BEAUTY BULLETIN: Post- Summer Makeup and Skin Care

Summer's about to be over; we'll finally escape this intense heat! Also, a new school year's looming in, and here are new beauty products to help your skin regenerate after beach hopping the entire season and give you a whole new look for school.

After a summer filled with energetic, loud, vibrant colors, Zoya tones it down for the incoming rainy months with the transitional Whispers Collection; get cool, calm, and collected with these dreamy pastels that will soften any skin tone. Shades are:

Cala- soft nude
April- rosy neutral
Eastyn- grayed grape
Misty- Taupe
Ireland- green taupe
Lake- softened blue

Zoya is free from the BIG 5, safe for lactating moms, pregnant women, and even on kids. Zoya is available at Nailaholics, Renergy Serendra, and Beauty Butter; classic polishes retail at P450.00 and Pixie and Matte variants are at P510.00. Visit ZOYA PHILIPPINES for more information about this collection.

Look your best in your school ID with these photogenic goodies from Smashbox.

Smashbox Camera- ready BB Water is a lightweight base that covers skin and gives it a drink; it features an ultra hydrating base that delivers multiple benefits in one drop. It also has a built- in 'primer water' technology that guarantees a silky feel, demi- matte, and radiant finish. Photo set pigments let it last for hours. What makes this product really special is despite its ultra light consistency, it still promises good coverage, thanks to its formula wherein pigments are suspended in water. Alcohol and oil- free, has broad spectrum SPF 30, and comes in 4 shades locally.

Multi-tasking makeup products will come really handy to you in school such as Smashbox L.A. Lights Blendable Lip And Cheek Color. This stick colors, illuminates, and bronzes skin and lips with shades that are made to match skin tones, styles, and moods. Each color stick comes with a flat blending sponge to help you achieve that natural flush and just bitten payoff; it comes in 6 shades.

Still looking for your signature lip color to inspire you in your first days at school? Choose from Smashbox's array of colors and textures in the Be Legendary lipstick collection; best part is they're so travel- friendly too!

For more information about these products, visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Recover from your beach trips and continually protect your skin from UV rays with these offerings from famous French skin care brand, Yves Rocher.

UV Beauty Shield is a versatile protector that shields skin from the sun and dryness; it has SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection, antioxidants to defend skin from aggressors, and Macadamia and Shea Butter extracts to keep skin hydrated and moist.

Anti-Age Global is a range enriched with precious oils and botanical native cells from power plant, Echinacea; it yields 6 benefits: moisturizes, strengthens, smooths wrinkles, restores radiance, redensifies, and regenerates. 

Complete Anti-Aging Care Day Cream protects skin by keeping it hydrated and supple; it visibly firms skin and promises to restore radiance overtime.

Anti-Age Global Complete Anti-Aging Eye Care promises to diminish the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines around the eye area.

For more information on these products, visit YVES ROCHER PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Got flaky skin after a bad sunburn? I do that's why I'm pretty excited to try this new product from Vaseline called Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer Essential Healing; it features a special formula with droplets of Vaseline Jelly that heals and moisturizes dry, damaged skin, aiding in optimal recovery. The continuous spray ensures even, uninterrupted coverage; what's nice about its packaging is it doesn't send out harmful substances upon spraying as it makes use of compressed air to deliver the product; it retails at P250.00 and is available in 3 variants: Essential Healing, Cocoa Radiant, and Aloe Soothe.

Visit VASELINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

Straight from the US is skin care brand Doll Face, a range of pretty, pink, and cute skin care products, but promises tough performance; inspired by the glamorous beauty of old Hollywood, Doll Face offers a small, but effective range that promises to rejuvenate, care for, and nourish skin with targeted products; it's also a brand with a heart as it makes use of fair trade, natural ingredients and does not employ animal testing.

Instead of targeting consumers by skin type, Doll Face took a different route and targeted by skin concerns: Try DEFEND for your anti-aging needs, SOOTHE for your calming concerns, PURIFY for cleansing, NOURISH for keeping skin healthy, BRILLIANCE for dullness, CLARIFY for blemishes, and INVIGORATE to renew skin.

Doll Face is exclusively available at Beauty Bar. Visit BEAUTY BAR PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about these products.

Widen your gaze and lift your eyes with flourishing lashes courtesy of Maybelline's new Lash Sensational; it features a sensational wand with 10 layers of bristles that catch and lift each lash for a full, fanned out effect. Waterproof and comes in Blackest Black.

Visit MAYBELLINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook form more information about this product.

Etude House's new Berry Delicious collection will make you berry happy and berry pretty; it's one of their cutest collections that I've seen! This succulent, sweet 7- piece makeup and body care collection plays with red, pink, and beige for a fresh, berry- inspired look. Berry Delicious collections features the following products:

Berry Delicious Strawberry Body Milk (P528.00)
Berry Delicious Body Scrub (P528.00)
Berry Delicious Cream Blusher (P548.00) 
Berry Delicious Curl Fix Mascara (P728.00)
Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes Eyeshadow Palette (P848.00)
Berry Delicious Lip Jam Treatment (P428.00)
Berry Delicious Lip Jam Scrub (P428.00)
Berry Delicious Color In Liquid Lips (P598.00)
Berry Delicious Any Cushion (P1,098.00)
Berry Delicious Play Nail (P178.00)

For more information about these products, visit ETUDE HOUSE PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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21 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ugh the Etude house packaging is so cute my hands is itching to get them all :D

  2. Yay for the new Zoya Collection! (congrats sa nanalo last saturday ng zoya loot! ang gaganda ng shades -- saw on her IG account!)

