Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil and Browvo! Conditioning Primer Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil and Browvo! Conditioning Primer.

PRICE: Brow Pencil: P1,400.00 Brow Primer: P1,600.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Benefit Greenbelt 5, Rustans Makati, TriNoma, Central Square BGC Taguig City, SM MOA, Rustans Shangri-La Mall, and Alabang Town Center


Brow lovers had the greatest shock and surprise of their lives when Benefit unveiled their massive brow collection this year; to give you an idea of how massive it is, the collection features 30-frikkin' pieces of brow products in various product types and shades! Finally, more reasons to go to Benefit! 

I'm going to review today Precisely, My Brow Pencil and Browvo! Conditioning Primer, two of my most favorite items in the collection; the brow pencil delivers a lovely performance and the brow conditioning primer helps give the pencil (and any pencil for that matter) some slip for easier grooming!


The brow pencil features a fine, rounded tip that promises to deliver hair- like strokes for a natural- looking, precise finish that lasts for up to 12 hours; the brow primer tames hair strands and helps intensify color while conditioning the brows and inducing hair growth.

Brow pencil ingredients

Precisely, my brow pencil is your average slim eyebrow pencil with a spoolie brush; one great difference is this comes in a fancy, super cute packaging!

This pencil comes in 6 shades and I'm using number 4; it's a semi- dark brown shade, which will generally fit a lot of Filipina skin tones, but I think I can still go for 3 based on my hair color.

Brow primer ingredients

The primer comes in a twist up pen that dispenses the product; twist the bottom for a couple of times when it's new to push the product to the surface.

The product is a clear gel with a bluish tint; the applicator has rubber bristles that help distribute the product effectively yet gently, and gives a slight massaging effect to boot!

Benefit will also be selling this innovative tweezer that comes with a brow brush; I really like how this thing looks!


One layer of the brow primer

The brow primer takes a while to get absorbed because of all that hair that gets in the way so during daytime, I only take the product once and distribute the amount on my two brows.

TIP 1: For faster absorption, gently comb through your brows with a spoolie
TIP 2: Use it as a night treatment for your brows!

What I really like about the primer is it makes eyebrow pencil application much easier with lesser tugging and rubbing, which is healthier for my brows and skin in the long run; there are hair growth- inducing ingredients in the primer too; it's nice that I get skin care and makeup in once product. I also feel that every time I use this product, the brow product I'm currently using stays intact longer!

The brow pencil has a really nice quality overall: it glides on smoothly, can be blended well even with minimal effort, produces hair- like strokes indeed, and stays put for hours; I can wear this eyebrow pencil to the gym too!

I'm pretty pleased with these new products from Benefit and I'm looking forward to using the other ones I have, which is Goof Proof and Ka-Brow Brow Gel.

If you have thick hair and need a pencil that can fill up the sparse areas or you have generally sparse brows that you'd like to define naturally, this precise brow pencil is for you; if you want to prolong the staying power of your brow products, try the primer! Great job on this, Benefit!


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    Can't Wait for another event or tutorial for us.

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  4. Hi Ms. Martha, wala po ba talagang details, puro kase pictures lang eh. Anyway, the result in your brow is wow. Ang ganda and I hope someday matuto din akong magkilay. Enjoy your tour in Cambodia.

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  7. Ms. Martha, there are no texts? Anyway, just from the photo itself I do not think that I need to prime my brows. It is just a step further if you are that makeup perfectionist but for me, I'll just skip it because Benefit's products could be expensive. I do love how thin the Precisely, My Brow Pencil. From the name itself, it would really give you the power to precisely draw your eyebrows with delicate strokes. Out of all the products in this collection Precisely, My Brow Pencil would be the one that I would buy.

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  13. Yes. May details na ngayon. Hoping someday matuto akong magkilay. So far naman, contented naman ako sa kilay ko. Thanks for this info Ms. Martha

    1. Whew! Didn't know that there was a glitch as I was on vacation. I re-uploaded the text :)

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