layers per apple to make the color pop on my cheeks. It didn't come out as I expected on my cheeks as compared to the hand swatch, but on a positive note, this shows how light and natural the finish of this product is.

When this photo came out in iPhoto, I could not believe how luminous my skin looked in here! For a moment, I wondered if I Photoshopped myself one drunken night without me knowing haha! But no, I didn't. Got zero Photoshop skills to come up with such polished and glowing skin like this! This is just the work of Dramatic Mood Veil! The shades brighten up the complexion and if other highlighters give you that lit-from-within glow, this one gives you that artista (celebrity) glow! ;)

I wish that the other shade, RD 100, is available locally because I feel that I'll look better in that shade-PK 200 is just a tad bit light for my liking. And oh, it's pricey. Le sigh. 

But here's the thing: the pan will last you for about a year or so so that P2,200.00 will last for a while. Dramatic Mood Veil has such a beautiful texture and I definitely think it's one of the best natural- looking and glow- inducing blushes in the market. Get one if you always suffer from dull skin and most especially, if you're into highlighters and that dewy makeup look because this will give you that dewy effect you're looking for and without being over-the-top and looking fake! ;)


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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh wow! Maquillage has landed in the Philippines! My mom bought one of their lipsticks while we were in Japan and she's diggin' it! I am so going to check this out! Thanks for this post. :)

  2. Ganda tlaga ng brand na ito ms. Martha.And the product is also interesting.It looks really nice that if I buy this I'd feel just to keep it ad a collectible at ayaw Ko na gamitin.Really sad lang tlaga at medyo may kamahalan
    For now I'll stick to my etude house blusher.Medyo abot ng aking bulsa. Hehe

  3. First, i find the applicator unique ms m (cute!) i only known Maquillage from foreign blogger (didnt know if you heard Lotus Palace ms m, it is one of my most read blog on 2009, i think the owner doesn't blog anymore, *sigh*) and only lately i discovered that it was also under shiseido brand.

    I love the swatches on your cheeks ms m, the price is almost same with the most raved blush lately -- Hour glass but seeing swatches makes me wow, it was pretty pigmented, i want eyeshadow and glosses from this brand -- Maquillage for it is made for asian skin. (meron din ba sila nun ms m sa store nila?)

    Second, is the packaging of this blush -- naiisip ko yung Dior at Channel na brands (high end talaga ms m) i think the price is worth for the quality (as seen on your look) im not into shimmers din kasi ms m, i love blushes na medyo matte effect, yun nga lang talagang nakaka-young look ang pagaapply ng shimmers!

    1. Yes, I've heard about Lotus Palace. :) Hourglass seems to be the raved about makeup product nowadays. I have yet to try it to know if it's really worth the hype. :)

      Thanks for your insights! :)

  4. Hi! What products are you using for your eyebrows? Thanks!

    1. Hello Jhonahlee! I'm using Benefit Brow Zings here. :)

  5. Okay, first off: ang ganda ng packaging!! Parang diamond lattice, it looks luxurious in itself. Ang ganda din ng swatches. I think these shades of pinks would look better on fair-skinned ladies, though pero ang ganda ng kalabasan! You look fresh and radiant Martha pero I would prefer without the shimmer to have it as a no-makeup makeup look.

    1. The shimmers are actually nice because they're so subtle. It's one of the best shimmer blushes I've encountered, imo. :)

  6. The packaging is so pretty! I like the combination of shades too. Definitely this is a good product.

    btw, hope you can you do a makeup tutorial again ms.martha:)

  7. I've only heard of Maquillage... I actually researched it a couple times but now it's in the Philippines :D i want to see everything XD I am currently into Japanese makeup so I want to try everything XD I like how japanese makeup looks glowy while feeling matte-ish

    1. Yes! agree on the description. We've a good selection of maquillage makeups here. :) Hole you can check it out. :)

  8. The packaging rocks! With just one look, you'll know that this is expensive. Haha. And yes, it is expensive. I am still a noob when it comes to make up and all that stuff and so far, I only have tried applying high-lighter like, three times? I have a highlighter from Revlon which is a fraction compared to the price of this! (^-^)
    Had I been more capable of purchasing this, I think PK200 would suit my skin tone. Thanks for another review, Miss M!

    1. Welcome. :) P.S. Revlon has good blushes. :)

  9. It looks so natural! Been looking for this but didn't think to check Shiseido stores. I thought they'd open a separate store :p

    But how lazy is that brand name? I imagine French people are going to get one big headache trying to google this lol

    1. Maquillage, even in Japan, is also inside the Shiseido boutique. :)

  10. Honestly, I haven't heard of the brand. But form the looks of it, mukhang maganda talaga. I was first impressed with the packaging. The highlighting effect is superb. Natural na natural ang effect. But yun nga, a bit pricey for me. :/ I would prefer Revlon na lang, yung highlighting palette

  11. is maquillage related to shiseido(parang magkapatid lang)?ang ganda sis ng swatch. At first I thought it will not be good for morena, and IM WRONG big time. Ganda ng swatch sis.


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