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Snoe Stink Positive Instant Shower Spray in Rain Shower Review

Here's a review on Snoe Stink Positive Instant Shower Spray.

PRICE: P1,199.00
FROM: Free
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I hate smelly stuff because not only does it make me sick, it ruins my mood too; call me vain and overreacting, but that's probably my streak as a person. This explains why I have all sorts of aromatic home products such as scented candles, essential oils and burners, reed diffusers, air purifiers, and room sprays (See? I know my shiz. :D). Also, I hate smell clinging onto my body and clothes or when I start to smell naturally that's why I have perfumes (and I have a collection of them) with me always.

A re-introduction to Snoe Beauty made me discover Stink Positive, one of their newest products; it's a deodorizer that can work on humans and even on rooms, furniture, and clothing; this product is a great find for stink- sensitive people like me!


This skin- caring deodorizer for the hair and body promises to get rid of bad odor, bacteria, and help brighten skin, and features the following ingredients:

Deoplex- Saccharides Ferment; neutralizes odor from mildew, pets, cigarette smoke, and food
Symdeo- an effective and safe anti-bacterial ingredient for deodorant applications.
Tawas- natural deodorizer
Lemon- helps lighten spots, heal acne, and get rid of excess sebum on oily skin
Curcuma- used as treatment for acne blemishes, blackheads, hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, and eczema, prevents dry skin, helps slow down the aging process, and improves skin's elasticity.



The product comes in one size only, a utilitarian 135g bottle with a gun atomizer. It's not really everyday bag- friendly, but I can see myself bringing this to the gym and spraying all over to get rid of the scent of sweat before grabbing some chow before heading home. Scent is fresh, a lasting unisex aquatic fragrance with a minty trail; the minty trail is the reason why I would only use this product post- gym and as a stink eliminator for the home because it's not me to sport a minty fragrance.

Stink Positive is highly effective in eliminating food/pet/smoke odor on the clothes, furniture, hair, curtains, and room, and quickly at that; I've never used anything quite as effective as this in getting rid of unwanted smell. Put one in the room or leave one in the car!

Overall, this is pretty great product (but I just feel it's quite pricey) as it condenses cologne, deodorizer, deodorant, and room spray; it's recommended for the minimalist individual and for anyone who hates bad odor!


Please visit SNOE BEAUTY on Facebook for more information about this product.

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I believe that it's a bit pricey too but they have amazing products so what can we do, we buy them because it works for us eventhough it's expensive.

  2. This sounds apparently great with those ingredients that surely fights bad odors. Though its pricey too in my opinion.

  3. I am so amazed to discover new product and how it works(^.^) I'm impressed how this technology comes out products to fulfill each one's needs just like bad odor.(*^▽^*)
    I would love to try this snow rain shower, its name stink positive is so cool.However, the price point is out of my league right now.(^~^)

  4. I think we need this on our house since we have a lot of dogs.. and i don't like their smell when they do not take a shower but its not good to shower the dog everyday. so this will be a big help! But its kinda pricey.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I love my dogs, but they stink sometimes! :p

  5. Goodness! This is quite a pricey product considering the ingredients used. I think I can make my own thank you very much! Lol. I am actually on a hunt for a deodorizer that I can use when I use public bathrooms but I might skip this. Thanks for this post!

  6. True! Nakakainis talaga yung bad odor sa room.. Maganda naman talaga siya kaso yung price lang

  7. It's a great product (My office mate gave this one as a Christmas gift) though, I can't buy it for myself I was discourage by the price. I go for zen zest.

  8. Interesting product! My nose is really sensitive to smell to the point that I can smell something first before everyone else does. So I guess I'll be needing this one! I just hope they have smaller sizes. :/

  9. I want to try this to sanitize and to make the kids room smelling fresh all day! Well It's Snoe so we would really expect that It would be a bit pricey but we pay for the quality and I think the product does a lot of job in just one spray!! whew! I think it would be nice if they have small sizes so you can bring it anywhere. :)

    1. Agree with that! :) I'd like to see this in a smaller size too for travel and so that people can try it first before committing to the big one.

  10. When I saw the price, I thought it was a little too expensive. But then it can be used for humans OR rooms. Interesting.

  11. Interesting. I wonder if it works well enough on the smell of food that really clings to clothes from barbecues and grills. I find that even expensive EDTs can't get rid of it. I sometimes feel like I smell like meat after lunch.

    1. Hey! Nice to see you here at the comments section again. Regarding your comment, I tried it one time after having dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant and it got rid of the smell of smoke and onion. :)

  12. This would be perfect for a shoe closet! I don't have smelly feet ha, it's just that I store my shoes in a closed space so they tend to smell stuffy.
    but yeah, P1,200 sounds a bit much. Maybe when they're on sale. :)

  13. it's helpful to have a deodorizer, lalo na pag hindi mo talaga gusto ung naaamoy mo, hehe, but yeah, it's a bit pricey though. :)

  14. I love how this product is not only for the body but also safe for the hair! This is perfect for me since I can't help hugging our dogs before I go out of the house, even at times when they smell. And my, I hate the smell of smoke especially when it clings to clothes. Urgh. I would totally buy this product <3


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