Cathy Doll Sexy Eyebrow #2 Review +Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Cathy Doll Sexy Eyebrow #2.

PRICE: P199.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Cathy Doll SM Megamall; please inquire via Cathy Doll Philippines' official Facebook fan page


Konichiwa! I am currently in Japan for my second Birthday vacation/gift for myself with none other than my other half at Digify, Mikki Galang of Break My Spell. Today, we are off to see Ueno Park, Sensoji Temple, Akihabara, Tokyo National Museum, and Tsukiji for dinner time. It's going to be a fun- filled day, but of course, I won't leave your Thursday dull and blog- less (haha!) so here's a review on Cathy Doll Sexy Eyebrow, a really affordable eyebrow pencil that works really great!


Creamy and waterproof, this eyebrow pencil shapes and intensifies eye brows; it comes in three shades: #1 (Black), #2 (Dark Brown), #3 (Brown), and #4 (Ash Brown).

Sexy Eyebrow is an automatic pen; just not liking the unpolished look of the pencil and the fact that it fell off the base when I first opened it (I screwed it in the base by gently pushing the product in), but as the saying goes, don't judge the book by its cover; I actually liked this product and I'll say why in a few.

#2 Dark Brown is a medium brown with a hazelnut undertone; it's an in between shade and I see that it will suit a lot of Filipina skin tones and our typical hair colors.

The pencil has a smooth and creamy consistency; it deposits color effortlessly so no need to use a heavy hand on this one; light, wispy strokes will do and will give you the amount of coverage you desire. I also will not advise that you go hard on this pencil because it's so pigmented and you might end up with unnatural- looking brows.


Bare brow

Brow groomed with the eyebrow pencil

The product gives me sharp and bold brows; perfect for those times when I want to don a Cara Delevigne brow look; staying power is pretty good and it can last the whole day even if you oil up or sweat. Too good for a P199.00 brow pencil! It's not really newbie- friendly, but I like it; if you have sparse brows or you need an eyebrow pencil that's very pigmented without spending a lot, this is what I would recommend!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Cathy Doll Sexy Eyebrow is very affordable and effective. Bagay sayo ung shade. Enjoy Japan. Will wait for your pics at ig.

  2. Hi Ms. Martha, do you prefer brown pencil over brow powders? do you still use brow gel?

  3. I don't know if it is just me but I found the packaging kinda blah perhaps I expect cathy dolls packaging to be cute.

  4. I think I would like to try this product Ms. M. It's very affordable and mukha namang keri gamitin. Thanks for the review! Ingatz lagi and enjoy! Mwah! =)

  5. Not a fan of eyebrow pens... Pero it looks fine naman sa kilay mo Ms. Martha. Or magaling ka lang talaga mag kilay 😭😭😂❤️ Chaka dark brown sya pero it looks black sa eyebrow mo ms. Martha tas parang may ma violet konti or sa pagpicture lang yun? And the packaging parang hindi pang P199 pesos. And hindi talaga bet. Sa dami ng nag lalabasan na eyebrow products ngayon, kung ganyan parang hindi mahihikayat yung iba na itry. Hmm.. Yun lang naman haha. Anyway ingat sa japan Ms. Martha pasalubong hahahahaha

  6. reminds me of kpalette two way brow liner! but cheaper!!! i am new to cathy doll and i am happy to try their cc cream and their lip blurr!

  7. I really need this. The difference is really noticeable. I am suffering kasi with not even eyebrows because the one who did my makeup way back in high accidentally removed half of my eyebrows and until now it's not even huhuhu.

  8. I need this one. Currently, I'm using Nichido brow pencil and Marrionaud dual brow brush :)

    Wannderzel by Hazel


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