L'Oreal True Match Genius G2 Golden Porcelain Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on L'Oreal True Match Genius in G2 Golden Porcelain.

PRICE: P600.00
FROM: Free (Press sample)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores


Whoaaa! L'Oreal True Match now has cream foundation!? Giddy me! You all know how much I like cream foundation and I'm so ecstatic that my favorite drugstore brand of foundation finally came out with one! I've tried it for a a couple of days now and I'd say that for a first cream foundation, not bad, L'Oreal! True Match Genius is an affordable cream foundation that pretty much has everything I want in a foundation and that is good coverage, good quality, and a soft matte finish!


This 4-in-1 product aims to be your go to as it promises the following benefits in one handy compact: primer, foundation, concealer, and powder. Oil- free and features a gel base. It comes in 6 shades.

Product comes in a slim compact; I accidentally mistaken it as a powder foundation LOL and carelessly swiped on it. Maybe L'Oreal should at least say that it's cream somewhere in the packaging.

G2 Golden Porcelain is a warm beige shade with a yellow undertone; it's for medium to medium dark skin types. This cream foundation has a creamy consistency yet a whipped. light feel because it has a gel base instead of oil; it glides on smoothly, but tends to look streaky if not blended well so it must be applied and blended well layer by layer. It is unscented.


Bare skin

Two layers of L'Oreal True Match Genius

I wore no concealer (face and under eyes) prior to using the product; it pretty much performs the way I expect cream foundation to perform so I'm pretty happy with it! It also makes skin appear smoother and smooths out fine lines for a little; it sets into a powdery finish, but I don't think you can go out without setting it with powder; in Philippine heat, even powder makeup melts, what more un-powdered makeup!? As for the shade, G2 is a shade lighter on me so I just fix it with a bronzer or shade- matching powder.

Set with powder

If you have mild to semi- heavy scars, you can wear this product on its own; nice to know that this product has pretty good concealing capacity. I also like the fresh, matte finish it gives; it makes you look primped, but not too made up; best of all, it doesn't feel heavy and cakey because it is formulated without oil. Staying power is great even on combination oily-normal skin; even on a warm day, it doesn't feel 'thick' and can stay intact for hours. If you have dry skin, moisturize before usage because it is devoid of oil, the ingredient that makes cream foundation feel emollient.

Finally, there's a pretty affordable and pretty good cream foundation out there; L'Oreal True Match Genius is good for normal skin and great for oily skin because its powder finish will delay oil production longer.


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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is very advisable for those ladies that is always on the go...
    This 4 in 1 product of Loreal is heaven sent♥♥♥
    Last March this is sale, around 450.00 but I wasn't able to get one coz I'm confuse to use it beacause it's a cream type and I dont know how to apply it properly on my face,,, But amazing product because all the founation routine you ned is here in L'OREAL TRUE MATCH GENIUS♥♥♥

  2. I also thought it was just a powder foundation hehe. Personally I do not use cream foundations often (though I only use foundation once in a while) because I'm afraid it would melt on my face and that it would look cakey, but this one seems interesting. Did you use a beauty blender Ms. M or just the sponge along with the product? thanks :)

  3. I wanna try this L'Oreal True Match Genius after finishing my Happy Skin Dont Get Mad Get Even Foundation. Coz I dont want to stuck up make ups, sayang lang kung hindi magagamit tapos maexpire na din. I dont use make up kse everyday since I'm plain housewife na. Before I get to buy loads of makeup becoz of work. But now, pag may familydate nalang ako nagamit ng make up.

  4. This one is genius! It seems to give full coverage but stays lightweight and the fact it has good concealing power, therefore a win-win! Loreal makes really good foundation that are not heavy on the pocket. I am looking forward to getting my hands on this

  5. Wow I'm glad that this is gel based most based (and I love the fact that it is affordable) most cream foundation I've tried is oil based and it melts even before leaving the our house.

  6. Almost perfect score. 🙌 i need that "this product has pretty good concealing capacity" .. Might try this someday. 😄

  7. Yes to L'Oreal! I've never been a fan of creams kasi feeling ko sobrang oily nya sa skin pero I actually swatched this on their counter (I didn;t buy it, 'cause I'm broke af. lol) on the sides of my cheek kasi na set ko na yung undereye ko with powder. Surprisingly, nagstay sya don all day long! I will definitely purchase this once I already have money. <3

  8. This will be my gift for my mommy!! She has a dark spot on her face and she loves to put something on her face that make her beautiful

  9. wow such a decent review ms m! i read reviews on this product and one beauty blogger suggests that it is best applied with a beauty blender

    i love the packaging.. so elegant perfect for flatlays hihi, second pasok sa budget ang range price (para sa quality)


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