    Yves Rocher has new line for anti-aging!

    I saw that spray type of skin care from vaseline! nakakacurious! Will recommend to my younger sister.

    Doll face is new to me! New skincare brand from US!

    I heard great reviews on that new released mascara from Maybelline! (i think they're having on-going sale buy two get 1 free, any products)

    And oh yes.. another Etude House line! calling all strawberry lovers! I love the packaging.. I think they also have promo for this month of May.. its a GWP instead of 1 freebie you can choose two! amazing!

  3. I love the Zoya nail polish collection and the Etude House collection. The packaging looks cute!

  4. So many products, so little money lol! But I've had Maybelline's new Lash Sensational Mascara even before it got released here, I asked my bothers girlfriend to buy it for me. It was pricier there but I've been using this mascara eversince and it was so worth it!

  5. So many products to choose from! My id is inclining me to buy them all but i dont have the budget haha. I saw Etude House's new line last week and its packaging is so adorable. However, i find some of the products quite expensive for a small amount of product. Nevertheless, it is still attractive hehe :)

  6. Wow, that's a lot of promising new products to try. Etude newest collection packaging is so pretty in red(^̮^)

  7. OMG. I love all the shades of Zoya's new releases! I want to get all of them... And Smashbox's L.A. Lights Blendable Lip And Cheek Color looks promising! I don't know but nowadays, I am looking for products that I could use not for only one purpose and this is soooo it.

    ooooh, I'll give this new mascara a try, I love mascaras from Maybelline and I hope that this wouldn't disappoint me.

    AND THE HIGHLIGHT, ETUDE HOUSE! I just have this urge to buy all of it, it is soooo cute and I know that it will also work on my skin well. I am offcially broke for this month.

  8. Zoya has a nice range of pastel colours. If you're looking for a simple nail polish colour, this range is probably perfect to wear! :)

    I know Smashbox brand but I'm not really familiar with their products.

    Yves Rocher, I heard a lot of good things about them. As far as I remember, they had a branch in SM Fairview, I think it's almost 6 years ago? i'm not really sure haha.

    Never heard of Doll Face brand.

    I read a lot of good reviews about the new mascara from Maybelline. Wanting to try them too! Cos I really love their Hypercurl mascara.

    Oh, that Etude House new line!! I'm so in love with their packagings. <3 I almost wanting to eat them hahahaha! So cute!

    1. I think I saw Doll Face somewhere just early this year if Im not mistaken. At first look I thought it was Korean. From US pala sya!

  9. I wanna try Vaseline Aloe Soothe and the new mascara from Maybelline and oh, the cushion and color in liquid lips by Etude as well! There are so many promising products out there. So many options but i have so little budget for those, huhuhu!

  10. Woohh I starting to be a huge fan of pastel color because of the (zoya nail polish)goodies I received from TBJ mega party... And I also purchased this Maybelline Sensational Mascarra they have promo from May 1-31 buy 2 take 1....Etude House has very cyte packagong how I wish I have all of that....

  11. OMG. I love the new Zoya collection! Perfect as a color palette for my dream wedding. Super bet ko yung colors because it spells M-E.! <3 (And congrats again to Nina who won the Zoya set at the #TBJAt7MegaParty!)

    I've tried the Lash Sensational a few months ago. I got it as a pasalubong from Canada. It has a nice doll-eye effect because it really fans out my short lashes. It doesn't clump either even if I apply a coat of HyperCurl first.

    I'm not sure if they improved the product because this one has a different packaging, but I'm looking forward to your review on that, Martha! :-)

  12. i wanna try Maybelline Lash Sensational. i just so loveeee mascara! :)

  13. Hi Ms. Martha, this is my first time to write a comment on a blog. • I love the colors of Zoya and I'm happy to know that it can be use by lactating moms and kids. Btw, I'm stilling breastfeeding my almost 1yr old bunso. • Doll Face is a new brand to me. Only today in your blog I just saw it. • and Etude House Berry Delicious line is OMG. I really really love there super cute and girly packaging. I really want to have that. Thank you for your blog wherein I can read and learn about beauty products and tips. God bless

  14. Hi Ms. Martha, this is my first time to write a comment on a blog. • I love the colors of Zoya and I'm happy to know that it can be use by lactating moms and kids. Btw, I'm still breastfeeding my almost 1yr old bunso. • Doll Face is a new brand to me. Only today in your blog wherein I just learned from it. • and Etude House Berry Delicious line is OMG. I really love there super cute and girly packaging. I wish to have that. Thank you to your blog wherein I can read and learn beauty products and tips. God bless

  15. The Smashbox BB Water is made for me I believe, because I like just lightweight makeups.

    And that Etude House collection is a bomb! So fab I want to it eat! Lol!

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  17. Bibili sana si mami ng smashbox na photo ready ata yon kanina sa eastwood kaso tinulak na kami ni daddy! Sayang! =( maganda pala talaga yan!

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