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Here's a review on Nature Essentials Maracuja Oil.

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Have you guys heard of Maracuja Oil? Probably you did because Tarte Cosmetics is the first brand that released an exclusive Maracuja Oil product; a lot of people swear by it; I wanted to try it, but thought it to be really expensive. :p

As a fan of natural oils, Maracuja has always been in my list because its an up-and-coming oil and looks like it's a savior for those with dull, dry skin; locally, Nature Essentials is arguably the first distributor of pure Maracuja Oil in the Philippines and luckily, I'm able to try it out; I've used up my Maracuja Oil 2 months ago and I'm telling you, if you want super soft, healthy- looking, bouncy, zero dryness skin, this oil is the answer!


Nature Essentials is a local natural skin care and makeup brand that operates online; according to them, they are the first distributor of pure Maracuja Oil in the Philippines.


Maracuja Oil is extracted from Passionflower or Passionfruit so aside from its fatty- acid dense composition that helps rejuvenate and fortify skin, it has Vitamin C as well that helps clarify and brighten skin, taking away dullness. Nature Essentials Pure Maracuja Oil comes in a cute purple bottle packaged in a presentable box; nothing fancy about the packaging.

Maracuja Oil feels just like any natural oil; its scent is different though as it smells like floral with a hint of citrus, but it's very, very faint and you can still smell the 'naturalness' of the product; I suppose this is the natural scent of Maracuja Oil. It has an emollient texture, but doesn't feel greasy; it creates a moisture- infused barrier, making it great for those who suffer from dry skin. However, it doesn't get absorbed easily so just apply a light layer if you have oily or normal skin.

I was able to finish the entire bottle in about 5 months, using it as an alternative to night cream and as a moisturizer for my heels, elbows, and knees; I haven't tried applying this product on my hair, but I believe it's a good leave-in treatment for dry fringes. After a period of usage, my knees, elbows, and heels felt really soft and my heels exhibited the most significant result: it looked smoother, softer, and the rough areas went away. On my face, after a month of usage, it felt really, really, soft; I've never felt my skin that soft ever; it also remedied the dry patches on the sides of my nose and my skin looked clearer overall; it didn't lighten any dark spots, but I feel that this product somehow helped me stay blemish- free! No breakouts with this product, but I still wouldn't recommend it to those with sensitive skin because natural oils can trigger allergic reactions.

This multitasking oil is great for those suffering with dry skin because its moisturizing properties are superb!


Please visit NATURE ESSENTIALS on Facebook for more information about this product.

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  1. This is fairly priced, I think. It's the first time that I've heard of maracuja oil. The name is kinda catchy. haha

  2. I'm using an all-natural,plant-based oil on my undereyes and it has lessen the darkness after three weeks of usage. I would love to try Maracuja oil but it's pricey for me. Maracuja sounds like "magical" to me.

  3. I just saw this product on some online shop for the first time awhile ago, and it was on sale! And now, saw this for the second time here. Does that mean I need to buy some? Hmm. looks promising though! Plus it's organic. Aww!

  4. "I've never felt my skin that soft ever." This line of yours makes me really want to buy it! <3

  5. Haven't tried Maracuja Oil ever since. I'm so afraid that it might give me breakouts. Last time I used oil on my face kasi super ako nagsisi.

  6. Great review, Ms. Martha! How would you compare it to argan oil? Would you recommend this for people with oily skin?

  7. Ohh I've been hearing about this oil early last year yet this is the first time I've read an in depth review :D

  8. Thanks for the review! I need to try this soon.I believe Nature Essentials have a 30% off sale on Maracuja oil.

  9. I am really wanting to try this .. Thanks miss martha for the info

  10. i want to try this because you mentioned that you also use it on your heels. i just want to pamper my feet sometimes. :D

  11. This is really interesting. First time I've heard about the oil. Love that this is natural and organic. Would love to try this. Though I'm not sure if this would cause break outs.


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