DEAR READERS: What Moves You To Purchase A Product?

I was at a department store the other day and I wanted to impulse buy, but there was just no inspiration to do so, which led me to come up with today's question for Dear Readers.

Dear Readers, what motivates you to purchase a product? We all have our motivations in doing stuff and I believe the same thing applies to the simplest thing such as purchasing a product.

Okay, for it to be not limited, let's look at three categories: BEAUTY, FASHION, GADGETS.

Here are mine:

BEAUTY- I always rely on reviews, recommendations by Blogger and Non-Blogger friends. I'm not the trends kind of gal because I'm simply the type who sticks for what works, always.

FASHION- Funny thing is, what motivates me to purchase fashion- related items is when I literally have nothing to wear anymore, as in I wore the same dress for 10 times already (yup, I can wear an article of clothing for more than 10 and sometimes, 15 times). Again, trends don't motivate me in this department, but rather the need for new clothes.

GADGETS- There's only one gadget that motivates me and it's Macbook Air. As for mobile phones, I'm way past the change-your-model-every-month phase just because it's sooo hard to migrate contacts and information!

Your turn, lovely readers! :D

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree on your thoughts in buying beauty stuff,I always read reviews, I watched YouTube videos and I have to go to the store to try it myself before I buy it. And I have to contemplate if I really need it.

    When it comes to buying fashion items, I don't always follow all the trends, I only bought clothes that I am comfortable with and it doesn't have to be a super up-to-date trend. I always trust my LBD and recently I am into basic clothing. And yes I agree with the "I need new clothes because my clothes are old and worn-out against the I need new clothes because this is the trend now".

    As for gadgets, I don't have also that I-NEED-THAT-NEW-PHONE-NOW-BECAUSE-IT-IS-THE-SAME-PHONE-BUT-WITH-A-NEW-FEATURE, well because every now and then, new phones, new features are coming out but it's just the same phone only a little bit better but a lot pricier.

  2. what moves me to purchase a products? YOUR BLOG. :) like you, i also rely on the recommendations so i know how the products work, especially about make-up/beauty products. :) and for the fashion, i rely in the eyes of my boyfriend. haha. he knows kung bagay yung damit sa akin or hindi. :)

  3. Beauty- Needs comes first like when i run out of eyebrow pencil, i immediately buy a new one. I control myself not to buy back-ups when i have so many stuff to finish first. I make sure to check for bloggers' recommendations, reviews and swatches first.
    Fashion- i rarely buy clothes but since i have gained weight after child-birth and my clothes doesn't fit me well anymore, i'm starting to buy clothes to replace the old ones.
    Gadgets: I'm a stay at home mom and i don't earn for myself so i can't splurge on gadgets. My husband's earnings were enough for our basic needs only. I'm okay with my current phone, tablet and laptop but of course i want to have a better phone hehe!

  4. Ako kahiy magpaikot ikot sa mall I always end up buying nothing for myself. Iniisip ko kasi mabuti if I really need it. If I eant to buy something it will take me weeks.
    So what motivates me to buy a product?
    For beauty products I also read reviews from bloggers. I also joined groups in FB that are make up enthusiasts so we can share products that works for us. In clothing I purchase clothes that I can wear in different ways, yung staples clothes. Lol! Sa gadgets Im not that techy naman. I always wait for my postpaid contract to expire para may free phone!

  5. For beauty products, I buy new ones when I super love the new releases. If I saw a pretty shade that I don't have yet, and when it's on sale! I love buying makeups on sale especially if it's 50% off. For fashion, I don't really buy that much. I only buy once I think I don't have one yet and I really need and want it 200%. For gadgets, I buy a new phone when my current one is broken. Haha. Di ako masyadong techy so I don't really want a new phone every year. :) I impulse buy on makeup, novelty items and food!

  6. Hi Beauty Junkee!

    I think we may differ quite a bit on things since you are a beauty blogger and fashion icon while I am a self confessed frugal person. ^_^

    That's not to say that I don't have fun purchasing.

    - I usually check out recos from blogs and see what works and I purchase them and I find the oppurtunity to buy them at the least cost. (I bought 3 years worth of supply when I was in Korea)

    I feel guilty when I don't use everything I bought so I am limiting myself on constantly purchasing.

