Getting To Know My Lashes With Lash EM and Measurable Difference

When eyes are being discussed, the lashes are, most of the time, just a side topic, something that we'll just go over thinking it's just hair, but what we don't realize is lashes play an important role in keeping the eyes protected, clean, pretty, and in great condition too because they are closely connected.

Beyond the vain knowledge, I'll bet my bottom dollar we don't know our lashes that well, thus we don't know how to take care of them properly and maintain their health and beauty, which will eventually affect our overall eye health too. Thankfully, in the grand launch of Lash EM and Measurable Difference, I learned more about my lashes and prompted me to take care of them better.

But what are these brands, Measurable Difference and Lash EM?

Lash EM is by Chrislie Formulation, an American cosmetic company that specializes in eye, brow, and lash makeup and treatments; it is a premium brand of eye makeup and skin care that caters to a mature segment and promises to lengthen lashes, thicken brows, and care for the orbital eye. Lash EM is present in over 23 countries around the globe.

Lash EM is the answer to strong lash treatment formulas that can cause negative reactions such as discolorations of the skin and eye; it is primarily made with natural actives that are apparently safe, gentle, and effective. These are the core ingredients of Lash EM's products:

- Sympeptide: lengthens, fortifies, and thickens hair
- Plant Extracts- has antioxidants that fight free radical damage
- Natural Flower Distillate- natural nourishing agent
- QuSome: patented, proprietary technology that delivers higher encapsulation of the products for better absorption and delivery.

Lash EM products are ophthalmologist- tested, safe on all skin types, suitable for contact lens wearers, no eye irritation and discoloration, prostagladin- free, and paraben- free.

Measurable Difference is the younger sister of Lash EM, made by the same manufacturer; it's a hip, funky eye, lash, and brow makeup and treatment brand that cares for the lashes. Start young, start right!

Measurable Difference features RegenaLash, a patented peptide complex that nourishes, lengthens, thickens, and fortifies brows and lashes.

Now for the talk, Blue Al Inc., the distributor of Lash EM and Measurable Difference in the Philippines invited Qualimed and Dr. CRB to conduct Lash Talk, a series of quick talks on lash anatomy and care.

Dr. Jesa Protasio of Qualimed talked about Lash Anatomy and Conditions; she mused about the basic anatomy of the lash and that is the upper lash is made up of 100 strands and the lower lash, 50 strands (given those numbers, we should take care of our lashes better all the more! We don't have a lot of lashes, really!)

As for lash conditions, the most common ones are Stye (Kuliti), Chalazion (Pronounced as Ka-layzien; it's stye, but by the under eyes), Blepharitis (dandruff on the lids, the white spots that feel scratchy); all of which are most of the time caused by bad hygiene habits such as relentless rubbing of the eyes, mindlessly touching the eyes with dirty hands, and improper removal of eye makeup; I always get Blepharitis (now I know!) due to long- wearing eyeliner and mascara, and it's not nice! Ack! The more severe conditions are lash loss, lashes growing inward, and lashes growing on the waterline; for these, medical help is needed to address them properly.

TIP FROM DR. JESA: Clean your eyes thoroughly after each day to prevent these problems; use a q-tip to scrub out debris on the lash line

Dr. Cecilia Bernad of Dr. CRB talked about Lash and overall eye care. She started off by pointing out some bad habits that cause lash fall and these are:

1. Not removing makeup properly
2. Plucking out false eyelashes and extensions
3. Rubbing on the eyes vigorously
4. Applying mascara before curling

As for countering these habits, of course, she advised everyone to clean our eyes thoroughly and remove eye makeup completely before sleeping; she also advised against false eyelashes and told us to not compromise with products because we're talking about a very sensitive and very important part of the face in here. What's more interesting is she talked about the best ingredients to keep lashes beautiful and healthy, and these are:

1. Glycerin
2. Coconut Oil
3. Vaseline
4. Natural extracts

Now that we're on topic, Lash EM and Measurable Difference fit the bill because both lines are made with natural extracts only and have high concentrations of Glycerin, a good moisturizing agent. Kim Bigornia, Director for Lash EM and Measurable Difference in the Philippines mused about the products further:

Measurable Difference Lash and Brow Amplifying Serum (P1,549.75)- serum that helps lash and brows grow fuller and longer.

Measurable Difference Instant Lash Extensions (P1,029.75)- volumizing mascara with fibers.

