Artnet Makeup Brushes Review + Price

Here's a review on Artnet Makeup Brushes.

PRICE: Foundation Brush- around P600.00; Eyeshadow Brushes- around P300.00-P400.00/each
FROM: Kryolan, Greenhills
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Kryolan, Greenhills; ; select Robinsons Department stores


Artnet is one of the lesser known makeup brushes commercially, but in the world of makeup artists, it is a huge favorite and has created quite a following because it's affordable and delivers; I recently encountered this brush brand once again when I frequented Greenhills for a client of my business and would always settle down at Promenade after meetings. I think Artnet is a really good yet affordable brand of makeup brushes and people should know more about it (so it will survive!).


ArtNet is a range of professional makeup brushes and features synthetic and real animal hair variants.

I am unsure of the origins of ArtNet, but the saleslady at Kryolan Greenhills said that this is a Korean makeup brush range so I take that as fact for now until I find better information about this brand.

Anyway, I got these brushes on a sale; foundation brush was around P300.00 and the eyeshadow brushes were around P300.00 and P200.00, respectively.


I am so glad I was able to purchase this square Nylon foundation brush; IMHO, this is one of the best foundation brush types because it's even on all angles and has a slim tip, thereby allowing me to achieve a wonderful, even finish.

The eyeshadow brushes, on the other hand, are made with goat hair: they feel firm, but not stiff, soft yet blend eyeshadows efficiently; the bigger brush is a wonderful dupe for MAC 224. They have varying sizes for the eyeshadow blending brushes and this makes me so happy because fyi, this is my favorite eyeshadow brush type ever just because it's sooo useful!

ArtNet's brushes are really sturdy; I have a smudging brush which I got in 2010 and still have until now, and it's still intact; no shedding, warping, and fanning out even after a couple of rinses.

I really wish that ArtNet will be more aggressive in marketing their products because really, this is one of the best brush brands I have tried.


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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Totally i haven't heard these make-up brush ^^ but it looks amazing. I'd love to try these one. thanks for sharing

  2. Cool! As a newbie, I'm looking for affordable and good brushes now. This is great! Glad I dropped by at your page today, Miss Martha. ❤️

  3. Nowadays having a set of FULL Make Up Brushes is a must♥
    As a huge fan of make up, It really helps me to blend in my foundation, eyeshadow as well for smokey eye,contouring,and lip lining...I know some BB cream or Liquid foundation is best when using finger or beauty blender. But still you will need the good set of make up brushes... This suggestion will be one of my option when buyng good Make Up Brushes♥♥♥

  4. This is the first time I read about ArtNet, and based on your description, it's an affordable brush for its features. For 300 pesos, that is quite a catch. :) Hope this would arrive here soon!

  5. This is the first time I heard about this brushes and I'm looking forward to their blending brushes (sigma's too costly for my pocket).

  6. Thanks for this info Ms. Martha, never heard of Artnet Makeup Brushes before. Ngayon meron na kong magandang masasuggest sa sister in law ko, I know that she is planning to buy a set of make up brushes for herself.

  7. Never heard of this brand yet but since you have a really positive review about it, I will look for it now. I always go to Greenhills when we go to Manila so I will go find this one and catch that foundation brush!

  8. Totoo yes na yung ibang brush pag na wash na eh ngiiba na ung texture. Actually Iv been browsing sephora for new makeup brush sets. So I can just visit Kryolan Greenhills for the sale! I really wanted to test drive the Sleek makeup set I got from TBJ anniv :D A good eyeshadow palette needs a good brush tama?

  9. I bought a 25 piece set about 12 yrs ago and my brushes still look and work beautifully (with proper care of course). I believe i paid about $125.00US, by far the best purchase I have ever made!

  10. I bought a 25 piece set about 12 yrs ago and my brushes still look and work beautifully (with proper care of course). By far the best purchase I have ever made!

  11. wow! if this eyeshadow brush could be a dupe for a MAC brush then this should be definitely a brush that is worth for the price! been loving my ellana eyeshadow brush because of its long handle but i wish i could try this too gonna add this to my wishlist (ehem birthday wishlist should I say) woot ilang araw na lang birthday na natin Ms m!

  12. Awesome! I've never heard about ARTNET. But the brushes are very cool and I'm amusing to your brushes. Thanks for sharing this post!

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