    -I don't have any. I work in an environment where they permit you to wear anything as long as its decent and presentable enough. I don't really spend on this. One shirt a year is enough for me. I find that it takes me years to wear something down. I am still using a shirt I had when I was in college. I am now 33.

    -I was never someone who can change-their-model-every-month. For mobile, usually change mine every two years.
    Haven't bought a new laptop in 8 years. I find that my Asus netbook still rocks. 11 hrs of battery life! Who would change that? ^_^

    Actually, the thing that hinders me from consumerism is social responsibility and sustainable development. I would like to use the things I already have for as long as I can. To give up on excess and live simply.

    Minimalism, they call it. It will not only make your life simple, it will also save you a lot of money. ^_^

  7. Hi Ms Martha :)

    What motivates me to shop are the following in each given categories are :
    1. Fashion - only when needed , I am not that trendy. Nahihiya ako makiuso kaya sa mga classic outfits lang yun pwede ulit-ulitin, jeans, shirts...
    2. Gadgets - yay! kapag nasira na then I really need to buy na ..I am not techie also....Gadgets for work are CP and laptop kahit hindi branded ok na :)
    3. Beauty - OMG currently addicted ata ako pag purchase beauty products this year 2015 at pag-join sa mga give aways haha buti na lang napipili ako, recently I won Belo Neutraceutical Collagen Drink and today I wond Ponds Age Miracle....Nag start ako when I started googling reviews and I was directed to Filipina Bloggers like you Miss Martha...I enjoyed reading your blog its short and informative!

  8. Things that motivates me to buy a certain product:

    1. Is it a WANT or NEED?
    2.Does the product work considering the quality over price?
    3. Lastly, I hold the purchase of the item unless I saw several reviews? (This applies for beauty, skincare, gadget, investment, etc.)

    My technique is nothing new but, I promise I save more and maximize my resources through it.

  9. If a dress or makeup looks very nice on someone I look up to, then I should also get one for me hihihi. Also, if I get a lot of compliments, then I go shop for more of the same brand.

  10. Beauty- I rely on reviews and current obsessions, not necessarily a trend but something I like for myself. I wore orange lips from the timeI git into makeup until a few monthsago,so I've been wearing orange lips for 2 years! Pink is my current obsession and am still searching for the perfect pink shadow :)

    Fashion- I honestly don't have an eye for fashion, I usually wear college shirts :P

    Gadget- I have been eyeing a camera for a few months now but since I'm not good with specs checking, I ask my bro what will give me the most value for my money. I'm not into new phones or such, I use a phone until it's not usable anymore.

  11. Here's mine, we almost have the same principle when it comes to buying stuff. Hehe

    Beauty - within my price range, has great reviews, I always rely to reviews online because ako lang yata kikay sa group of friends ko. And lastly, available here in the Ph or may online seller, I never tried buying abroad because I'm afraid of the shipping fee. Hehe..

    Fashion - I'm not a fashionista at all. I'm a jeans and shirt gal so I rarely shop. The only time I buy clothes is if I need new ones or if there's an occasion.

    Gadgets - not a gadget girl too! I have ny iPhone 5 for 3 years now and not planning to get a new one. Well, unless my phone stopped working.

  12. Beauty - reviews and the ingredients list because I have really sensitive skin. Once I find something that works I stick with it, it could be drugstore or high end, but I rarely change brands.
    Fashion - need (just like you). I tend to stick to classic styles so I usually just buy if I need to. I'm not really into fast fashion although I do buy from fast fashion brands, I still choose basics/classics. I don't mind buying more expensive clothes either because I think of it in terms of "cost per wear."
    Tech - need also hahaha. If it still works, I won't buy a new one. When the time comes that I need to buy a new phone or laptop though, I read and watch a lot of tech reviews. I also research beforehand what stores carry what I'm looking for. :)

    Some people I think would classify me as kuripot because I only buy what I need but others would classify me as magastos because I tend to gravitate towards pricier products, but I think it's only because I've found out that they work and are more durable so I won't have to buy again soon.


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