Pink Sugar Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Pink Sugar Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette.

Price: P699.00
From: Free
Other Locations: Available in selected SM Department Stores


Most drugstore eyeshadow palettes don't go beyond five colors plus feature shades that closely resemble each other or are either metallic or matte, thus not inducing creativity at all. If you find one beyond five, their prices either go through the roof or quality is 'okay'. Pink Sugar exactly had the same sentiments as mine, thus they released a game changer called Eye Candy, an eyeshadow palette collection with a good mix of complementing colors and textures, and great quality; it will be your go- to eyeshadow anytime and anywhere!


This eyeshadow collection features a wide range of shades assorted in convenient palettes; each palette combines various textures and shades for limitless eye makeup looks. Eye Candy comes in two color combinations: EC-01 (Pinks, Blues, Grays) and EC-02 (Browns, Peaches, Purples).

The products come in fun, catchy packaging; they don't look drugstore to me at all!

Wait 'til you get to the actual palettes...

Voila! The embossed zigzag print gave the sleek, black design a unique touch, the palette feels sturdy (not sure though if the shadows can survive a fall and I don't wanna try!), and it's sleek and will fit snuggly even in your jeans' pockets! These palettes actually remind me of Bobbi Brown's Holiday Edition palettes.

Here's EC-01; It's a cool- toned palette with a mix of Blue, Pink, and Gray.

Here's EC-02; it's a warm-toned palette with Brown, Peach, and Purple.

For the sake of suggestion, if you're Fair, go for EC-01; if you're Medium or Dark, go for EC-02. The nice thing about the palettes is they look nice on any skin tone so you can switch from one palette to the other anytime you want to and regardless of skin tone.

I noticed that these palettes dupe some popular MAC eyeshadow shades such as Carbon, Woodwinked, Amberlights, Blacktied, Ricepaper, Expensive Pink, Naked Lunch, and Romp to name a few.

EC-01 Shades:

1- Pale Pink (matte)
2- Powder Beige (matte)
3- Powder Pink (matte)
4- Icy Champagne (frost)
5- Muted Beige (frost; looks like Naked Lunch)
6- Midtone beige (frost)
7- Sea Blue (metallic)
8- Peacock Blue (semi-matte)
9- Gunmetal Gray (semi-matte; looks like Blacktied)
10- Black (matte; looks like Carbon)

 EC-02 Shades:

1- Creamy white (frost)
2- Champagne (frost)
3- Pale Gold (frost)
4- Peach Pink (metallic; looks like Expensive Pink)
5- Cork Brown (matte; looks like Romp)
6- Copper orange (frost; looks like Amberlights)
7- Bronze Brown (frost; looks like Woodwinked)
8- medium Brown (matte)
9- Purple Pink (semi-matte)
10- Black (matte; looks like Carbon)


 EC-02 on my lids

 EC-01 on my lids

EC-01 on my lids

Between the two palettes, I prefer EC-02 more because of the Woodwinked dupe; EC-02 is a great palette and I'm loving in particular the Powder Pink shade, but I wish they can change the Sea Blue shade into another shade of Blue or a forest green (MAC Humid would be a great reference).

The eyeshadows have medium to heavy pigmentation, smooth, yield minimal fallout, and are easy to blend; I am amazed at the mattes in particular because they're quite easy to work with; matte eyeshadows can be such a pain to deal with, but thank God for Pink Sugar. The eyeshadows stay on better if used with an eye primer.

If you're a straightforward gal who wants an all-in-one eyeshadow palette or at least one that contains almost everything you need, grab Pink Sugar Eye Candy because it's designed to be that way, plus quality is good, range of shades and textures is good, the unusual pops of color in the palettes encourage you to get creative with your makeup looks or to at least try something new every day, and it's really affordable: 699php for 10 shades so that's like a little over P69.00 only per shade!


Please visit PINK SUGAR COSMETICS on Facebook for more information about these products.

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28 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I tried swatching these on my hands and they are so pigmented! I also agree that Pink Sugar products are a game changer for make up products. I also liked the EC-02 palette because well it's warm colored and you can use it everyday.

  2. I love the sturdy black packaging of this Pink Sugar eyeshadow palette. Both have pretty shades. The EC-01 contains fun selection of shades( powder pink and peacock are my faves) but I like EC-02 more for its earthy colors just like a classic one( Its shade truly pop up on your eye makeup so the pigmentation is really great indeed. Thanks for the review:)

  3. Eye Candy, for its name itself it feels like a sweet treat.(^~^) Too hard to ignore...
    I have dark skin but ec-01 hits my heart because I'm inlove with bright shades ever since and with shimmers also.Sea blue, icy champagne and muted beige are so beautiful.You look lovely with the ec-02 eye makeup(^.^)

  4. At first glance, EC-02 looked more appealing to me. When i read that you suggest it for morenas and medium-tones, i was like "in fairness to me, i made the right choice!" Making the correct guess on which palette will look better on me was already an accomplishment,haha!Ang babaw!Anyway, Pink Sugar's Eyeshadow palette is definitely worth trying. Nice shades, good quality and affordable.

