DEAR READERS: Do you set rules for yourself when buying makeup?

A friend of mine recalled how her BF's makeup- obsessed mother hauled 30k worth of makeup and skin care products at Chanel's beauty counter one time; that story's so legendary, it puts my Beauty Blogger status to shame; I don't think I can ever spend that amount on makeup in one blow!

This brings me now to a Dear Readers question for February: Do you set rules for yourself when buying makeup?

I used to have a lot of rules when it comes to shopping for makeup because I can be such a hoarder, but thanks to my Beauty Blogger status now, the need to hoard has been lessened and I receive products that satisfy my crave to always try out new products. Still, I can go overboard sometimes!

Here are my rules:

1. If you need it, buy it: Powder foundations, toiletries, and skin care fall in this category; these are my essentials, meaning I really can't do without them.
2. Impulse buy rules: limit it to three: sometimes, I can't help it and I wanna impulse buy, but since I'm a grown up, I set rules: Whenever I feel the need to impulse buy, I should stick with three products only.
3. If it's expensive, think real hard if you really need it: sometimes, I take the thought home so I'll be really sure I won't feel bad after making the plunge
4. "Do you really need it?"- a question I ask myself if I come across something that I really want, but think can do without (gosh, it's a hard place to be in, I swear); this question always helps me decide.

So there are my rules; what are yours?

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I try products one at a time and I reviews before I purchase an item.

  2. when i know i don't need it but i want it, i check the price first, then think really, really hard (hahaha!) if i should buy it or not. :D

  3. "Do you really really need it?"
    "Wala ka pa bang ganyan?"

    I always try to set rules because I have hoarding tendencies too.. The first question, I can always answer and make palusot. The second one brings me to reality that yes, i already have that kind/shade of makeup.
    If I really want something, I'll go home and look for reviews (that's where you come in guys, you enablers!!) to see if it's really worth it.

  4. I have rules for myself, too, and it's not just for cosmetics but for fashion items as well. For cosmetics, my rules are similar to yours. 1) Buy what I need because they are my staples. 2) Impulse buys: I set a budget, depending on how much I could blow on unplanned expenses during that month. 3) For expensive items, I research first and read a lot of reviews. Since I have sensitive skin, I pay special attention to ingredients and country of origin (based on experience, not all silicone seem to be equal). I also try to sleep on it (for one week if I can haha)first before purchasing. Trying to not buy it until a week later makes me think if I really want it (or need it). If after a week I can't justify it or have forgotten about it, I won't buy it. :) If it's expensive but it worked for me in the past, it'll move to my staples list (item 1).

  5. Oh my ! its hard to fight that feeling especially when I know I have money to spend. I try not to see these online sale like yesterday at althea beauty website, its a good thing I dont have credit card or paypal haha

  6. This is pretty cool. I've never thought of them as "rules", but here are mine:
    1. Do I need it?
    2. Do I really want it? If I do, do I intend to use it often/at all? (lol, this is usually the deal-breaker)
    3. Is there a cheaper alternative that I can settle for?

    These questions proved to be helpful, especially since I have this tendency to be swayed by trends.

  7. i used to be shopaholic but i try to set a rules in buying make up since i overhoard most of the time. these days i ask my self 4 questions. .1. do you need it and do you have the same thing? 2? will it works with your skin type? i have sensitive skin and i always experience breakout 3) is it worth your money? think 100x and be sure that the item that i will bought wont goes to preloved make up trading in facebook, if i overhoard sometimes i sell the items 70% or 50% of the value of the item. 4) remind my self to save and invest in other things that you can use in the future other than make up.

  8. Most of the time I sleep on it. If it shows up in my dream then I get it. :))))

  9. The biggest temptation for me to do impulse buying is SALE. Parang binibigyan nalang ng palusot na mura lang at pagkakataon na kaya bili na! But the question "do i really need it?" weighs more than "do i really want it?"

  10. No matter how many lust worthy products in the market, I always end up most of the time just buying the products that were mainstay in my makeup bags. Those are my all time favorites I guess:) I don't spend too much on makeups but I invest well on my skin care products.

  11. YES! i set rules when buying makeup/skincares.. and since I am a mom-on-budget i have to plan and make list of my things to buy and categorized them into: NEED and WANT then it is always a battle with myself kapag nasa harapan na ako nung item.

    If it is a skincare.. I check twice if I still have at home, kailangan i would only buy if paubos na ang ginagamit ko plus, pasok ba sya sa sinet ko na budget.

    if it is a makeup.. same like skincare, do I still have something to use at home, mahirap kasi kapag nakabili ka na di mo na mapapansin yung ginagamit mo currently.. and before buying, nag hahanap muna ako online ng REVIEWS or if it is pricey meron kaya akong makikitang DUPE

    I always consider yung mga things at items na need ng anak ko and I am saving up for her studies..

    hugs ms m!

  12. I try to set rules. But luckily, I've amassed enough stuff that I think twice before buying. I keep reminding myself that I am a filthy hoarder. (lol) So most of my buys are usually impulse buys. Because of that, I have to think along the lines of, "How many makeup remover do I still have lined up? Two? Ok, NO!" For makeup, the item has to be pretty darn special for me to want it. I'll still grab a lipstick, but the color has to be distinct that I can justify the purchase.

  13. Yan ang dahilan kung bkit nauubos oras ko.. Sa pag iisip kung bibilhin o hindi; do I need it or want it.. Lagi akong ngtatagal sa isang counter dahil sa kkaisip if I should buy it or not

  14. Just like others I ask my self first kung may ganyang product na ba ako or do I really need it. As much as possible I avoid going to the make up department kasi for sure uuwi ako ng may dala. Im not as obsessed like a few years ago ngayon whenever I see a new product I check the reviews first before finally giving in and since everything depends on your skin type or how your skin will react to the product pag di okay sa skin ko I give it to my sister who is a make up addict like me haha.

  15. If I am filthy rich, I won't set rules. If I am wise, I will think twice. Lol! :))

  16. Wow, that's a huge amount of money. As for me, I buy what I need too. And when impulse buying, I limit myself to just 500 pesos. Yes, that small amount :) And whenever I buy makeup, I always bring my boyfriend because he's the one asking me if I need it. It works for me. For expensive makeup, I really make sure that I want it, and it's within the budget that I'm willing to spend. :)

  17. My rules on buying beauty and skin care products:
    1. Am I going to use it regularly? - If not, I put it back on the shelf. If yes, with no hesitations, I get it.

    I am also that kind where I want to buy stuffs which in the end, being stored on my unused make ups cabinet. So chances are, if I still have something like the one I want, I don't buy it unless the other one runs out :) We just have to discipline ourselves.

  18. haha! If I see something inside the mall I wont buy it right away. I go home and if I cant stop thinking about it then I will buy it. haha


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