Lux Magical Spell Bath Range Review

Here's a review on Lux Magical Spell Bath range.

Price: Bath Soap- P39.00; 
From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


When one says "Beauty soap", the first brand that comes to mind is Lux. Lux is a classic brand of beauty soap and I think all households have had it at one point (thank you, Balikbayan boxes); it was a staple in the master bathroom of our old house in Makati and I even thought that I'd look like the girl on the carton if I kept on using it. (To my young readers, Lux's vintage packaging used to feature a very pretty woman on the outside portion of the box). It was pulled out from the local market temporarily and now it's back and it's back with a vengeance: the new Lux is bolder, better, more sophisticated, and more fragrant. Lux's new bath range is a sensorial treat for perfume aficionados and lovers of rich skin care!


Magical Spell is just one of the collections of the entire Perfumed Bath Collection. Magical Spell is a seductive, mysterious scent featuring the precious note of Black Orchid. Fragrances of all Lux products are imagined by master perfumers at Givaudan, one of the world's famed perfume houses.

The body wash has a lovely violet hue, pearlized formula which explains why it isn't too drying to the skin, and it's overflowing with fragrance; the shower smells so good whenever I'm using this product.

Ooohh...Lux soap! This is the product that started it all for the brand, the one that cemented Lux's status as the timeless beauty bath product. It smells just as good and intense as the body wash, and I love the carving; makes me feel that it's more than just a soap.

Both products foam up very well; if you've got very dry skin, don't forget to moisturizer right after. The scent of the products linger on the skin for around 10-15 minutes on me before it evaporates.

I'm loving the whole new look of Lux and how elegant the scent of the products is; I just wish that the scent lasts longer though. Nevertheless, it's good that Lux shakes up the consumer body wash selections by offering a luxe line that elevates each bathing experience and satisfies the needs of every perfume lover like me. Also, I'm just glad that it's baaack!


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I knew it, this is a must inside Balikbayan boxes! I didn't like strong smelling soaps when I was younger but now it's a different story. And I am glad they have landed the shores of our beautiful country! I can' t wait to try them out soon!

  2. I also see Lux soaps on my father's Balikbayan box when i was little. He put them in between towels and shirts. I have tried sniffing testers of the entire Perfumed Bath range. I must say that Magical Spell was the most fragrant but i believe Love Forever promises a longer lasting scent. I'm currently using Soft Touch. The scent is more subtle than the above mentioned two but still smells great! White Impress has the lightest scent.

  3. This is really smells good. I wanna try their other variant to know how they smell too. I agree on your sentiment, I hope that the smell stays longer. Hihi. However, this is worth it as it is very affordable and not drying on the skin:)

  4. Saw one at the supermarket and it smells really good! :)

  5. The intricate design of the soap is to die for! I just bought a bar of soap and a bottle of body wash a couple of days ago. I used both immediately (yes, sabay!) and super bango ng scent! Made my bath time more relaxing and enjoyable.

  6. Lux bars are the special "pasalubong"of my soon to be (hope so) father-in-law whenever he arrives in the country. I'm glad that I lessen his burden and baggage weight now that Lux is back here in the Philippines :D

  7. what a great come back. it looks promising, i hope the smell stays long on the skin. :)

  8. So excited as well when I saw Lux in my IG feed. Dati those were given to us pa by a friend from abroad. I'm so amazed with the soap's intricate carving. And the smell, oh my, I love to hoard all variants. Talagang nakakaganang maligo ng matagal. :) The packaging also is way better than before.

  9. I wish there's a perfume version of Magical spell. :(( It smells wonderful and addictive


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