Measurable Difference Lash Amplifying Mascara and Primer (P769.75)- mascara with primer that helps in better product adherence.

Measurable Difference Lash Amplifying Liquid Eyeliner (P519.75)- liquid eye liner with serum. Shades available are Black, Black Pearl, Espresso.

Measurable Difference Brow Amplifying Tint and lift (P519.75)- brow mascara that defines, holds, and helps thicken brows. Shades available: Espresso and Caramel.

Lash EM products:

1. Lash EM All Eyes On You Lash And Brow Enhancing Serum (P3,599.75)- helps lashes and brows grow.

2. Lash EM Double Trouble Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara (P1,029.75)- thickens and lengthens in one tube; water- resistant.

3. Lash EM Colour Strokes Liquid Eyeliner (P1,029.75)- liquid eyeliner with serum. Shades available are: Blackest Black, Black Pearl, Espresso.

4. Lash EM Extensions in a Bottle (P1,539.75)- fiber with volumizing mascara; water- resistant.

5. Lash EM Brow Tint and Lift (P1,029.75)- lifts and defines brows, plus helps thicken eye brows. Shades are Raven, Blonde, Brunette.

6. Lash EM 3-in-1 Eye Bright (P2,059.75)- lifts, brightens, and firms eyes; helps decrease puffiness.

7. Lash EM Picture Perfect Instant Wrinkle Reducer (P2,059.75)- instantly lifts eyes by filling in fine lines; addresses fine lines with long term use

Both brands promise to yield effects in 4-6 weeks of religious usage. With Lash EM, clinical study showed that there is 66% increase in lash length and density in just 28 days. With Measurable Difference, clinical tests showed an average improvement of 46% in length in 4- 6 weeks.

The best thing about these brands? They have makeup that give you long, healthy lashes!

Had a great time getting to know my lashes more with these ladies!

I'm going to start a Lash EM intensive eye routine in the coming days and will blog about my results soon. In the meantime, Lash EM and Measurable Difference are now available in SM Department Store, Makati. Visit MEASURABLE DIFFERENCE PHILIPPINES on Facebook and @measurabledifferenceph on Instagram, and @lashemph on Instagram for more information.

Are you a Lash EM or Measurable Difference girl? :)

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  1. This blog is so good it makes me realize that I really need to take care of my lashes. We always want to make it look full and long with our mascaras but we sometimes forget that what's important is that it still serves as protection for our eyes. I love this new product because it gives both benefits of protecting our lashes and also makes it look full and long. I do hope that I can try this product someday. :)

  2. i cannot wait for your review on their products ms m.. more curious with the mascaras! the packaging is unique and though bit pricey for my liking but looking for more great reviews online

  3. Whoa I'm guilty of applying mascara before curling them...I feel bad for my lashes.

  4. Thank you for the new info. I love my lashes because they're long and naturally thick. I just use mascara on them, no curler. And I always make sure I properly removed my mascara (whole makeup) before going to bed. :) My eyes are my favorite part of my face. :)

    1. Lucky you! I hope the universe will grant my wish that it will give me a child with long, lush lashes; if it didn't give that to me, I hope it will give that to my future children! :D

  5. While reading this blog there's something pop up in my mind 'I feel like I attended a class discussion too.'I'm learning a lot of things from you. Those products are pricey though. 😊

  6. The price is heavy, but I'm so interested how that Caramel shade looks. Looking forward to you testing it Ms. M!

  7. I want to try out that Lash EM All Eyes On You Lash And Brow Enhancing Serum (but it is so expensive...) Recently, when someone did my makeup for me they shaved my eyebrows and IT LOOKS HORRIBLE without makeup. That's why I keep on trying out different oil to grow it back. =(

    1. Will review this line so you'll know if it's worth trying :)

  8. thanks for sharing this Ms. M! we should also take care of our lashes cause i heard it's not that easy to grow again. :D

  9. Grabe ngayon ko lang nalaman tong mga to, thank you for this! Kaso ang mahal nila huhu. May bad habit pa naman ako, hinahayaan ko lang na may mascara ako pag matulog. Kaya laging kumakati yung mata ko tapos todo kuskos pa ako ng mata tapos di ako nagcucurl ng lashes ko before putting mascara. Ang laking tulong nito!

  10. I feel bad. I had eyelash extension and now, my lashes are worst. :( Please tell me what to doooooo.


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