FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How To Combat Dryness When Wearing Matte Foundation

Well what do you know; we're almost halfway through January! How was the first month of the year for you? Mine is a little busy and confused (still fixing my sched and plans for the first six months), but come February, I'll have all things ironed out. 

Today, our FMF is from Joyce and she's asking how to prevent skin from turning dry and flaky when wearing matte foundation.

Hello Joyce!

Happy Friday! Oh, I get that problem too. Sometimes, my skin gets weirdly dry on some areas and sometimes, the foundation just has a drying formula. Here are some techniques to do to prevent your skin from getting dry, flaky, and itchy when wearing matte foundation.

1. Moisturize

- A lot of people don't know that some skin types still need to moisturize even before makeup and not all liquid foundations can moisturize and hydrate skin during wear. If you have dry skin in particular, apply a layer of moisturizer on your skin to help combat dryness during the day.

2. Opt For A Moisturizing Primer

- Instead of going for silicone, choose a primer with a moisturizer type of consistency; this will prolong your makeup and help get rid of 

Left:; Right:

3. Mix Moisturizer With Foundation

- If you can't wait for moisturizer to set in before putting on makeup, the wise thing to do is mix both products! Just apply a dot or two of moisturizer (depending on how much foundation you'll take) on the matte foundation and mix them together. Dryness solved, problem solved!

Left:; Right:

4. Mix Moisturizing Foundation With Matte Foundation

- A technique I personally do when my skin is oddly flaky on some days. I take my usual amount of matte foundation and add a pump of a moisturizing/watery liquid foundation to break the consistency and add a bit of slip to it; don't add too much of the latter so as to not destroy the properties of the former and make sure the shades match!

Let me know which one of these tricks worked for you!

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27 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Moisturizing is one of the keys on achieving healthy skin. Thanks for sharing this amazing beauty tip Ms.Martha!

  2. I have tried the #3 where I mix my moisturiser with my foundation and it works. My skin tends to dry whenever it is in the colder months. I gotta try that last technique.I believe, good moisturiser will always do the trick.

  3. I usually do this to save time (so I'm on the right track♪♫♪ - ala Lady gaga)

  4. Because I have dry skin, I told myself that matte foundation is not for me despite the fact that honestly I want to try some of them. I'm so glad to know these techniques,now I know what to do and I can try matte foundation atlas(*.*)Thank you so much!

  5. Fortunately for me, I haven't encountered such problem with matte foundations. I always moisturize my face so as to prevent dry flakes, especially if it's cold. But I really learned a lot from this post. Another thing to keep in mind in case this happens. :)

  6. Never tried mixing moisturizer with foundation. This trick might come in handy for those days when i have dry, flaky cheeks. Thanks for the helpful and time saving tips!

    1. You're welcome. Let me know which one works best for you. :)

  7. Im not a foundation wearer because when I do it will cling onto my dry patches. Will try to mix moisturizing foundation with matte ones. Thanks for the awesome tip!! :)

  8. I don't do foundation that much because they will cling on my dry patches throughout the day. But if I had to I will put tons of moisturizers. I'd like to try tip no. 4 Mix Moisturizing Foundation With Matte Foundation. Maybe that will work. Thanks another awesome tip!! :)

  9. The year has been tame so far. TBH I don't have any activities lined up yet for the next months.

    I always moisturize before applying makeup, so I don't end up with flaky foundation. However, I think I've been doing it not quite correctly because I almost always end up with foundation that easily wears off.

  10. Yes, I do moisturize my face before putting some foundation. But even I do so, when applying powder foundation, there are still times that it makes my face dry. :( and so I don't quite use foundations nowadays. If I really need to, I'll choose to have it in liquid form. It works better for me than the powder type. Thanks for this! :)

  11. thank you for this Ms. M. i've learned a lot. will try the techniques you've mentioned. thank you again! :)

  12. I'm looking forward to explore as many moisturizing products as I can to discover what's best for me. These tips are amazing! Thanks Ms. Martha :)

  13. parang may natatandaan akong post nyo way back (ilang years na din) yung DIY foundation ba yun nagshare kayo kung pano then parang naremember ko nagadd kayo ng moisturizer..


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