  5. Thanks for sharing this beauty find, Ms. Martha. I love that it has 10 shades available. Love the color selection as well, for both cool and warm tone palettes.

  6. It's great that all of the shades in both palettes are wearable. I especially love the packaging! It looks so luxe for something so affordable.

  7. i want to have one so i can play with it and practice how to apply eyeshadow perfectly, and it's a score because it doesn't cost that much. :)

  8. I have not seen any pink sugar in my malls. Itching to try these out!

  9. I can definitely see how pigmented Pink Sugar Eyeshadows are..and thankfully they’re not made in PRC. :)
    Hoping for more Filipino brands lile Pink Sugar.

  10. both of them is a great set of palettes..these kinds of palettes are useful for me and any makeup swatches from you is double thumbs up.. it really helps me a lot to choose what makeup cosmetics to buy next thanks Miss Martha for sharing this...

  11. WOW! I love the eyeshadow! Cute packaging and very pigmented! I will definitely buy that soooooooon 💛

  12. We have the same thoughts about the Sea Blue shade! I was thinking about metallic olive green,then I googled your Mac shade reference and that's exactly what I'm thinking about!

    Anyway, I noticed that most Pink Sugar shades are dupes of more expensive makeup brands (Nars dupes for their blush and Mac for the eyeshadow) which is great for us girls who are on a budget or just starting out with makeup. :)

  13. I've been waiting for this day to come. I wasn't able to subscribe from BDJ's Novemver Box. I missed this and Super talagang naiyak ako kasi Its my first time sana. Bad thing, busy ako that month so ayun. As in ang sakit sakit. I hope this time, manalo ako for the sake of this preety pink sugar products. Thank you for the chance!

  14. This is a must have palette.. It is not expensive but it is has beautiful colors.. I want the EC 2

  15. This is an answered prayer! :) been trying to decide which one to get (both would be awesome but out of the budget haha) and with pink sugar not yet being available here in cdo, I've just been relying on pics of the palettes online and reading the reviews in beautymnl. Haha stayed torn between the two for aaaages cause while the info and pics in beautymnl are helpful, there's really nothing like getting to see swatches. Actual would be great but this is the next best thing for me! :) so thank you thank you thank you! I think it's ec01 for me till I get more budget for ec02! ;)

  16. Does anyone know if this brand is only available in the Philippines? Thanks.

  17. EC02 for cause the colors can be easily transitioned from office to party looks!

  18. Thanks for the review, Miss Marthe! I'm considering of trying out the EC02!:-)

  19. EC02 is just to die for, and I knew it the first time I swatched them at their stall at SM Fairview's department store and thought the former is right up my alley compared to EC01. I used to dream of owning a UD Naked palette, but with so much choices from affordable brands lately (BYS, Maybelline, Pink Sugar), I might be willing to put that dream on hold for now.

    Ms. M, speaking of neutral eyeshadow palettes from affordable brands, how do you compare this to the likes of BYS Nudes palette and Maybelline The Nudes palette? Just curious...

  20. I hope they will add more palette this year! Planning to get palette from this brand.

  21. Saw these at the mall! Grabe, i really want to get the EC-02 but sobrang dami ng tao nun sa mall cause of the christmas rush so my cousin and i didnt have the time to swatch them on but then i saw this and gaaahd, it looks pretty and worth it! Super pigmented pa and i just love the shades, pwede siya magamit sa school for some of its shades. I love how you can mix and match pa to try other shadow pa na wearable din sa other occasions. I think worth it naman kung bibilhin to. :)

  22. Wow thank you for reviewing this, I do not know what Pink Sugar Eye Candy palette is better because I can't afford both of them. I was searching for a good review of this palette ever since because they have a nice packages. And I wonder what quality it has. I really love to have this soon.

  23. I think Pink Sugar is perfect for makeup junkies especially those who are looking for something long-lasting that looks great and yet won’t burn a hole in your wallet. That all sounds like a dream for any makeup lover out there, but upon discovered a brand that can provide all of that, I literally had my mouth gaped open after I saw it at the Dept. Store! Gotta try their Eye Candy Eyeshadow Palette which has so many different colours, we won’t run out of choices, regardless of what kind of makeup we're looking for!

  24. I love the packaging! This product is definitely on my "to buy list." It love that it has more colors compared to other drugstore pallettes (i.e. Maybelline).

  25. I've tried the palettes myself during an event and they're both lovely. The colors are pigmented even without a primer. They both look lovely on you. But I prefer EC-01 better because of the blue ones. :)

  26. I love the EC 01 palette. The colors are more lively and it has some close shades of 2016. (Rose Quarts and Serenity) :)

    Hoping to have this soon! :D

  27. I've been meaning to try Pink Sugar products ever since I've heard about it but never got the chance. Those palettes are so adorable <3

  28. gorgeous palettes i would pick them both


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