Estee Lauder Opens at SM Aura! + Store Tour

So Estee Lauder has finally opened at my neighborhood mall; eureka!

SM Aura welcomes the opening of a new beauty hangout, one of Estee Lauder's newest landmarks in the metro; it boasts of a modern interior with minimalist aesthetic touched by millenial elements such as pops of color and a selfie board, all while maintaining the elegant allure that Estee Lauder has been known for the world over.

Let's take a tour!

Estēe Lauder has gotten younger and signed up Kendall Jenner as their newest ambassador; Kendall's fun, youthful, and stylish vibe perfectly symbolizes the EL lady. This selfie wall adorned with Kendall's cutest snaps are available for the amusement of every Kendall fan.

The store is compact, giving off the feel that it is a makeup studio and even a makeup walk-in closet! The color cosmetics are neatly lined starting from bases, lip color, and cheek/eye color.

You can have your makeovers at the spacious dressers.

Love the light they used on their dressers! I'm wearing Kendall Jenner's shade of red called Lethal Red from Lip Potion collection.

Skin care, anyone?

Take a whiff of Estēe Lauder's best- selling fragrances.

There's a Beauty Wishes wall where you can view EL's best- sellers and talk about your skin care woes and get answers from other women too!

Estēe Lauder is located at the ground floor of SM Aura, BGC, Taguig City. Visit ESTĒE LAUDER PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. been first introduced to EL nung pinadalhan ni papa ng perfume si nanay from Saudi.. it was the very first perfume I became addicted smelling

  2. If lipstick can kill surely your pout Ms. M is one of it (I never imagine that lethal red will be good on morena skinned gals like us).

  3. Wow there's Kendall Jenner selfie wall with her cutest snaps...
    Some of these day If we will go to SM AURA I should also drop by to ESTEE LAUDER..
    I know this brand is expensive but their product has a very good quality...
    I love this Kendall J's shade Lethal red from LIP POTION COLLECTION looks good to your Ms.Martha♥♥♥

  4. The store looks classy. It's so nice how they lined up their products accordingly so that people will not have any difficulty finding what they want. Btw, the shade you're wearing looks great on you :)

  5. Well it's about time Estee Lauder grace Aura. Think you slayed that Lip Potion Martha! 👍👍👍 I want that same tint :D

  6. This is the best store ever!! Love the interior. 👍

  7. I've never tried any Estee Lauder products, wish to have one but its too expensive for a plain housewife like me. Btw, the lipstick fits you.

  8. yes! Kendall Jenner! I hope they have a line that is friendly to the teenager's pocket too. Great post.


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