Sephora Philippines Online Is Here + Everything You Need To Know

You’ve probably read about this already, but let me revive the excitement for you:


Yes, ladies; swooning is totally permitted.

Formerly Luxola, now SephoraPhilippines; is a dream come true for us beauty aficionados here in the Philippines, specifically for those who have been yearning for Sephora to reach local shores. I was luckily chosen as the messenger of the beauty gods to deliver everything you need to know about the website and a preview of some of the exciting products to try from their selection of brands.

New year, new makeup, and new brands! The moment I opened the packages (fine, I ripped them open out of excitement!), joyful memories of discovering whole, new beauty brands filled my head; it’s nice that with Sephora Philippines online, we now have quick access to most cult and interesting beauty brands that are not available locally, and here are a few below: brand, Mirenesse, gave out a couple of defining products for the eyes and lips; one thing that stood out for me in this brand is the packaging: it’s sexy, it’s black, and cost- effective. Nude Stix is a duo of waterproof pencil cream shadows, which I’m very excited to try because cream shadow is now part and parcel of my daily makeup routine. Balance Me is an award- winning hand cream that conditions any degree of hand dryness (I felt my hands wiggled in excitement when I wrote this). This Works is a range of aromatherapy products for the contemporary being and I got Energy Bank Breathe In, which is basically spa in a bottle.  Alpha H Liquid Gold is pure Glycolic Acid that aids skin in exfoliation.

Why of course, Sephora is never Sephora without Sephora Collection, their exclusive beauty range; I have here Sephora Collection PRO brushes; these are some of the most unique makeup brushes I’ve seen and I’m loving the hard shell cover and look, the brushes are monogrammed with my name too! :D I received these cute lippies also from Laqa & Co. (Yay! A Kylie Jenner lip shade!) and Winky Lux Lip Velour, a lippie that’s too cute for my life!

Nude Stix on my eyes, Winky Lux Lip Velour on my lips, and Mirenesse D.A.D. Define Art Duet Eyeliner on my lash line

Wearing some of the makeups that tickled my fancy in this OOTD. Winky Lux really feels like velour as its got a texture that’s emollient and smooth. Nude Stix stays on; in fact, I worked out in it one time and it stayed as well as Mirenesse’s eyeliner; this eyeliner brilliantly comes with thin and thick applicators for a customized look!

I will be reviewing these products in individual product reviews; I’m sure you’re all ready to shop! I want to get more Sephora Exclusive products, but for now, here are some shopping FAQS that would be nice for you to know:

1. Will the products come from the Philippines or Singapore?
- The products will be shipped from Singapore, same with Luxola.

2. Do the buyers have to cover any tax internationally and locally?
- Sephora believes in hassle free shipping and therefore ship on a Delivery Duty Paid basis. This means that all relevant import taxes and duties are included in the final purchase price.

3. How do buyers dodge the problem with claiming of packages from our local customs or is the delivery door to door?
- The delivery is done door to door and a tracking number will be issued once an order has been made. As such, customers can track their packages online at 

4. Is this like the U.S. Sephora where a buyer gets a couple of beauty samples for reaching a required purchase amount? (I shop at a lot and I'm a Beauty Insider, and I get a lot of freebies)
- Sephora offers specially curated samples, which are available upon checkout. Just choose from the available samples on the checkout page before going to the shipping page. Due to high demand, we offer 1 sample per order and on a while stock last basis. (Samples are not available during Flash Sales)

5. Not all Filipinos have credit card. How will you cater to those who can't pay using CC?
- Those who do not have credit cards can pay using DragonPay. DragonPay allows you to make payment via the following methods below, some of which do not require cards. 
- Over-the counter through Bank
- Over-the counter through non-bank AND GCash

6. Will you be adding more brands in the future?
- Yes, Sephora will bring in more brands in the near future so do keep your eyes peeled; for now, new brands that arrived are Marc Jacobs Beauty, Cover FX, and Eyeko.

The upcoming months will be really exciting for Sephora fans like me! Ready to shop? Visit SEPHORA.PH now. Tell me what you got and what you will be getting!

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. OH MY GOD! I lost my shit when I saw your first picture. Haha. So excited for this.

  2. I'm really happy Sephora is now in the Philippines. Found out because of you Ms. Martha. As soon as I did, I checked their site fast. Though I'm hoping there will be a lot more brands coming. I will soon have a purchase from them. Thanks again Ms. M and keep us updated! :)

  3. Sephora Collection PRO brushes and Laqa & Co. is what i love from your package! excited for the reviews!! :)

  4. Sephora is in the Philippines and now my money kiss me good bye hahahha :D anyway, I'm looking forward for nudestix review. I'm experimenting with their green corrector yet, I don't know how to work it out.

  5. Ever since Sephora launched here in the Philippines, I've been avoiding it. I know I have no sense of self control so yeah. Also I am drooling over that make up brushes! I want them too and my name on it!

  6. I wonder why Tarte isn't included yet, though I am thrilled to hear that Marc Jacobs is coming. It's still looking a lot like Luxola rather than Sephora, but I guess we just have to give them time.

  7. Feeling nothing but "inggit" for what got from Sephora.

  8. Wow these are new brands I would love to try. I got a sunblock and makeup remover from Sephora and reviewed it here:


  9. Oh My God! They're here! They're here! Yeiii! Masaya na Nakakalungkot.. Masaya dahil andito na siya malungkot dahil nagtitipid ako Hahaha Bahala na

  10. it's almost 1 AM now and I am still awake and shopping online! T.T Do you know if sephora carries an badass concealer to hide the undereye guilt come daytime?

  11. I love your picture with the package. :)

  12. I was so excited when I've heard the news. But right now, upon browsing through the site, I'm not yet urged to buy. I will wait for other brands to come up and let's see what I will buy. I have some on my wishlist already. :) Can't wait for your reviews of the products especially the mirenesse

  13. You've got a good beauty haul from Sephora! I also wished I can hoard the things I like, however I'm really not that make up savvy where I can use them all haha. So i just watch bloggers show off their beauty hauls :)

  14. Mirenesse brand is new to me.. (made from what country ms m? i saw the brushes from your IG post! and its intriguing do you like them? =)

    i really love reading haul posts from your blog ms m! more hauls please!! hihi

  15. Gusto ko sana mg try mg online shopping sa ung sa us kso they don't ship dto s pinas, paano kaya pwedeng gwin? Meron kayang prng shipmt agency na doon ipapadala ung mga inorder sa tpos cla mgshiship dto s pinas? Help, please huhu. Thank u soo much


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