10 Reasons Why I Love Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner

One way or another, I'm sure all of you have used Palmolive's cult classic shampoo and conditioner products; I have and I still keep using them up to this day, most especially now that the days are hotter and I'm working for a company that requires me to go around the city often; because Palmolive just keeps my hair silky straight and gives me fabulous smelling hair.

So how do I love thee, Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner? Let me count the ways:

1. They're affordable.
2. They're accessible.
3. They come in different variants to address each and every hair need.
4. They come in various colors that uplift the mood and add a colorful touch to the shower.
5. A little goes a long way- goes for the shampoo and conditioner.
6. They make my hair smell great the whole day - literally.
7. They double as wonderful brush cleaners too! Makes brush bristles really soft and removes unwanted old makeup odor.
8. They're generously infused with the best ingredients from nature to nourish, repair, strengthen, and rejuvenate hair.
9. They smell good.
10. They work! As simple as that!

So those are the reasons why I still keep Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner in my shower. How about you? Do you love Palmolive? Let's talk about it in the comments section!

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I first tried Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner from sampleroomph. On my first used of it, I fell inlove with the scent especially the conditioner. It makes my hair really so magaan soft. I think I gonna switch after consuming my stock of shampoo.

  2. I love Palmolive because it is the shampoo and conditioner we grew up with like an heirloom pass on from generation to generation (would to love to pass it it to my future family as well ), I love its long-lasting fragrance, I love the packaging especially the pink one and it's super soft sa hair. Yey!

  3. what i really love about palmolive is the smell!! :) ang lakas ng amoy dba? :) nakakalungkot lang at walang palmolive sa savemore na malapit samin! haha. What color is your fave po?

    ig, twitter: annipagkatips

  4. If 3 minute miracle is my HG conditioner, Palmolive is what I called "the one" shampoo for my hair. I love the scent it leaves my hair it really last all day also, it never fails to make my hair soft and smooth to touch even I stay under the sun and metro pollutants lol.

  5. True, all your reasons why you love Palmolive is true... they smell so great, they're affordable and readily available... I'm using one!

  6. Yep! I love Palmolive pink variant. ang bango sa hair. <3

  7. Super Love!I was able to grab The Palmolive Shampoo and Conditioner at SampleRoom,thanks to them I was able to try it. I'm using for 2 weeks now. I really like the smell of the Palmolive Shampoo dahil it smells so good yung daughter ko lagi nakayakap inaamoy yung hair ko. .hehehe! Then the Conditioner for me super thumbs up,kase its not like other cream conditioner kapag nagrinse ka parang ang greasy or dulas ng katawan mo but not with Palmolive Cream Conditioner. Yung hair ko di na dry katulad ng dati and malambot na,I can comb it using my fingers.
    If i finished the whoke bottle.I'm going to buy it again sa store.
    Overall ,I'm so happy with the Palmolive Shampoo and Conditioner.

  8. I also adore Palmolive, and not only their hair care line! I'm a big fan of their soap bars and body washes too. I've used up 4 bars of their Flawless Clean (the one with charcoal) bar in 2 months, and it's something I regularly hoard when shopping for toiletries. I also love their Honey and Milk body wash because it smells fantastic and it leaves my skin moisturized! When I get really bad insect bites and my skin gets really itchy, this is what I use to replenish my skin's moisture level. I think Palmolive's items are too underrated that's why I'm happy about their renewed exposure across the blog-o-sphere! :) I love how great the products perform for such an affordable price, and it's not just "pwede na," it's "really, sa ganito ka-mura?" kind of performance! :) Definitely one of my go-to brands for skin cleansing needs. :)

  9. Palmolive shampoos are the most fragrant, in my opinion. Their conditioners work on my super dry and frizzy hair too!


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