Yummy Diet: Dieting Is Actually Tasty + Have your own box of wellness

Every fitness buff or trying-to-be healthy chap knows that the hardest part in this journey is trying to eat wholesomely. 

(I actually want to say wholesome instead of healthy because I'm coming to the point of realization that everything is healthy (literally and figuratively) if taken in moderation, plus 'healthy' can be misused by most as well by eliminating some foods that are equally important to overall nutrition just for the sake of losing weight (deficiency ain't sexy, guys!). Wholesome pins down my point on the right way of eating and that is touching all points of the food pyramid in moderation and in one day so wholesome it is!)

So thanks for listening to my aside. I digress. I've been trying to eat wholesomely, but when you are in the PR industry, all you do is just (ch)eat, (ch)eat, (ch)eat; don't ever tell me "That's your problem; you can't get a hold of yourself" because I will only tell you to do PR for a while so you will realize that gobbling down a cake is mandatory to getting that client to sign. LOL.

Most of the time, I'm just left with no choice, but to eat whatever is on the table even if it's goddamn fried chicken for the nth time. Sometimes, I'm also rushing or just need to work that I forget to be more mindful of my food choices. See? Eating wholesomely is the hardest part in this journey; it's not just increasing reps and sets; it's fighting against a tidal wave of life factors and yes, I will admit, yourself and your insatiable appetite.

When Yummy Diet approached me, I figured that this is now my chance to eat wholesomely again; my work out's been in the gutter for a month; my fitness journey was derailed due to a sickness, but I'm now fine and I'm slowly getting back on track now, and I want my eating habits to be more wholesome this time so I signed up!

You get a new set of spoon and fork each week. Dope!

Yummy Diet is a local diet food service and one of the popular ones here; it's salvation for the stubborn eater and manna from heaven for the fitness fanatic. I won't overemphasize what they do because this service has been around for years now so I'll just tell you why I chose Yummy Diet this time as my side kick in helping me achieve my fitness goals:

1. Yummy Diet has really good customer service; I'm always reminded of my next cycle by their staff and the delivery guys are friendly, respectful, and prompt.

2. Yummy Diet whips up really yummy food. In my first time, I thought "I could get used to eating wholesomely if everyday were like this!"

3. Yummy Diet believes you can have dessert while still eating wholesomely. My sweet tooth is thanking you, Yummy Diet

4. Yummy Diet always has surprises in store for their customers. I got a pack of uncooked spaghetti on one occasion, a pack of Mentos on the next, and a bar of natural VCO soap the other time!

5. Yummy Diet newsletter makes the brand look even more pro.

6. Chia seeds every breakfast! Yum! This power food is very healthy, albeit expensive; glad that I get my dose of it everyday with Yummy Diet!

Here's a sample of what I had in my first week. I subscribed to the 1,200 calories/day meal plan:

First day: Bread and Egg fritata with Chia seeds for breakfast, Creamy Chicken with Potatoes and brown rice for lunch, and steamed fish and vegetables with brown rice for dinner. Orange and Sky flakes for snack. This is a moderate carb day.

Second day: Yummy Diet Pork Tocino, Egg and brown rice with Chia seeds for breakfast, Bean and Tofu with brown rice for lunch, and Mongolian Beef pasta for dinner. Apple and Milk Oatmeal for snack. This is a high carb day.

Third day: Arroz Ala Cubana, Egg, and brown rice with Chia seeds for breakfast, Tex-Mex Fish Taco for lunch, and Parmesan- crusted pork chops with mustard sauce and brown rice for dinner. Orange and marble cake for snack. This is a treat day, but I still remained in the calorie range. Hooray!

Fourth Day: Tuna Pandesal with Chia seeds. Chicken Kebab with Rice for lunch, and Meatloaf muffins for dinner. Mango Jelly for snack (sardines and raw onions were just my add- ons). This is a low carb day.

Fifth Day: Black Bean and Corn tortilla for Breakfast, Beef  Stew with brown rice for lunch, and steamed fish with olives and brown rice for dinner. Apple and Yogurt for snack. This is a moderate carb day.

I like that Yummy Diet plays up the macronutrient dose each day; there's high carb, low carb, and moderate carb, and this prevents the body from getting used to your eating pattern, therefore lessens the risk of hitting early the fitness plateau. 

Just like most diet delivery services (or prolly all?), Yummy Diet delivers their food a day before the schedule; last day of delivery is Friday; they don't use preservatives in their food and this makes it more prone to spoilage, especially when the ingredients used are highly perishable such as fish, anything with tomatoes, and vegetables. I've found a way to work around this and that is I don't eat the meals in order; I eat them based on what I think will spoil easily and bring with me the ones that can prolly last another day; that seals the deal for me!

FIRST UPDATE: I'm already on my second week and I am happily reporting that my favorite orange A-line skirt now fits comfortably at the waist area; 2 weeks ago, it felt tight; methinks I drained a lot of water in the process and de-bloated, all thanks to high fiber, brown rice. This is promising!

Yummy Diet has a wonderful wellness campaign that everyone can take and use to jumpstart their wellness routine. Introducing Life Campaign by Yummy Diet; it's a 3-phase campaign that promotes a healthy mind and body.

The first phase of the campaign is called Box of Wellness; it is a treasure box of the yummiest, finest healthy food products that promotes a healthy eating habit. For a certain subscription package, you are entitled to a complimentary Box of Wellness with over P9,000.00 worth of products. For more information, please visit YUMMY DIET on Facebook.

Have you tried Yummy Diet? What are your thoughts?

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Hahaha. The intro is very insightful and funny lol. I'm not in PR but I agree that eating out is essential in keeping clients!

    Wow this looks like a good alternative. I've been cooking since forever and it's so tiring.

  2. I really want to take part in this kind of service but there are only a few ones here in my province. =( This would be hassle free and you'll have no reason to go on cheat day 'cause all of the meals and snacks are all prepared for you. So far, I am trying to eat as healthy and balanced as possible with homemade food. Let's go healthy!

  3. Glad that you're fine now. I would love to be a PR too because I love to eat more and more.*just kidding* The yummy diet foods looks yummy especially what's on 3rd & 4th day.Goodluck on your goal to eat wholesomely^̮^

  4. Never tried this Yummy Diet! I'm so curious about this thing! Can you explain to me how it works. Does it really help you to your fitness? And should you eat all of this for one meal only or for the whole day? The foods look delicious!! :(

  5. How I wish my Mom could cook for us (we're raised to love jollibee) :D

  6. i really like this idea ms m! marami na akong nakikita na ganitong meal program (for a week/or good for 5 or 6 days) If i really had the budget, I will register on their plan, ang dami din kasing benefit.

    Una, they will be the one to control the calories intake Pangalawa, hassle-free sa lahat (pagluluto at oras even doing the grocery and preparing the foods) lalo na kung busy woman ka. (work - family - errands or multitasking)
    Pangatlo, they will do the planning, what to eat today: am- pm- and your snacks too.. sakin kasi since hindi naman ako expert sa kusina nahihirapan ako magschedule ano lulutuin, plus ang pag-go-grocery.

    You can even recycle the containers, lagayan ng mga anik anik hihi..

    Ayan, hindi lang beauty tools and makeups ang may subscription boxes meron na rin para sa health and wellness.. will check the link today.

    Thanks Ms m!

  7. The food looks yummy TBJ! I've never tried proper dieting before because Im always doing physical activities, but i'd love to try. My mom is actually helping me eat properly, she shoves veggies on my mouth! haha


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