A Flashy Christmas with Benefit Bling Lash + Up Close With Benefit's Jared Bailey

As Friends with Benefit, we do what friends do during the holidays and that is gather over good food and drinks for some great conversation, great time, and great makeup, of course! This year's a little different and intriguing because it was the first time I celebrated it with Jared Bailey, Global Brow Expert for Benefit Cosmetics; it was the first time I got up close and personal with him and as expected, I had a great time not to mention, I learned a lot about him, his interests, and why he chose a career at Benefit over other jobs.

Here are some tidbits about Jared:

1. It all started when Jared was at a bar, drinking, and he met a lady who told him that she's working for Benefit as a Brow Expert. In their conversation, Jared felt the lady's contentment and fulfillment with her job at Benefit that it made him very interested. "Makeup, do brows, then chill at night", the lady mused about her job at Benefit. Jared found it cool and he thought to himself that he wanted that kind of job because it seemed happy; he then left his job and applied at Benefit; he started as a Brow Artist in one of Benefit's beauty counters and he found himself climbing up the ladder quickly because of his sheer passion for his job until he became Benefit's Global Brow Expert, his current position; and the rest is happy, pretty, history.

2. Jared is a licensed Pastor, meaning he can wed people!

3. Jared has a fondness for exotic food. He enjoys Balut (boiled day- old chick, a Filipino delicacy) so much!

It was really nice getting to know Jared more!

Aside from getting full, enjoying makeovers, and wallowing over makeup, Benefit also introduced us to their newest Brow Bar service, Benefit Bling Lash. Last year, Benefit bling-ed our brows and this time around, they thought of taking the studs a lil' lower to the lash base and the result is WOW!

The studs are weightless and they don't obstruct your view nor feel weird; they define your eyes beautifully and even enhance your eye makeup or complement your natural eye color. Also, the studs come in new shades: Black, Blue, and Violet. Bling Lash starts at P600.00.

Bling Lash signals the holidays and that the year is about to end. It's been a wonderful year discovering beauty with Benefit and these ladies. I can't wait for what's in store with the brand next year; As always, I'll be happy to report! :D

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What lipstick are you wearing miss B?

  2. That was a great event indeed. Imagining all experience on that day: makeovers, all about make ups and that studs of bling lash is really cool! Oh, I enjoy reading the history of life of Jared Bailey! Truly amazing and inspiring. Knowing that he is a pastor pa pala:) I love your makeup look here btw.

  3. i think that event was a blast because it was hosted by Benefit, and they also taught all of you on how to use their new product! :)

  4. Bring on the Bling! I love Benefit and how they are so creative even on their packaging.

  5. It will be great to be Wed in front of someone who can help me create a perfect brows!

  6. Jared is an interesting person. :) I found the facts about him really cool. Anyway, even though you said that it's weightless, I'm still not sure if I want to have blings. Haha. Just not my type. But it's really innovative and different. :)


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