OOTD: Taking the Year Lightly

The first month of 2016 is almost ending. How's the start of the year for you so far? Mine started out pretty great: I've been working out pretty consistently at 3 times a week, diet is on point, I'm pretty faithful to my P350.00/meal budget (I made this rule for me this year because I realized that I spent way too much on food and eating out last year), and I'm getting good at managing stress, thanks to one of my mantras for the year: "TAKE IT LIGHTLY".

All of a sudden, there's this influx of work over at my company; I've been through this, but it still stresses me out especially since it came right after the holidays (not prepared for this, I need one more Christmas haha!); still, I'm thankful because it's work! 

Nowadays, I've been teaching myself to smile at everything and take things lightly no matter how dreadful they are because once you dread, frown, and allow negative things to irk you, you allow stress to invade you. Taking things lightly prevents stress from entering your mental door; not even coming near it!

So what's the relationship of this OOTD post? If you noticed, my top is serious, my bottom is fun; I dress like this nowadays: I make sure my outfit has elements of seriousness and fun to remind myself to always keep things balanced; the super fun skirt reminds me of my mantra for this year too


BAG: Balenciaga
SHOES: Via Venetto

In a few days, it will be February's turn at the spotlight. What do you plan to do with it?

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I agree Ms.Martha to take some things lightly especially work, it's just work and we don't want it to rule our lives. I love your ootd. It's different from your other ootd, it's light and fun. Oooh February is just right around the corner and it will be my birthday month, I am betond excited for it lol!

  2. Mine was happy and full of excitement. A good start this year(*^^*)
    Your outfit idea is great by mixing it that you use as a reminder to yourself(^_^) your outfit is beautiful.Love the skirt.
    "Take things lightly" ,I'll keep this in mind always. (^^♪

  3. I'm so happy for you on how you started this year. It's such an inspiration that you shares with all your heart your personal thoughts in life. I am dedicated to spent less on eating outside too.I love your OOTD! You look so nice with that outfit.I have almost the same top and didn't try to pair it up with pencil skirt *I don't have one pala of it. hehe* That bag is purely gorgeous. Oh well, have a great day always:)smile at everything makes me smile right now and I feel good.

  4. cute and fashionable outfit. it looks good on you Ms. M. yup, let's take our day to day work lightly and don't let it affect you in a negative manner. :)

  5. Gorgeous look! I hope you always keep in touch!
    Qing's Style

  6. I like your mantra and your skirt Ms. Martha! :)

  7. Love your OOTD! Time flies by so quickly. It's almost February!

    I've been so lazy to work out last December. As motivation, I pay myself 100 pesos for each day that I work out. The money I save can be spent on makeup, shopping, traveling or whatever. No workout = no money for stuff that I want. lol It's been great so far.

  8. I got sick on the first week of the first month of the year. The following week, my husband and daughter got sick too. I'm still thankful though that it's just ordinary case of flu due to weather changes and nothing more serious than that and we are all feeling well now. So for the coming months i'll be paying more attention to our health because as they say, health us wealth and my family is what matters to me most so i should make sure to take care of them. By the way, i love how you incorporated fun with seriousness in that look. More blessing ahead to you, Ms. Matha!

  9. Yes to balancing fun and serious! I can't believe that January is almost over, but I'm proud to say I'm off to a very good start. I worked hard, but also play hard and will continue to do so the rest of 2016. Yes to #PositiveEnergy and #GoodVibes!

    P.S. You are totally rocking that skirt Ms. Martha <3

  10. How fast the time flies, right? Sigh. I think you will be my inspiration for budgeting meals. :(( because just like you, I really spent too much on fancy and not-so-healthy foods. :( I think I need to be strict to myself. But I cant help it. There are lots of yummy and mouthwatering foods existing nowadays! We can't blame them. :( I really need a good workout to burn those excess baby fats. :( A.Very.Good.One. (Tho, i don't look fat).

  11. Anyway, good choice of outfit there Ms. Martha. You have nice curves. :)

  12. I'm also getting a bit stressed out this month but I'm just glad it's for the better. I'm planning to be more career driven the next month so as to boost my skills. Plus, I won't forget to chill and relax, for my mental and psychological well being

  13. Thank you ladies; I'm glad you were also able to let out all your thoughts, especially the stressful ones; I trust that you will all have a wonderful 2016. :D


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